PROMO: The Frightened Star (The Paranormal Adventures of West and Jones #1) BY Adrian Sommers

Paranormal & Urban Fantasy – 270 Pages

About the Book:

An ancient evil has arrived in Los Angeles, and the city has never faced anything more cunning or depraved. His name is Bal-Sharok, and he burns with an all-consuming thirst for power, which he can only obtain from a lost relic left on Earth by a mighty archangel.

Unfortunately for movie star Olivia Randall, she possesses a statue that is connected to the relic, which Bal-Sharok is determined to steal from her by any means—preferably murder. But as the walls start closing in on the famous actress, Becker West and Gunther Jones, L.A.’s tough defenders against all manner of wicked creatures—seen or unseen, alive or undead—are charged by their angel guide with saving Olivia from the bloodthirsty entity that threatens her life.

However, before the urban warriors can battle their formidable opponent and his deadly brand of magic, there is a large hurdle they first must overcome: Bal-Sharok has taken on human form and is hiding among a varied cast of players.

And so Becker and Gunther must use all the weapons at their disposal—brawn, brains, and supernatural powers—to discover Bal-Sharok’s identity and defeat him before one of Hollywood’s brightest lights is dimmed forever.

Get your copy of The Frightened Star today, a debut novel by Adrian Sommers, and the first book in the multipart fantasy series, The Paranormal Adventures of West and Jones.

*Clicking on the book cover above will take you to the Amazon purchase page.

Happy Reading Y’all!


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