Review of Finders, Keepers (The Helios Series #1) by Chloe Holiday

“…I’d totally go home with him again.”


Genre: Romance

Length: 118 Pages

POV: Third Person


Convinced her boyfriend is cheating when she catches him getting hands-on with a model at a swanky holiday party, Farrah bolts, hurt and humiliated. Caught after dark in a bad part of town, she ducks into a bar where straitlaced Caleb is a breath of fresh chivalry—perfect. Ready to burn her bridges, Farrah goes home with Caleb for a round of incendiary revenge sex. By the time her boyfriend’s 2 AM text claims it was all a misunderstanding, it’s too late: she’s the cheater now. Horrified, Farrah sneaks out. She resolves to do better, yet she daydreams of the hot stranger, not the supposedly loyal boyfriend she wronged.

Caleb’s all-in when a gorgeous, funny woman materializes in the bar. He throws out his rule book, unable to resist taking her home. When he wakes up alone, he’s GOT to find her again, but all he has is a single mitten …

Finders, Keepers is a fast, fun novella: a sexy modern Cinderella story with a dash of humor, plenty of spice, and NO CLIFFHANGERS!

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from BooksGoSocial via NetGalley.*

Farrah is full of colorful personality. She’s a sweetheart with a heart of gold, but ultimately she’s confused over what she wants. Following what she believes she wants leaves her gullible and unfulfilled.

Caleb is a student with multiple jobs and too busy for anything fun. One night in walked Farrah in her colorful hat and gloves with no coat on and he didn’t want her to leave without him.

“Sucker-punched, he couldn’t breathe. Brain on lockdown. An urge so strong that…”

What started as revenge sex for her, turned into something neither could walk away from…no matter the amount of time that went by between them seeing each other again.

Finders, Keepers is a quick romantic read. I enjoyed the characters, loved their personalities, and their chemistry, but most of the book was what each of them did to find the other one and that part made me lose interest. Thankfully the last part of the book picked back up into some of the heat and ultimately ended on a good note.

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