PROMO: Ballad to the North Wind by Liz Barak

466 Pages – Contemporary Romance

About the Book:

A 20-year-old Israeli singer-songwriter moves to London to follow her dreams and escape her past during the late nineties. She lives and performs as an indie musician in the city. She meets at a festival a Scottish man who is 20 years older than her and falls madly in love with him. Twenty-five years later she walks into a restaurant in east London with her husband and daughter and runs into him at the restaurant. It’s a story about music and musicians, juggling and festivals, flaming desire, and regret.

About the Author:

Liz Barak is a composer, songwriter, guitarist, music producer, audio engineer, and author. She lived and performed for years in London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. She has a Composition/Music Production bachelor’s degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston and a Contemporary Composition degree from the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. Her artistic goals are to tell stories through music and help reach a much-needed equality in the music business for women.

About the Project:

The “Liz Barak’s Project” was created alongside the book “Ballad to the North Wind”, written by Liz Barak. However very shortly after the project had begun it grew to something huge and as a result, received a life of its own. It is now a grand collaboration centre between amazing and talented female musicians around the world. The project’s first album, “Ballad to the north wind”, containing covers of songs mentioned in the book, but is only just the beginning.

Men too participate in the project, and they too are some of the best musicians out there, but the projects’ main goal is women. And showing how amazing they can be.

Liz Barak is the music producer, arranger, and mixing engineer of the project.

The debut album of the project “Ballad to the North Wind” was done non-profit and was agreed upon between ALL participants to donate its’ revenues to the fight in global warming.


About the Album:

Brown Bordered Woman Photo Album Cover.j

1. Layla

The recording of Eric Clapton’s “Layla” includes 10 female guitarist recording from around the globe, and in addition, a female singer, bass player, drummer and keys player.


A delicate new gospel version of the Janis Joplin immortal classic featuring vocalist Zoey Dagan (Israel).

A very sexy fresh new version of the Nina Simone classic with some amazing Jazz players playing from around the world featuring vocalist G’emma (Berlin, Germany).

A fresh female version of the Celtic classic. Vocals and Guitar by Liz Barak, fiddle and flute by Fiona (Scotland) and Emma (Ireland).

The recording of Damien Rice’s “Delicate” includes different female indie singer-songwriters from Israel, Germany and South Africa, and in addition, a female Violinist and Cellist.

A dark, electronic version of the Disney Classic featuring world-renowned Candian Mezzo-Sopran Wallis Giunta.

A haunting all-girl version of the Leonard Cohen masterpiece. Featuring Grammy Nominated Jazz singer Nicole Zuraitis (New York), Cellist Maya Belsitzman (Tel Aviv) and Pianist Natalie Harnett (London).

8. Ballad to the North Wind

The one and only original song of the project. Lyrics: Khalil Gibran Music: Liz Barak


*There are links all throughout this post. By clicking on the book cover it will take you to the Amazon purchase page. Clicking the song titles will bring you to the YouTube videos. And there is a link to the Project website. Enjoy!


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