PROMO: Thomas Blackwing And The Crystal Heart (Part 1 & Part 2 of The Immortals Chronicle Book 1) by M.V Grimm

Young Adult, Coming of Age, Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy – 710 Pages

About the Book:

An epic fantasy story, where the deep bond of friendship, a web of deception, and a twist of betrayal weave a spellbinding adventure like no other.

In the shadows of a kingdom scarred by tragedy, a riveting tale of destiny, rivalry, and an enigmatic power unfolds. Enter the resplendent realm of Eartheenia, where the throne stands vacant, awaiting a worthy heir. The Aries council, governing the nation, decided to host a competition, the King’s Candidates event, to fill the empty throne. Fourteen-year-old male and female knights, wizards, witches, and ranger cadets from the three prestigious schools across the land may enter.

Two young orphans, Thomas and Will, find their paths entwined by a shared yearning for purpose and self-discovery. Though separated by miles, their personal experiences have forged them into resilient souls who now find themselves thrust into the heart of the competition, bound together as both rivals and allies.

Growing up in a village notorious for barbarian raids and violence, Thomas became very skilled in combat, particularly as a swordsman and archer. His master, who has cared for him since the loss of his parents, insisted he attends the Ministry school and enter the contest. While Thomas’s exceptional talents render him the best-suited contestant, he has no desire to become the new King. But he could never fathom disobeying his master.

Will, on the other hand, was raised in an orphanage located in the Aries capital city, Ariestonia. Fearing being singled out as the only female in the first-year Ranger class in Blackwolff Hall, she disguises herself as a male cadet, ready to make her mark on the world. After experiencing the disparity of their people firsthand, Will intends to transform their kingdom and believes that only someone like her, who has lived the hardships of a lower-class citizen, could genuinely inspire change.
However, Thomas and Will’s fates intertwine when Thomas learns that the artifact crystal heart is more than just a myth. It’s said to be the weapon of one of the seven immortals, Aelrendel Hun, and wields unknowable power. It holds the potential to change their entire world, for better or worse.

Together, Thomas and Will search for the crystal to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands; however, they are not the only ones who have accepted the challenge.

Journey through realms teeming with enchantment, as alliances form, loyalties are tested, and the fate of the Eartheenians rests upon the shoulders of unlikely heroes. In this mesmerizing tale of epic proportions, immerse yourself in a world where danger lurks at every turn, and the battle for the throne is only the beginning. Will Thomas and Will unearth the truth behind the crystal before ‘darkness’ swallows their land? Or will the realms be condemned to eternal chaos, forever bound to the whims of those who covet ultimate power? The answers lie within the pages of this extraordinary saga.

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Happy Reading Y’all!


As her orphan brothers darted around her, giggling as they played hide-and-seek among the smaller statues in the Black Square, Will was drawn to the magnificent figure of King Valiant, his bronze armor gleaming in the moonlight. There was something about the regal statue that captivated her—a sense of grandeur she had never experienced before. While she gazed up at the king’s face, Will felt a surge of possibility wash over her. The statue seemed to imply that there was a path for her to follow, a destiny waiting to be fulfilled.

She wondered what it could be, what purpose she was meant to serve. Her fingers brushed against the cold metal of the king’s sword, and she closed her eyes, letting her mind drift. The sound of her brothers’ laughter faded away, and for a moment, it was just her and the statue. She could feel the weight of King Valiant’s gaze upon her, and she shivered as a capricious gust of wind caressed her skin.

“What is it?” Will whispered, her voice barely audible. She half-expected the statue to answer, to offer some kind of explanation for the stirring in her soul. Sadly, a miracle did not transpire that night, and Will remained bereft of any inkling of what her calling was.

Still, she couldn’t shake the feeling that her life was meant for something greater than just thievery and survival. If she were selected as a candidate for the King’s Candidates event, perhaps she would finally uncover the answer to her hidden destiny. Will resolved to do whatever it took to secure her place in the competition, to seize the opportunity that might lead her down the noble path she was meant to follow.

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