Miscellaneous Notes From Us

Where are we?

Hello everyone. Where is Jennifer and Mindy? Just wanted to stop by and give everyone a status report. Jennifer is currently in the middle of moving to another state (as in this weekend). Her reviews will start back up once she is settled in. I (Mindy) am currently reading and […]

Just Checking In…

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! If you’re wondering where all the reviews are… Mindy has a new grandbaby and for any grandparents out there you know exactly why she’s been reading less and making gaga sounds more. Can’t say that I blame her I would be too, although I’m hoping that […]

Happy Memorial Day!

I’ve been lucky enough not to loose anyone during their service, but many in my family have served our great country. I’m proud of not only them, but everyone who has had the strength to stand up and fight for something bigger than themselves. Our freedom is because of you. […]