Review of Gelato Surprise by Sadira Stone

“Baby, if you’re near, I want.”


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 114 Pages

POV: Third Person


She came to the beach to find herself–and found him.

Forty-two-year-old divorcée Danielle Peters ends up alone on her family’s annual beach vacation. Maybe time to herself is exactly what she needs. That and gelato from her favorite ice cream shop. But when the owner’s intoxicating young nephew offers more than sweet treats, she’s tempted to indulge in a hot summer fling before returning home.

Thirty-one-year-old Matteo Verducci craved a fresh start to mend his broken heart, and he’s found almost perfection in Ocean View, where he scoops gelato by day and crafts furniture by night. But when a sexy older woman stops to sample his wares—Mamma mia! He only has two weeks to convince her their passion is more than a delicious surprise.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Danielle was kind of stuck. She’d been cheated on and then through a divorce, and was stuck in the aftermath. She worried about her kids being introduced to another one of their dad’s girlfriends. She was upset that the only time he could take them for two weeks was during their annual trip to the beach. So now while he’s in Florida with the new girlfriend and their kids, she was convinced by her friends to go to the beach anyway. To take some ‘me’ time.

Matteo lead his life with his heart. It’s what ended him up at the gelato shop helping his uncle after his aunt had passed away. He is a handsome sweetheart who everyone either wants to date or wants to fix up with someone. And either way he wasn’t interested. When Danielle comes in to the shop his uncle introduces them and asks her to save him from all the unwanted attention. She does. But then suddenly she’s the only thing catching his attention.

It was only meant to be temporary, but when neither wants it to end that only leaves one solution. And when the kids finally meet Matteo he dazzles them and after a couple days even has them sticking up for their relationship. Hello, panda batter!

Gelato Surprise is a fast-paced, quick read about finding the unexpected. I can’t tell you if it has a happily ever after, but it does end with the potential for one. It would have been perfect had there been an epilogue at the end instead of leaving it open.

I wanted to include a little except instead of a quote or two. I loved this part of their conversation…

“Convince me of what?”

“To give this a try.” He pointed to his own chest, then to hers.

“You mean, a little vacation fling?”

“No, bella. A woman like you could never be just a fling.”

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