Review of Satellite Skies by Zarah Bentley

“He’s an idiot, that’s the point.”


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 271 Pages

POV: First Person


He’s the face of a multimillion dollar franchise who can cause a riot by simply walking down the street. She’s part of an outfit that’ll hide the proverbial body if you can pay the price, known to the super wealthy only. It’s a match made in Neverland.

Or: Matt Connor is a popstar on the brink of burnout. When he gets sent on a secret recovery cruise, it is Josie Wallace’s job to prevent leaks to the press—never mind that she’d rather be working on her Master’s thesis as she’s long since outgrown her teenage crush on Matt’s younger boy band self. Good thing too, because up close and personal, he really isn’t all that. Or is he?

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

I have to admit I accepted this book because of the synopsis, however, it sat on my reading list forever because of the title and cover. We all know not to judge a book by it’s cover, but it’s crazy how often we actually do that. Let me just say this book was wonderful and I’m sad it took me so long to read it.

Josie is a personal trainer who is working on her thesis in Exercise Science. She specializes in burn outs which is what puts her on a boat with burned out musician Matt Conner. The man she grew up listening too, and may even have a poster or two of from his boyband days. However, the bad attitude he came on board with made all her childhood fantasies crumble…and new ones rise.

Matt had been a teenager boyband star. He grew up in the limelight. But the band members all went their separate ways and his solo career isn’t as fulfilling as he wanted. He’s lonely, exhausted, and has trust issues since everyone always wants something from him. Josie is different, she doesn’t take his attitude without returning it with her sass.

The two grow close, bonding over their ability to tell each other truth without holding back. He isn’t used to it and she has nothing to lose because she knows once their time on the ship is over that she’ll never hear from him again. She was wrong.

“Tell your future kids they’re lucky to have a dad like you.”

“You tell them yourself.” – Ummmm…I think he was definitely insinuating something!

In Satellite Skies the boundaries of friendship are blurred until they no longer exist. Matt’s psychological development throughout his “burnout rehab” cruise is slow and believable. Josie’s strength and sass never fail…even when she thinks they will, because she has friends and family who have her back undeniably.

All of the characters are well developed and the storyline is addictive. There is humor, heartfelt history, friendships, family, and romance. Once I started reading it, I did not stop. I couldn’t put it down. Finished it in one day! Don’t let the cover or title fool you; if you like romance this book is one you should have on your reading list.

“May I remind you that you were the one who rolled over at four in the morning last night and declared me King of Everything the Light Doesn’t Touch?” – Okay, so they both may be a little bit sassy! Love it!

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Happy Reading Y’all!



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