BLOG TOUR – Review of Broken by Evelyn Sola

“I’m broken, but I’m yours.”


Genre: Multicultural Romance, Second Chance Romance

Length: 332 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


I never saw Noah Weston coming. He swept into my life like an unexpected storm, but soon, he was everything to me.
Until tragedy struck.
One day I was planning the rest of my life with my soulmate, and the next I was picking up the pieces of a love so strong, it broke me apart.
It took three years to put myself back together.
Three years until I was ready to move on.
I’ll never forget it. The day he came back.
Can lightning strike twice? Maybe, but when I look into his eyes, all I remember are the last words he ever spoke to me.
The words that left me broken.

I loved her before I knew her name. She was more than just my heartbeat. Julia Blake was a dream too good to be true.
When real-life invaded the bubble we had created, I was left a broken man.
I survived, but I was dead inside. Half the man I used to be.
The half I needed had a new life without me.
Three years later, I’m back to reclaim what I’ve lost.
I’m back for her, only she wants nothing to do with me.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from The Indie Pen PR, LLC.*

The title of this book fits perfectly. First you have Julia, who is mentally broken. The love of her life not only broke up with her unexpectantly, but also told her he’d never loved her. Her mind and heart went into a downward spiral and three years later she still wasn’t completely healed.

Then you have Noah, who was physically broken. After an accident he was told he’d never walk again. So instead of leaning on the one he loved he pushed her away so she wouldn’t have to sacrifice her dreams in order to take care of him. But he used his broken heart to fuel the need to get better. With every step he was that much closer to getting back the woman of his dreams.

When Noah reappears back in Julia’s life after three years he does so in a way that borders on stalkerish, and not Julia or anyone who knows her past with him is very thrilled about seeing him. He is definitely persistent though.

Broken is a story about second chances and the unwillingness to give up. It’s about two people finding their happiness once again and moving forward with the dreams they once shared. It’s a very emotional read. There were moments when I was on Julia’s side, thinking Noah was insane. Then I’d switch and be cheering for Noah. The characters where that enthralling. And not only Julia and Noah; the supporting characters were full of personality as well.


Copyright 2021 @Evelyn Sola

“Oh, really?” I take one shoe off and throw it at him as hard as possible. He manages to move before it makes contact. He’s not so lucky with the second shoe, and it hits him right on the shoulder. “Here! Take them! And for the last time, this is not our anniversary! You broke up with me, remember? This is a Friday night, and I planned on going out with a man I’m interested in getting to know and possibly fuck. Do you know why? Because I’m single!”

“Girl, watch your mouth. Don’t make me call your momma,” Mr. Hampton yells.

All the neighbors stare, waiting to see what we do next. Anger fuels my next steps as I stomp my way back to my house, but Noah and Greg are right behind me. A few of the neighbors have now stepped off their porch to stand on the sidewalk.

“You guys want a show?” I shout.

“Bring it, girl,” someone answers back.

“This is what I’m going to do with your anniversary flowers, you lying, selfish jerk.” I open the door and grab the arrangement. I walk to the middle of the street, lift it above my head, and slam it to the ground with all the strength I can muster. The vase shatters in the middle of the street, the two dozen roses bounce on the pavement, and the water from the vase rolls down the concrete. “Happy fucking anniversary, you liar! Go to hell or go back to your racist parents. I don’t care which, just stay the fuck away from me, or I swear to God, that limp will be the least of your problems!”

“Leave my parents out of this! This is between us, and for the record, I haven’t talked to them in months.”

“Sure. You managed to buy a house on your teacher’s salary, right? That’s realistic considering you’ve had the job for two months. Maybe you used your nonexistent teaching bonus as a down payment? God, you’re a liar, and I hate myself for never seeing you for the dishonest person that you are!”

“Why do you keep calling me a liar? What the fuck do you think I lied about?” he yells.

“You lied about everything!” I scream so loud I can feel the vein in my neck pulsing. I take a step closer and point my finger in his face. “I love you, Li. You’re my world, Li. I want you to have my baby, Li. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Li.” I do a poor imitation of his voice as I scream in his face. “And you let me believe you were a struggling student just like me, not the son of millionaires. Everything about you is a lie. Our entire relationship was an illusion.”

“I meant all of that! I still want all of that with you, and I never told you I was struggling. We never even talked about money. Everything I said was true. Every feeling. I love you so much, it physically hurts to breathe sometimes.”

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Happy Reading Y’all!


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