PROMO: Refuge: A Mountain Ranch Novel by Willa J. Brand

Contemporary Romance – 118 Pages

About the Book:

Taylor is a mother on the run from an abusive husband, searching for a safe place for she and her young son. Convinced that her possessive spouse is hunting them, she is paranoid, exhausted and virtually penniless. Finding herself stranded in rural Montana, she is taken in by a couple who help her not knowing her past, and she is able to find work on their ranch. She intends on staying only long enough to save the money needed to move on to a large city where she believes they will be safer. But as time passes friendships develop, as does a love interest, and Taylor struggles to hold on to her secrets. Inevitably, her past catches up with her and her worst fears will become reality.


“I thought we could head out east and check some fence while we see if you and Tex are a good match. Let the two of you get to know each other a bit.”

Taylor nodded as she tightened up her cinch and led the gelding into the small pen near the barn. She circled him each way before climbing up into the borrowed saddle, and then she laughed.

“I forgot how much shorter Dana is than me! I’ll have to lengthen these stirrups quite a bit…”

But Owen had followed her into the arena and handed her his gelding’s reins as he took hold of the stirrup and began to let them out for her while she sat on Tex. She was taken aback by his nearness and the unexpected gesture that for some reason seemed intimate. When he had adjusted the stirrup to where he thought would work, he gave it a jerk to be sure the fit was snug and guided her boot back into the stirrup. He looked up at her with his hand still resting on her leg and their eyes met for a moment.

“Feel right?” he asked.

The way he said it gave her the impression that he was referring to something other than her stirrup length and gave her a little chill.

“Um. Yeah. Thank you,” she answered a little breathlessly.

He moved to the other side of the horse and adjusted the other stirrup, and then took back his reins before swinging up onto the big boned sorrel.

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