Review of Kelly: Dark Irish Mafia Romance (O’Sullivan Brothers #2) by Rie Warren


“Dirty rotten leprechaun.” 


Genre: Romance, Suspense, Mafia

Length: 502 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


He’s the underboss in his mafia brotherhood, and women have no place in his world. As a good girl with an overprotective dad, she’s been warned against his kind time and again. But when her father’s corruption shatters her world, he all but forces her into the mafioso’s bed.


I’m a busy friggin’ man and priority number one is destroying the south-of-the-border bastardos who’ve been dealing blow on our turf. Then I find out someone who’s supposed to be in our pocket is on the take with this rival cartel, and things go from bad to FUBAR.

That backstabbing jagoff owes me big. Unfortunately, the only thing he’s got to offer is the one thing I don’t want. His daughter. Now I’m fighting to keep control of our territory and I’ve got to babysit this beautiful, mouthy babe. I’ll keep Marlowe as collateral, and I’ll take what I want, when I want, whether she likes it or not.


After my dad’s secrets and lies blow up in his face, he bargains with the only priceless gem he has . . . me. He practically gives me away to none other than Kelly O’Sullivan, a rough-talking mafia man he’s warned me about for years.

I’m infuriated I’ve been put in this dicey position. It’s my father who should pay the price for his double dealing, not me. It’s impossible. Kelly is impossible. He’s intimidating. Overbearing. Scary. Sexy. He dominates me from day one, taking a wrecking ball to my defenses and wreaking havoc with my desires.

I’m pretty sure I hate him. I definitely don’t trust him. But when the cartel makes it clear they want me too, what other choice do I have?

Kelly is book 2 in the O’Sullivan Brothers Irish mafia series. No cliffhangers. No cheating. Includes sizzling hot scenes. Can be read as a standalone.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author.*

I absolutely loved the way this book starts. The first chapter pulled me in and the book had my full attention until the last page. From the suspense to the hilarious nicknames they called each other this book had a little bit of everything. I held my breath, I laughed out loud, and I even read a little faster in certain spots because I couldn’t wait to see what happened.

Marlowe thought her father was a hero, turns out she was wrong. Now he has a cartel after him and the way they plan on getting him is by getting Marlowe. The only one he trusts to keep her safe are someone he’s known for years and absolutely cannot stand, but he knows she’ll be safe with him and that’s all that matters.

Marlowe on the other hand does not want to be stuck with a hot as hell babysitter. She doesn’t want to give up her life to sit behind compound doors. She’s upset with her father, upset about the entire situation, and is taking it all out on Kelly.

“I’m sure Kelly’s done and said some things that just make you want to claw his eyes right out of his skull and at the same time you’re dying to crawl up his big body and claim him as yours.”

Kelly and his brothers run the Irish Mob and in order to do so effectively of course he has police on his payroll. One that it seems is on the verge of double-crossing him and the only way he can stop that from happening is by keeping his daughter as collateral. Marlowe’s father wants her protected; Lucky just wants her. He wanted her from the first night he saved her in an alleyway, but once he knew who she was he wanted to protect her at any and all costs.

“I think it’s safe to say you make me feel better, princess.”

Kelly and Marlowe felt the chemistry from their very first encounter. She’s too angry to want to admit it and he’s too set on not settling down to want to read into it, but neither can hide from it for long. She’ll need him and he won’t let her down. He’d never let her down. He’d give up everything for her.

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Happy Reading Y’all! 


“We’re having this out right now.” Kelly whirled me around and left me panting in pure fury.

“Oh yeah? Are you going to gag me again? Or can I actually talk this time?” I sniped. “Because so far you’ve held me at gunpoint—”

“Not really.” His jaw bulged.

“Taken me under duress and kissed me against my will!”

“Against your will, huh?” His voice emerged deceptively silky. “Where’s the woman who held a dagger at my balls then?”

Our labored breathing beat across the air as we stared one another down. 

I tossed my hair over a shoulder. “Do you want to talk now or just play with knives?”

He unsheathed his wicked matte black blade with a hiss of metal against leather. “I know what my vote is.” 

Kelly aimed a sinful smile at me when he said that.

Well, he was not about to intimidate me. 

I marched right into the bedroom, whipped my dagger from my bag, and spun to find him stalking straight after me. And his hooded eyes gleamed as sinisterly as the KA-BAR.

He lowered into a predator’s stance but didn’t immediately lunge for me. 

We circled one another warily while warring compulsions coursed through me. To cut him, to gut him . . . to hurl the knife away then throw myself at him to get another taste of his lips. 

Crouched low, he looked even bigger, and power radiated off of him. 

I darted into his space—seeking to slash him—but he easily parried my thrust before retreating. 

Losing some of my poise, I wildly lashed at him again. 

That time, Kelly’s huge blade clashed against mine, and the metal screeched together. Ultimately, he pushed my knife up so I lost all leverage and nearly toppled onto my ass. 

I jumped back into fighting mode, flinging my hair from my face and jabbing quickly at his midsection. 

His nostrils flaring, he dodged each well-aimed stab. 

The ease with which he deflected me was infuriating. 

“Come on already. Give me your best shot!” I shouted in frustration.

So far, I’d been the aggressor, and he’d agilely avoided each of my lunges. 

More quickly than a man as big as him should be able to move, he advanced. The massive KA-BAR swirled nimbly in front of me in a flash of metal.

When he retreated, cool air fluttered along my torso. 

In the blink of an eye, he’d shredded my blouse, and the fabric hung limply from my shoulders. 

“How’s that for my best shot?” 

Before I could react to the shock of his brazen bladework, he had that knife against me again. He flicked the black steel so fast, I felt just the whisper of cold metal against my flesh before he withdrew again. 

I looked down in disbelief as my bare breasts jiggled, my pearly white bra in ruins. He’d practically denuded me without inflicting a single nick to my flesh.

Slowly lifting my head, I stared at the man. 

A smug smirk curved his mouth, and heat spread from his half-mast eyes to permeate my entire body.

Keeping his gaze snared, I wore a smirk of my own, if little else. With a sinuous roll of my shoulders, I let the torn blouse and tattered bra slip down my arms and off my fingers. 

Then I sauntered to the broad-shouldered, bronze-haired giant, clasping my dagger and dancing it across the air between us. 

Kelly kept his blade by his side that time. 

He seemed entranced by my bouncing breasts and obnoxiously tight nipples, but I wasn’t foolish enough to think he’d give up all control quite so easily. 

When I reached him, I laid the flat side of my slim blade against the evident erection in his faded jeans. “Did you really want my dagger at your dick again?”

He clenched his KA-BAR but remained otherwise unmoving. 

“As hot as this is, I’d rather have your mouth on my cock. At least with you sucking me, you won’t be able to talk back.”

The deep drugging tone of his voice almost robbed me of breath. His filthy comment should make me want to slice my blade into him. But it didn’t.

I drew the dagger up then flipped the tip beneath the hem of his T-shirt. “Well, what’s good for the goose . . .”

He inhaled sharply as his arms flexed into dangerously hard weapons themselves. “Just don’t geld me.” 

I caressed his abs with my knife. “I wouldn’t dare.” 

It only took three deft slices of my blade to destroy his shirt like he’d done mine. He jerked the remnants off with an indrawn breath so every single muscle on his chest stamped into high tattooed relief.

The electric atmosphere between us transformed from fury to desperate fire. 

Feeling all superior with my more feminine dagger, I bragged, “You see? Bigger doesn’t always mean better.”

Another insidious smirk cut across his bearded face and then he placed his KA-BAR and the two guns onto his dresser within easy reach. 

He never once lost contact with my eyes as his hands moved to the waist of his jeans. 

In mouthwatering slow motion, Kelly popped his jeans open. He shucked them off along with everything else until he stood—hard, tall, inked, and majestic—in front of me.

“Bigger doesn’t mean better?” His eyebrow spiked high then he looked down at himself. “You sure about that?”

I followed the line of his sight as if magnetized. 

And then I felt faint.



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