Review of Dex: Dark Irish Mafia Romance (O’Sullivan Brothers #3)

“Gonna kiss you now. Gotta kiss you…”


Genre: Romance, Suspense, Mafia

Length: 472 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


She’s a bossy blue-blooded Bostonian. I’m a hardened mafia man. There’s no friggin’ way our two worlds should collide, but when they do . . . BOOM, CRASH, DESIRE .

Now it’s just my bad freakin’ luck I can’t keep my mind off the snobby babe’s banging body and beautiful eyes. When she runs into trouble and I’m there to rescue her, I’m ready to put my filthy fantasies into action whether she likes it or not.

I get to introduce the prim and proper woman to the heights of wild lust. But the one thing I really lord over her is a big fat dirty secret her dear daddy has kept from her for years.

Yeah, this is gonna be fun.

God, I could just scream. No man has ever undermined my composure as quickly as Declan “Dex” O’Sullivan.

It’s just my bad luck that I need his help when I come under attack. I find out then he’s much more than just a pain in my backside; he is seriously bad news. But he’s also breathtakingly attractive with his bad boy aura.

He’s conceited, crude, crass . . . and determined to lay claim over me.

When I realize I’ve got more in common with Dex than I ever thought possible, it’s all downhill from there. I’m about to become a pawn in a game of mafias and one more man I never considered an enemy before. Now that my life is on the line, can Dex save me one more time?

Dex is book 3 in the O’Sullivan Brothers Irish mafia series. No cliffhangers. No cheating. Includes sizzling hot scenes. Can be read as a standalone.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Dex is the O’Sullivan brother in charge of running their casinos. He’s the last single brother and has no desire to change that…until Ivy walks in with her domineering attitude and luscious figure. He could walk away, pretend he hated everything about their first encounter, but when destiny lands her in trouble basically on his front step it puts his desires on the frontline.

“Those leather pants, as much as I’d railed against them, were just the virile cherry on the top of the ice cream sundae.”

Ivy was raised in a prominent family with a wealth father and an arrogant mother, who always belittled her. She spent her time running a charity organization and not much else. Little did she know that her family was a rival cartel of the O’Sullivan’s and just renting out their casino for an event would change her entire future’s path. Dex will tell her about her father and introduce her to a world she nothing about, but one she would have no problem staying in as long as he is beside her. However, there is this small problem with her obsessed ex-bodyguard that they will have to deal with.

“I was sort of awed that Declan O’Sullivan – really a virtual stranger – had seen a threat against me and destroyed it with no second thought. Awed and afraid.”

The chemistry between Dex and Ivy is heated and entertaining. The way they speak to each other in the beginning reminded me of being a kid and being told, “They only pick on you because they like you.” These two held nothing back when it came to how they spoke to one another, but it only lead to the intensity of their passion.

“I don’t mind when you shout at me. I think you’re all kinds of adorable when you’re angry.”

Dex is the third book in the O’Sullivan Brothers series and let me just say that it maintained the high standards of the series. The suspense around the Guido, the comical intervening of the O’Sullivan and Krasnov families, and the intense heat between the leading characters is all you would expect from the series. I am looking forward to Bronson’s story next, but please oh please let Damage and Derry hook up. The tension between those two have riddled the pages of the last several books and their time has to be nearing….right?

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Happy Reading Y’all!​

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