PROMO: The Rebound (Second Chance Flower Shop #2) by Noelle Adams

Contemporary Romance – 169 Pages

About the Book:

After the ending of a long-term relationship that brought her nothing but stress and tears, Madeline Jenkins is ready to have some fun. Do something wild. Spontaneous. Maybe a little risky.

In other words, she wants to be nothing like her regular quiet self. Not forever. She likes herself. But she wants to try something new–just for a little while.

What better way to have some fun than to fall into an ill-advised, no-strings-attached fling with a very hot man. True, Ken isn’t an ideal rebound guy. He’s the sheriff, he’s ten years older than her, and she’s known him for years. They have nothing in common except an intense attraction that seems to come out of nowhere.

But that makes it easier. Ken is just her rebound. And no matter how good he makes her feel about herself, it’s not like they’ll ever want each other for real.


“It’s been a couple of years since you divorced, hasn’t it? Haven’t you dated anyone since?”

“Why do you ask that?” His eyebrows arched.

“Oh.” Her cheeks were warming again. “Sorry. I just hadn’t heard about you dating anyone. I figured I would have…” She was embarrassed and didn’t really know why.

“I haven’t dated anyone,” he admitted. “At first I just felt kind of… tired. Like the whole idea of dating was too exhausting. And then there just wasn’t anyone I was really excited about. The thing about Azalea is that, if you go on one date, you immediately get hit with this pressure to be serious. Because everyone knows about it. And it felt like it might be worse ’cause I’m the sheriff. So even thinking a girl is cute isn’t necessarily enough for me to want to… face all that.”

“That makes perfect sense to me,” she replied with a smile, feeling strangely connected to him through the sheepish vulnerability in his expression. “So you never had your rebound?”

“My rebound?”

“You know. The throwaway relationship to help you get over a relationship and move on.”

He gave a huff of dry amusement. “No. I never had a rebound.”

“Me either.”

He lifted up enough to look down on her. Cupping her cheek, he said with a warm texture to his voice, “I’ll be yours, baby, if you’ll be mine.”

Her heart was hammering like crazy. Her cheeks were blazing. And a throbbing had awakened between her legs even though he’d done nothing but touch her cheek. “Really?”

He leaned down so close to her now she could feel his breath against her skin. “If a rebound is what you want, then a rebound is what I’ll give you.” His eyes were hot, even in the shadowed light of the night.

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