PROMO: Assault on Devil’s Den: Champion of Valor (The Sarcasca Chronicles #1) by Eric Balch

Fantasy – 316 Pages

About the Book:

Pelagius, servant of Ender, god of valor, is haunted by his recent and brutal battles. He is tired, battle-weary, and ready to put down the mantle of hero. Seeking a reprieve from the nightmarish memories of his endeavors, he and his companion, Bojan, rest in a small hamlet. However, it seems as though the once-proud hero can never be free from danger.

During his stay, he and Bojan witness a terrible magical attack. The mysterious Green-Eyed Man uses dark magic that steals the very souls of its victims.

Realizing that the source of the Green-Eyed Man’s power is none other than the soul-devouring Babu, Pelagius knows there is only one thing he can do. He must infiltrate the fortress of Devil’s Den and kill Babu once and for all. But to reach him—let alone stand a chance at defeating him—they must fortify themselves with a company of heroes from all over the kingdom of Waskan and beyond.

Will Pelagius and Bojan be able to unite a band of diverse heroes to try and conquer evil? Or will a series of unforeseen obstacles along their way stop them before they can take a stand in the Devil’s Den?

Trigger Warnings: Graphic Violence and Animal Death


A loud crash and blood-curdling screams startle Pelagius from his fitful sleep.  Still groggy, he hastily stumbles to the window and looks down to the streets below.  Residents of this small hamlet rush out of their homes to combat an invasion.  The citizens defend themselves as best they can, but most are easily cut down.  As the bodies of the fallen drop to the ground, a blue beam appears, striking them in the chest before quickly withdrawing in a hazy blue mist.

Now fully awake, Pelagius takes action; with no time to don his armor, he slips on his leather padding and retrieves his longsword and a shield.  The sigil on the shield depicts a clenched fist wreathed in green flame.  Despite his age and current doubts, Pelagius is a seasoned warrior and still retains the passion of youth.  Entering the hallway, he knocks on the door across from his room.

“Bojan!” shouts Pelagius. “There’s trouble outside!”

Receiving no answer, he opens the door to find the room empty.  Pelagius quickly turns and rushes down the stairs.  If Bojan had already gone out to assist, that was no surprise.  He may have still been in the tavern and is usually quick to action, always wanting to help when there is trouble.

He throws open the front door, bursts out of the inn, and rushes into the battle, swinging his sword at one of the yellow-eyed, armor-clad warriors, who parries his blow with his own sword.  The invader pushes back with incredible strength, knocking Pelagius off balance.  The umbra warrior thrusts his blade forward, but Pelagius regains his footing, sidestepping the blow, and swings lower than usual, slicing the raider’s hand off, with little reaction from the attacker.  He drives the blade of his sword into the raider’s chest.  As he withdraws his sword, the raider slumps lifelessly to the ground and his body disintegrates into a blue haze, which rapidly vanishes.

“As I feared,” says Pelagius. “An umbra warrior.  This must be the work of one of Babu’s soul hunters.”

Suddenly, another raider lunges at Pelagius with an axe, embedding it in the ground as the aging hero nimbly sidesteps the blow.  With one swift stroke, he decapitates the raider, whose body slumps to the ground and dissolves.

Pelagius turns to see six more umbra warriors chasing after an unarmed inhabitant. As Pelagius gives chase, three of the invaders break off the attack, seemingly distracted by something else, and disappear around the corner.  Coming to a quick decision, Pelagius pursues the trio that split off.

The remaining three warriors bear down on their victim, and Bojan emerges from an alley and comes to his aid.  The axe warrior swings his axe sideways and it lodges in the wall of a nearby building as Bojan jumps to the side.  While the first attacker attempts to dislodge his weapon, the other two surround Bojan.  The second raider swings a pair of flails at Bojan as the third attempts to run him through from behind with a large sword.  However, Bojan rapidly ducks, turns to the side, and palms the side of the blade, redirecting it away from himself.  The chains of the flails catch on the blade and wrap around it, entangling the weapons.

As the umbra warriors struggle to free their weapons, Bojan puts nearly thirty feet between himself and them as a ball of fire appears in his hand.  He throws it into the middle of the three raiders and it explodes, engulfing them in flames.  When the smoke clears, they are lying motionless on the ground, their bodies quickly disintegrating.

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