Review of Chasing Fae by Cady Hammer

“The Enchantress shall unite the mages…”


Genre: YA Fantasy

Length: 234 Pages

POV: First Person


Grace Richardson is a young mortal woman whose only concerns are providing for her family, playing her violin, and spending as much time as possible with her brother, Leo. When Leo goes into service in the Fae’s world as a mercenary, she expects him to return with the honor that he deserves.

When Leo suddenly dies in an unspecified accident, not a word, medal, or penny comes down from the higher-ups. Suspecting foul play, Grace disguises herself as a Fae and sneaks into the Upper Realm to get some answers. She anticipates being in way over her head, but the Fae soldier who discovers her true identity only a day in? Not so much.

Now Grace is forced to drag Aiden along as she tries to work out exactly how and why her brother died. Along the way, she has no choice but to confront her prejudices against the Fae as she attempts to sort out the difference between the honest and the dishonest. Political conspiracies, demon realm escapades, and family secrets will all lead Grace to the answers she’s looking for… and some that she isn’t.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Grace has intense musical talent, she trained hard to become a skilled warrior, and she has determination unlike any other. It’s that determination that keeps getting her in over her head. She just thought she was prepared for the Upper Realm, but before she’s there even a full twenty-four hours she already being hunted by soldiers. Thankfully there was one soldier who pulled her to safety.

Aiden is a soldier who has a lot higher rank than he leads on, but I won’t ruin it by telling you exactly who he is. I can tell you that he’s genuine. He listens to Grace’s story and wants to join her crusade. He enjoys fighting for something that gives him purpose. It also doesn’t that he’s doing it alongside a beautiful woman.

Chasing Fae is book one of an enchanting tale that delves into the differences between the Middle, Upper, and Lower Realms. It brings you on a journey of discovery, adventure, and love.

Once Grace hops on that train I couldn’t put it down. She was always getting into something she wasn’t prepared for, meeting people who weren’t exactly who they said they were, and trying to follow leads that didn’t seem to lead anywhere. And the one place she finally finds important information about what she is seeking is in the last place she or Aiden would have expected.

**Warning –  it does end on a slight cliffhanger. Not one of those ‘holy cow what happens next’ kind, more like the ‘I cannot wait to find out what happens next’ kind. Which I can’t. I’m looking forward to the next book and  whatever trouble Grace and Aiden get themselves into while discovering the meaning of the prophecy the Enchantress and her mages foretold.

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