Review of Awakening the Dragon (Shadow-Walkers #5) by Kelley Heckart

“It’s like I’ve been stuck by lightning.”


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Dragon Shifters

Length: 200 Pages

POV: First Person


Some secrets are deadly. Do you like stories with sexy, mysterious dragon shifters, romance, and mystery? This passionate, thrilling romance is part of the highly rated Shadow-walkers series.
This is a standalone story in the Shadow-walkers series.
She has a gentle soul, but she hides a dark secret.

Mickey Dalton, wearer of the Opening rune and rhythm guitarist for the rock band Hecate’s Fury, is haunted by her past. Now, her present doesn’t make sense. Savic, the scarred dragon shifter, insists she tried to kill him, but she didn’t. Or at least, she doesn’t recall trying to kill him.

She barely escaped his blade once, but not his passion.

Ten years ago, Mickey had a one-night stand with the dragon shifter. His ominous reappearance puzzles her, especially since it coincides with a recent string of unsolved murders in L.A. Whether his return is a coincidence or not, she can’t deny the powerful attraction between them. When the Council accuses Savic of the murders, she will defend him, to the death if necessary.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Awakening is the fifth book in the Shadow-Walkers series. It will bring some much needed clarity about why the five members of Hecate’s Fury were chosen, how they are self training, and how they’ve brought so many of the supernatural realm together just by knowing them and being part of their journey thus far.

In this book you’ll get to see Mickey up close and personal. Dive into her past. The one she’d rather have forgotten about, but the one she keeps dreaming about. She knows it has something to do with her Opening rune, but she doesn’t know what; just that it’s driving her insane. Then she runs into the one man she had the most amazing one night stand with and discovers he also was linked to that horrifying night that she’d rather forget.

Savic is the last of his kind, and refuses to be caught by the Council in fear they will kill him like they did all of his brethren. Not even discovering Mickey is his mate will make him want to stay. But when he finds out she’s being possessed and made to do unspeakable things she doesn’t remember doing he will stay with her and find a way to save her. Finding out her possession is linked to him and his past just complicates everything.

“This is only the second time we’ve been together, but I’ve never felt a bond like I do with you. It’s like I’ve been struck by lightning.”

Mickey will open up to Savic and tell him her deepest secrets, but he won’t repay that favor. He hides a lot of things and boy oh boy will it add some crazy twists and turns to the story. Be prepared for surprise after surprise.

One of my favorite things is that it ends at a Samhain festival at the werewolf compound…where a lot of it began. A full circle, but now with a few more supernaturals in the mix; including a new mother-to-be.

“You are so sexy to me right now.”

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Happy Reading Y’all!



 Inspired by the book (You cannot have a book about rock stars and not have a little music to go with it.):


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