Review of Lovely Madness (Players #4) by Jaine Diamond

“Top shelf bang certified.”


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Rock Star Romance

Length: 578 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


A heart-wrenching, tortured hero romance, featuring a broken man in need of redemption and the lively heroine who sees through the madness to the man worth saving.

He was lost when I found him…

Everyone says that Cary Clarke, former rock star and reclusive music producer, is crazy.
That he fell apart after the death of his best friend.
That he shut everyone out and locked himself away.
That nothing matters to him anymore but music.

Maybe they’re right.

I don’t even know why he let me in.
I was only supposed to meet him once. But then once turned into so much more.
When I look into his eyes, there’s just something about this man I can’t walk away from.
And the deeper I get into his world… the less I ever want to leave.

Maybe I’m crazy to fall for a man whose heart is already broken.
Maybe I should’ve known this could only end in more heartbreak—for both of us.

But when you find something this precious in the darkness, it’s only natural to want to bring it out into the light… no matter what it costs you.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

If you have been reading the series then you know who Cary is. And if you’re like me you were intrigued by him. Cary is a unique soul. He has the talent of an amazing rock star, but his anxiety keeps him from reaching his full potential. Has it stopped him from becoming rich and famous? No. But does it keep him from doing what he was meant to do? Yes. He just needs someone in his life who will force him to realize his own truths.

Taylor is outgoing, a complete sweetheart, and gets along with everyone. And for some crazy reason she has it bad for Cary from the moment she meets him. It’s as if she can sense his moods and knows how to navigate them to get him to do what she wants. It’s crazy, but also kind of awesome.

“For someone so bossy/irritable/awkward and easily horrified by a social blunder, he was pretty fucking cute.”

It was interesting to watch the characters develop into their best selves, even if it was a rocky path getting there. I loved how Cary explained his mental state and even better how Taylor saw it and made mental notes on things he would do. In other words, the characters complimented each other well and it made for a fascinating read.

Lovely Madness brings in all the characters you love from the Players series, and also a few from the Dirty series, into a story about friendships that can stand the test of time and about a love that only sees good. There’s also this really funny cat mail system that Taylor makes use of on more than one occasion that had me laughing. However, it is an emotional story. Not quite tissue worthy, but sure as hell came close.

“I couldn’t hear him. He couldn’t hear me, my raspy breathing in the dark. But I could see his pleasure.”Oh and I can’t forget to mention one of the best parts of the book. It appears that Taylor may enjoy a little voyeurism. LOL!

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Here’s a couple of videos inspired by the book: Enjoy & Happy Reading! (BTW this is my favorite Rolling Stones song too.)



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