Blood Dragon (Blood Trilogy #3) by Amber Anthony

“Maybe I’m orally fixated.”


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifters, BDSM

Length: 313 Pages

POV: Third Person Limited Omniscient


Adam Lachlan, a tall drink of scrumptious masculinity, has been exiled from his dragon-shifter clan for the past two hundred years. His bad-boy charm has been harnessed to succeed as a Master Dom in the mortal world. He’s spent decades isolating himself emotionally.

Willow Greer is beautiful, intelligent and charming. Men have pursued her, but she’s flown from them all. Willow has a secret burden. Adopted in infancy, and having no explanation for shifting into a Pegasus at puberty, she’s cloistered herself romantically. Without knowing the full truth of her nature, how can she commit to love?

When Adam’s fire meets Willow’s short fuse, flirtation is on! At the onset, secrets are guarded, once their true selves are revealed, the complications begin. Can they overcome the problems of romance between different shifter species? Will they drop their emotional baggage and risk love’s bondage?

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Willow had never known another shifter. She’d thought there was something wrong with her when she first shifted into a Pegasus. That is until someone posted a picture of dragons and she had to go find out for herself if other shifters really existed. Never would she have imagined a world with not only shifters, but also vampires. Nor would she have imagined befriending and living with them.

Adam is a 900+ year-old dragon shifter who had just reacquainted himself with his clan. The one he was banished from hundreds of years prior for trouble caused by his debauchery. Not that he wallowed in that time, oh no, he became a Master Dom and worked with Rick and Matt creating the BDSM conglomerate. After Matt and Rick both found their mates and settled down, the girls vowed to find Adam his someone special, but they didn’t need to because he found her all on his own.

“Adam watched Willow’s eyes dilate and saw her lick her lips at the mere mention of ‘topping from the bottom’.” ~Why yes, they do share a kink, and it was quite interesting to discover what that was.

Both with their hesitance for love walked a fine line between friends and lovers until they could resist no longer. But lovers to in love was a more difficult line to navigate. It takes Willow finding her family to realize maybe what she thought she wanted isn’t really what she wanted after all. Especially after she realizes too late that being royalty does not prevent the insane notions from others being forced upon you.

Blood Dragon is the final book in the Blood Trilogy. As the previous books in the series this too keeps all of the characters front and center. I did at times think that it should have more Adam and Willow, but at the same time it keeps you from missing anyone else. If you are one of those readers who hates when the previous characters basically vanish in the following books in a series then this is definitely a series you will enjoy.

Oh, and the last line of the book…loved it!

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Happy Reading Y’all!




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