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January 1, 2018 · 5:00 am

Indie Author vs Book Reviewer: an inside peek

As both an indie author and book reviewer/blogger I have a little insight into the world of book reviews. I only began reviewing books after I realized how bogged down reviewers were. After becoming one I can now see how it’s easy to wait a few months before someone has time to squeeze in reading one of my books.

Indie authors pour their passions into pages they hope someone will want to read. We want to share our stories with the world. We spend countless hours writing, researching, and sometimes staring at blank screens. We think typing ‘The End’ on that last page is it, the final step, when in reality it’s just the beginning. Then comes the editing, the formatting, the decision on where to sell it, and then begins the endless quest for reviewers. I don’t know why we think there’s a simple way to do that last step. There honestly isn’t. Every reviewer has their own separate guidelines, each email has to be personalized, and it is a very daunting task.

What indie authors don’t realize? Book reviewers don’t get paid for their services. We take time out of our days, away from our jobs and away from our families to help. Yes, there are many reasons in which reviewers do this. Some enjoy the free books. I mean who wouldn’t; books can get expensive if you enjoy reading. Some like to help. Reviews are a vital point in a books success and some enjoy doing their part. The reasons can be endless.

I do occasionally ramble, but my point is this…

Indie authors, you’ve spent the time turning your book into its final product, now take the extra time to follow each and every reviewer’s guidelines in requesting a review. I never realized the importance of this until I became a reviewer, but we have guidelines because it makes it easier on us. I get 5-20 requests a day for reviews and if the guidelines haven’t been followed then the email will automatically be deleted. In essence you wasted your time by not doing it correctly and it saddens me at how often that occurs.



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Where are we?

Hello everyone.

Where is Jennifer and Mindy?

Just wanted to stop by and give everyone a status report. Jennifer is currently in the middle of moving to another state (as in this weekend). Her reviews will start back up once she is settled in.

I (Mindy) am currently reading and trying to catch up on the reviews that I have scheduled. I have been dealing with some family stuff because that is where I was truly needed at the time. My reviews should start posting again next week as I will be getting caught up this weekend.

I want to thank everyone for their patience as we know as writers ourselves that we love to see a new review. As we get back up and going we will email everyone waiting for a review from us with a date.

Thank you for allowing us to read your work and we look forward to posting our reviews.

Jennifer and Mindy

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Just Checking In…

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!

If you’re wondering where all the reviews are…

Mindy has a new grandbaby and for any grandparents out there you know exactly why she’s been reading less and making gaga sounds more. Can’t say that I blame her I would be too, although I’m hoping that day doesn’t happen for quite a few more years. I’m soooo not ready!

Me? Well I’m taking on a new adventure and moving from Texas to Missouri. Getting back to my roots! So not only do I have four kids doing all the year end school stuff, but my entire house is in boxes. It’s amazing how many things you pack because you haven’t used them in a year only to need them two days later…argh!

Anyway, don’t worry, we are still accepting books to review, but it may take us a little longer to get to them. On the flip side, if you’ve been thinking about reading more and want to review books take the leap and email us. We could always use another reviewer.

Oh and here’s one of my favorite songs. Enjoy!


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We’re Taking a Mini Vacation

Mindy and I both have a lot of family time coming up between Thanksgiving and New Year’s therefore we’re taking our first ever long term break. We have a few books that are scheduled to release in December on our calendar and we plan on doing those reviews, but no others. We do have long reading lists, well I do at least, and we’ll start back on them in January.

For anyone wanting to submit a book for review, please do. We may not respond right away, but all requests will be looked at.

For all our followers… Enjoy the holidays! Step away from the books, step out from behind the cameras, and just enjoy the small moments that most take for granted. Oh, and don’t forget to laugh. Laughter is the cure for almost anything.

Love – Jennifer

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Where’s Your Favorite Vacation Spot?

If you’re wondering why it’s been so quiet this week it’s because Mindy and I decided to take a week off. With summer in full swing balancing work, kids, vacations, and a little romance with our blog can be difficult at times so I decided last minute that I wanted a week off and she definitely did not argue. So instead of posting a book review I thought I’d get a little personal.

If you read my bio you’ll know I love road trips. This summer I’ve taken my kids down to Galveston to play in the sand and saltwater. The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier was a lot of fun, but somewhere during parenthood my stomach lost its nerves of steel and those rides my kids love no longer hold the same amusement for me. It’s safe to say that the swings (those harmless little swings that go in circles) are the epitome of evil. I’ll admit I wanted to sit and let my stomach catch up on more than one occasion, but the super mom in me powered through with all smiles. I don’t think I ever felt more relieved than when my son said, “I’m tired,” and asked if we could go back to the hotel. Thank goodness for small miracles.

We also did a little sightseeing at the Space Center Houston with a tram ride into the NASA complex. They have a Mythbusters interactive area where you not only get to try your hand at breaking the myths, but you also get to learn all about the myths. All the facts are posted so you get in a little educational experience with your fun. There is also many things for kids of all ages to do. I swear we ran all around this place for hours and never once got bored.

I’d love for everyone to share their favorite vacation spots. I’m always looking for somewhere new to go and personal insights are so much better than relying on the internet to steer me in the right direction.

~ Jennifer



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Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day

I’ve been lucky enough not to loose anyone during their service, but many in my family have served our great country. I’m proud of not only them, but everyone who has had the strength to stand up and fight for something bigger than themselves. Our freedom is because of you. You will always be remembered.

Now…I’m not the biggest Billy Ray Cyrus fan, but this song sure fits today.




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