Author Spotlight: Christina Moore


Christina Moore, author of The Uruwashi Series

About the Author

SOMETIMES known as Stinna (pronounced Steena), Christina Moore just so happens to be her real name. Her writing career started under a pseudonym in the romance genre. But her true love has always been the paranormal. Vampires, werewolves, demons, faerie and everything in between, she loves them all—the allure of the unknown. The birth of the Uruwashi series started many years ago with a daydream sparked by a very special voice of a certain bad-ass vampire in her favorite anime. Little did she know then that the story of the Uruwashi would morph into what it is today.

When not writing or chasing her toddler, Christina loves to read, garden, cross-stitch, and play video games. A Maryland native, she lives just outside of beautiful historic downtown Annapolis with her husband, daughter (a.k.a. Tiny Boss) and two Australian Shepherds, Deunan and Aydin. Growing up riding horses to show in dressage and cross-country, later moving on to racing Volkswagens and then finding a career in the architecture industry as a graphic artist/mother hen, she’s never been a real expert in any one thing. Christina has a passion for diversity and enjoys many types of music, film and literature that sometimes clash with the norm. She’s often said she’s going to marry Spike Spiegel when she grows up—her husband understands.


Beautiful Death (The Uruwashi Series – Book #1)

His life is in a monster’s hands but he may be one himself.

The only thing about Tristan’s typical American life that’d been even slightly atypical was that he was adopted. The Blum’s raised him, loved him as if he was their own. But they never knew who Tristan really was, about the stigma his birth surname carried. Everything changed after their untimely death. Suddenly monsters are after Tristan and all because of a few words spoken by a remarkable stranger.

After carelessly stumbling into the arms of the enemy’s servant, a rotting jikininki, the one silently watching over Tristan is forced to intercede. Ash claims to be a hunter, but that’s not the whole truth. Whatever Ash is or isn’t, it’s neither good nor evil. And Ash is the only one who can save Tristan now. But can someone who can’t even accept the unwavering truth that maybe they never were really human to start with be saved?


Coming March 2014:

Bete Noire (The Uruwashi Series – Book #2)

Revenge is a fire that burns everything down.

Tristan Blum may be the last Uruwashi, but neither he nor his ambiguous vampire companion, Ash, knows exactly what that means. One thing is clear though, that he’s responsible for keeping the living safe from the dead. So when ancient Master vampire Yukihime comes to Tristan with news of a rogue vampire developing the dangerous gift of fire, he can’t ignore it. To complicate things, the vampire they hunt is one Ash has a very intimate past with, leaving Tristan questioning her true feelings.

The tempestuous couple track their target to France where they encounter faerie, kitsune, and a vampire even older than self-proclaimed “oldest of them all” Yukihime. Not all of the new contacts are willing to help or on the side of good. Just when he needs Ash the most, Tristan fears that she’s pulling away. At his darkest hour, trapped in an abandoned dungeon and close to death, Tristan wonders who he can trust in his new obscure world and if the flames of a single vampire’s wrath will destroy everything.

Read Chapter One Here.

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