Blood Emerald (Blood Trilogy #2) by Amber Anthony

“… I think you can have me.”


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampires, BDSM

Length: 326 Pages

POV: Third Person Limited Omniscient


SDV (Single Dom Vampire) unknowingly ISO compassionate, sincere, spontaneous SMW (Single Mortal Woman). Extra points for patience, brains and beauty. Handsome, powerful, Rick Hiatt has managed romance and sex within the roles of  Dom/sub relationships for five hundred years. What if there is something more? What if the delicious Anna Curley, shielded from the world of dark sex games, can show him?

Rick returns to the helm of his international BDSM Empire after confronting a disaster within his vampire Family. His nemesis, Veronique Moreau, could destroy the fragile veil between the Vamp/Mortal worlds, leaving vampires exposed. He meets Anna, a guileless young woman with enough savvy to see trouble coming in the form of a vampire hunter.

Their worlds collide. Swept into the dangers of preternatural conflict, Rick and Anna experience exquisite passion and heart-stopping peril. Is love enough? They could lose their lives as well as their hearts.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Rick may have been a 500 year-old vampire widower who was set in his ways, but that did not mean he couldn’t learn new things. After exploring the Dom/Sub relationships for years he had gotten quite good at being a Dom. Women lined up to be at the mastery end of his whip. But after his run in with Anna he realized that maybe it was time for a little vanilla…Cupcake.

Anna was Matt’s feeder at the club, but he realized that she was too sweet and innocent to be part of the vampire world and therefore banned her. That did not stop her from wanting to protect him and his vampire family. Except Matt was off on his honeymoon and she was left to tell Rick of the vampire hunter who now resided in their town.

“In her world, Rick had slain the dragon, stormed the castle, and won her heart.”

A human who wanted to protect vampires. A sweet enticing Cupcake who deserved the nickname. Rick was enthralled and would do everything within his power to not only get the girl, but to protect her, and win her heart.

Anna, who was once intimidated by Rick, finds that she is drawn to him and doesn’t want to be without him. Even if his overbearing need to protect her starts from the very beginning, she doesn’t question it, she knows he’s doing it for her. Their romance is quick starting, filled with passion, and if Anna has anything to say about it…never-ending. Together they would have it all…including the dog.

Blood Emerald is the second book in the Blood Trilogy and it continues the struggles of Matt and Rick against Veronique. Just when they think they have her where they want her she surprises them; and their once mercy will come back to cost them. But out of something horrendous comes something good. Adam finds a fellows dragon shifter and is asked to return to his colony to be crowned king. I look forward to the look into the shifter world of Adam’s in the next book, Blood Dragon.

“Dear boy, why don’t you flip on security camera twelve and watch a bit of I Love Cupcake?”

“Not on your life, why would I want to watch the two of you make out in the bar?”

“Oh, I’m not in the bar. Your wife and my girlfriend have their heads together down there.” – I loved this conversation between Rick and Matt. It made me laugh.

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Happy Reading Y’all!


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