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Jennifer Hines

I’m the mother of four adventurous children, a Transport Assistant (day job), a student (diesel mechanics – who would’ve thought that?!?!), an Independent OPTAVIA Health Coach, an indie author (when I find time and inspiration), and a book reviewer/blogger. Talk about a balancing act!

My favorite books/series include The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead, Scanguards Vampires by Tina Folsom, the Crossfire Novels by Sylvia Day, The Men of Steel Series by MJ Fields, and pretty much everything by Bianca Sommerland, Rie Warren, Abigail Owen, and Jaine Diamond.

I love reading and writing mostly fantasy/paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and basically anything with vampires (the sparkly and/or sexy kind and not so much the freaky and scary kind), shifters (yummy werewolves are a top favorite), or magic (like Charmed) – YA through erotica, including M/M. I do love a good fantasy, but goodness gracious please please let there be some kind of romance there, otherwise I get bored. ABSOLUTELY NO HORROR! And definitely nothing that’s so far off the fantasy rails that it takes entirely too much thought to put myself into the story, like talking mushrooms or freaky ghosts.

Friend me on Goodreads to follow all of my reviews both requested and personal, and to see what I’m currently reading.

Jennifer’s Reading List (in no particular order):

  • A Cowboy Kind of Love
  • His Daddy’s Car
  • 5 Rounds
  • Arrested Heart
  • Arrested Mind
  • Arrested Body
  • Arrested Soul
  • All Night Long with a Cowboy
  • Her Renegade Cowboy
  • The Cursed King
  • Hit by the Cupid Stick
  • Summer Nights with a Cowboy
  • That Cowboy of Mine
  • Ghosts of Sherwood
  • Doukas
  • Druid’s Moon


Mindy Bigham

I am a kick ass wife (my husband would agree), a mother of 4 beautiful girls, indie author/editor and a book reviewer/blogger. I have  been best friends with Jennifer Hines for over 15 years now. I don’t have time to go on a vacation, but really need one (somewhere on a beach)!

I enjoy reading and writing mostly contemporary romance, erotica and even a little magic. I like fantasy/paranormal romance but tend to be a little picky with these reads. (apparently the mind stretches far in this genre) – YA through erotica. NO HORROR! My absolute favorite is anything that can make me laugh as I fall in love with the story.

My favorite books/series include: The Vampire Academy Series & Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead, The Breathless Trilogy by Maya Banks, The Men of Steel Series by MJ Fields, and anything by Christine Edwards, J.L. Leslie and Nicole Dykes.

Friend me on Goodreads to follow all of my reviews both requested and personal, and to see what I’m currently reading.

Mindy’s Reading List (in no particular order):

  • If We Ever Meet Again
  • Pretending Not to Love You
  • INITIATIVE: Tales of Erotic Boldness

Jennifer Hines and Mindy Bigham are two longtime friends who used to work together, decided to write together, and now review books together. They both have large families and tend to always stay busy, but this site is their way of giving back. They are always looking for people to review their books, and they know firsthand how difficult it is, so if they can help someone else they are more than happy to. Please follow Hines and Bigham on Twitter and Facebook.


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