BLOG TOUR: Review of Unwrapped by Evelyn Sola

“Sweetheart, it’s already complicated.”


Genre: Holiday Romance

Length: 228 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


There are many rules to follow as your mom’s guest at the company holiday party.
Rule one – do not, under any circumstances, find the new boss so attractive.
Rule two – definitely do not undress him with your eyes.
Rule three – if he slips you his phone number, throw it away. I repeat, throw it away. Who cares if just one look into his blue eyes makes you want to drag him underneath the nearest mistletoe?
Rule four – when you show up at his house the next day, do not let him kiss you. Your lips are meant to say good-bye.
Rule five – at no point should you let him take off your clothes like he’s unwrapping his sexy Christmas gift. And moaning will only make it worse.
Rule six – rule six is a bonus rule, so pay attention. Forget rules one through five.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from Forever Write PR.*

Miranda is a twenty-three year old woman who lives in her parent’s basement. She has a mom dead set on setting her up with a man she likes so that she can give her grandchildren, and a life she just wants to live on her own terms. Being her mother’s plus one to her work’s holiday event wasn’t exactly what she’d planned, nor did she look forward to the many guys she’d undoubtedly introduce her to, and she definitely did not expect to find the bane to her mother’s existence as stunningly attractive as she did.

“Hold on. I’m mentally putting on my big girl panties.”

Nick wasn’t in the best of mental states. He’d given his heart to woman who he wanted to propose to, only to discover she’d been stealing from his company. So he ditched the thief, sold his company, and went back home to temporarily assist his uncle with running his business while he was recovering. It wasn’t somewhere he wanted to be, and his attitude projected that to the employees. And the holiday party his uncle insisted he attend, he dreaded…until he saw the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen.

“All the boys can want you, but I’m the only man who gets you.”

Miranda and Nick hit it off right away. It wasn’t until she realized he was the man her mother complained about nightly, and he realized that she was the daughter of her uncle’s most loyal employee, that things got complicated. The desire on the other hand didn’t wane one iota. If anything it only increased the more time they spent together.

They had an intense passion that neither could deny, but he was thirteen years older than her, and her mother was his employee. It was a recipe for disaster. So was showing up at the office after trying to stay away from him. And almost getting caught in his office, by her mother. Oh, but when they do finally get caught…it’s priceless! And completely hilarious! That’s definitely an image her mother will never un-see.

“Listen to me, baby girl, if the man’s hands are softer than yours, run.”

Unwrapped is the perfect mixture of humor and sexy. It is the type of book that you start reading and hours later finish. Impossible to put down! At least it was for me and hopefully it will be for everyone else who enjoys books like these.


“I want to see you again. Meet me tomorrow.” It’s not a request, it’s an order. I shrug out of his touch and take a step away from him.

“Are you crazy? No.”

“Why not?” he asks, his eyes more piercing than ever.

“A million reasons. You’re my mother’s boss, and she hates you, by the way. Why would I go out with someone who’s been so awful to my mother? Oh, and you’re old. You’re my mother’s boss,” I repeat. “And Glen’s already asked me out and about a million other reasons!” I whisper-yell the last part to make sure he gets it.

“The Glen issue is simple. Tell him to fuck off. I have not been awful to your mother. She’s been hostile toward me since the day I stepped foot in the office. She has a problem with me because I’m not my uncle. And what other reasons? Are you talking about my melanin deficiency? What the hell century are you living in? You think I care about that? And I want to see you again, not your mother. And thirty-six is hardly old.”

“Thirty-six! That’s older than I thought. Holy shit!” I yell. “Do you realize when I was thirteen you were already twenty-six?”

“Unless I was asking you out when you were thirteen and I was twenty-six, I don’t see the problem.

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