Review of The Bliss Drip (Rozalyn Hunt Series #1) by Liddie Cain

“So, the demon mark?”


Genre: Paranormal Romance (Angel & Demons)

Length: 145 Pages

POV: First Person


I never expected my ex to walk back into my life. Especially as a vampire. Macory “Mac” Jacobs walks back into our southern small town and my life will never be the same. He pulls me into his world of supernatural creatures that I thought were only fiction. He asks me to help him run a blood donation program to serve the local vampire protection and protect the neighbors we grew up around. But he has no idea how much risk this request will put me in and I need him close to keep me safe. Will my heart want him even closer?

Or will the confident and oh-so-tempting boss of his, an archdemon named Felix, sweep me off of my feet? He is just as drawn to me as I am to him. Clues will begin to emerge that there are reasons from our past for such an attraction. I had always known there was something different about me and these revelations will surprise everyone I love.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Roz seems perfectly fine with the vampire community moving into her town. Didn’t hurt that the magistrate is her ex, who she never got over, but him now being a vampire did explain a few reasons why he left.

Mac never wanted to leave Roz, but he didn’t have a choice. Now he’s back and realizes that although she wants everything strictly business between them that it may be easier said than done.

“Dove, you look good like that, wrapped up in the blankets on my bed.”

Felix is an archdemon who knows how to walk in a room like he owns it, and that power radiates with Roz from the first time they meet. I had a difficult time getting a feel for him, other than I liked him. But he’s still a mystery.

Roz, Mac, and Felix make one hell of a power couple, no pun intended. It’s a threesome based on love, pleasure, and protection. But it’s not until someone intervenes that secrets are brought into the light and everything changes. Some for the better, some for the…to be determined. That will have to wait until book two to find out. Which means, yes, there is a little bit of a cliffhanger.

“Rozalyn,” he growled out as he rubbed his face against my thigh. “I am powerful. Underlings fear my anger.” He switched to the other thigh, trailing his tongue down it and making me shiver. “I am the archdemon of the entire southern dominion.” He hovered his face over my center. “And you have me on my knees for you.”

The Bliss Drip is an interesting mixture of angels, demons, vampires, and other supernatural creatures. The descriptions are detailed enough to pull you in, but not too much to be over baring. I think there could have been more interactions between Roz and other characters that didn’t involve sex. Like with Jason and Barden…I just felt like their relationships were missing something.

There was a little name confusion for me when the past came into play, but I’m glad they stuck with the names I was familiar with. The ending, however, left me wanting more. I felt like I needed to know where Roz, Mac, Felix, and everyone else would end up. Definitely looking forward to the second book in the series.

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