Appetite for Blood (Blood Trilogy Prequel) by Amber Anthony

“Wakey, wakey. Hands off snaky!”

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampires, BDSM

Length: 130 Pages

POV: Third Person


A revolution is roaring into the 1920s! Vampires, who previously killed to feed, now *thrill *to feed. The revolution is led by the four-hundred-year-old vampire, Rick Hiatt, and his newly turned ward, Matt Brenner. This is not the first time Rick has encountered the brutal treachery of the Moreau family of vampires, but he and Matt seek to make it the last.

Los Angelinos mortal and immortal are under attack by the entitled, remorseless Moreaus. Dragon-shifter Adam Lachlan and seductresses Venus and Luna, team up with Rick and Matt to put an end to the siege. Brute strength won’t take these hellions down, but they might be hoodwinked into exposing themselves.

Read about the origins of the fast friendship between Matt, Rick, and Adam, and see how their BDSM empire grew from humble beginnings to an international conglomerate.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Appetite for Blood is technically the fourth book; it was written at the request for an origins story. But me being me I wanted to start at the beginning and what better place to start than the origin. I have to admit it intrigued me enough to be excited about the other three books.

Rick is sort of the father figure to Matt since he’s been around hundreds of years. He’s sophisticated, elegant, and knows how to plan for the long haul. However, he lost his vampire mate after spending centuries with her and his heart has suffered. Allowing friends, like Matt, Venus, and Adam deeper into his life is helping it to mend though.

Matt was changed against his will and as a newbie struggles with his now immortality. Luckily he has Rick to guide him and open him up to the endless possibilities on how to merge his old life with his new one.

Adam is the oddball. He is a shunned dragon shifter, exiled from his clan. With almost a millennium under his belt he is the oldest of the three men, but he is new to the vampire world.

“When you’re ready to come, just let those fangs drop and bit me.”

Together these three men discover how to merge what they love (BDSM) with what they need (blood) in a way that has vampires and mortals lining up to get in. Appetite for Blood only introduces you to the characters and gives small glimpses into their backgrounds. If you are like me it will also have you anxious for more. I cannot wait to see what their new world looks like and how their new Dom roles play into it. If they each find love along the way…that’s only icing on the cake.

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Happy Reading Y’all!

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