Review of Asking for Trouble (Credence, Colorado #3) by Amy Andrews

“I’d like to smother you in peanut butter and lick it off.” 


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 390 Pages

POV: Third Person


After three years in Credence trying to fade into the background, Della Munroe is sick of being invisible. She’s ready to take back control. To live a little. Hell, she’s ready to see what this dating fuss is all about. And if that means she has to download Tinder and date every guy in Colorado, then she’s up for it.

After her first disastrous attempt, she decides navigating online dating would be better with a wingman, and there’s no better person for it than Tucker Daniels. After all, he is a man. And he owns a bar, which practically makes him a relationship expert. He’s also her older brother’s best friend. Yes, she may have the teeniest tiny inconvenient crush on him, but he’s always had her back.

Tucker Daniels would rather eat broken glass than watch Della go out with a bunch of douchebag dudes only out for one thing. Unfortunately, he’s never been able to say no to her, and before he knows it, Tucker’s not only vetting her dates—he’s teaching her to drive, helping her move out, and buying her a puppy!

But when Della wants him to tutor her in more intimate arts, he freaks out. Because this little sister is strictly off-limits, and saying yes to Della is asking for a whole lot of trouble.

Each book in the Credence, Colorado series is STANDALONE:
* Nothing But Trouble
* The Trouble with Christmas
* Asking for Trouble

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Tucker is in love with his best friends younger sister. He won’t admit to anyone, let alone himself.

“Talking about bases with my friend’s little sister? I’d rather set fire to the bar.”

Della had a hard childhood and then an awful marriage. Her half-brother found her and saved her from the hell she was in. If you’ve read the previous books in this series you’ve learned a little about her.

It took years for her to find herself again, but once she did she wanted to get back to as much normal as possible.  Truly what she wanted was Tucker, but she knew he didn’t like her like that, so the next best thing…dating app. And who best to help her…Tucker. Why? Because he was the first picture that popped up on her screen. Of course he had it deleted before she could swipe right.

“Are they all so…scandalous?”

Her dating app escapades were a little humorous, mostly because of her inexperience. However, for Tucker, they were torture. Until one night Della decided to make a move and poor Tucker couldn’t resist what he’d been secretly desiring.

“Well…you’re also a really attractive guy who” – her gaze dropped to his mouth – “looks like he knows how to kiss a woman just right.

All they had to do now was decide if they were temporary, like planned, or in it for the long haul. Oh, and someone had to tell her brother. Yikes! I wouldn’t have wanted to that’s for sure. He is a little overprotective, but also understandably so.

Asking for Trouble is another good book in the Credence, Colorado series. It takes two broken people and makes them whole. I’m looking forward to seeing where else this series goes.

Oh and love all things Frieda! Love the discussion about going there between Della and Tucker. Definitely loved the actual trip there with the girls. Can’t wait to see if maybe a certain writer and cop discover a flame of their own.

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Review of The Reign of a Queen (Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance #3) by Azriel Hope

“I don’t want you to be evil!” 


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Horror

Length: 218 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


Farrow and Rayelynn are brought to Estancia to live among the gods until Farrow serves his sentence for killing fairies and elves at their Samhain celebration. Rayelynn and Farrow’s children grow rapidly and Rayelynn is forced to commit a crime she never thought imaginable at the behest of the gods, whom Farrow and Rayelynn discover are not as good as eternity believes.

Farrow and Rayelynn tour the realms trying to instill peace among the agitated immortals who are angered the Arcades have been liberated. As they visit the realms, Rayelynn must face her past, her real father and take her place as the Queen of Eternity. The prejudice Farrow faces on their journey brings him to understand he still has darkness within him he cannot hide. To save Farrow from himself and Drayden from Lucien, the demon Lord of Martu Mara, Rayelynn must face the love she bears both of them.

Anastasia and Naida’s love grows as Anastasia rules the newly liberated Arcades, and settles into her role as their queen, faithful wife, and mother. The balance of eternity is threatened when Drayden promises to bring Rayelynn to Martu Mara to eternally suffer. Rayelynn alone must heal the ills of their existence to save Farrow from the prejudice that cripples him and Drayden from the hell that seeks to consume his soul.

The Rise of a Queen is the last book in the Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance Series. It has dark themes and sexual situations between gods, fairies, fallen angels and other mythical creatures who love as their hearts dictate.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

The Reign of a Queen is the perfect conclusion to Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance series. In truth I kept watching the percentage I was at because I thought, “No way is this going to be the last book. There’s not enough pages left.” I was wrong.

“For every instance of light there needs the darkness…for in the contrast of shadow to brightness one finds the truth.”

Rayelynn never ceases to amaze me. Her love truly knows no bounds. And trust me, it is definitely put to the test in the book. Her relationship with Farrow grows beyond anything humanly possible. It is her relationship with Drayden that left me wanting.

Farrow wars with himself constantly, even on the verge of destroying everything he holds dear, but her love always saves him.

Drayden’s heart is so full that it’s almost poisonous to him. Although he’ll damn Rayelynn for much, in the end, it’s her love that’ll save his soul too.

“I know of course you already have Farrow’s heathens, but would you have…mine?”

Anastasia becomes more that I would have imagined for her. I’m happy she’ll get everything she never knew she wanted.

This book has so many characters that I’ve watched develop throughout the trilogy and each has their story told in ways unique to them. There were only two things that I feel like were unfinished. Rayelynn’s twin…? And Rayelynn and Drayden deserved a little bit more, especially since Farrow gets his…just saying maybe a novella would be nice. (hint, hint)

If you want a new take on fallen angels, fairies, trolls, gods, and other mystical beings this is one intriguing series. There is much war and death, but it’s rivaled by the magic and sex.

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Anger seared my insides. The shove felt so violating, so callous. For that moment I detested Farrow and realized, as I plummeted, part of me hated the evil within him. While I tolerated it in Drayden, I hated it in Farrow. It wasn’t fair, but Farrow promised he was better; Drayden never had. What was Farrow truly capable of? Rage filled me as my wings spread out from my back and grabbed the wind long before the ocean waves lapped at my face. I allowed myself to fall into the water, but I had flown. I dove under the surf hoping to escape the pain gripping my soul.

Once under the water I saw them, the selkie. The seal-like creatures played in the surf. I watched as their graceful bodies danced within the waves. We had no common language, but I felt their essence. They were as amazed to have a goddess among them as I was to regard such fabled creatures. In Landharn Shores the warriors would talk of selkie, but no one could catch one to confirm their existence. I always thought if fairies existed so too could they.

They sang an ancient song of love and devotion to the sea and its turbulent tides. As I rose to the surface to breathe, I found Farrow above me, hovering, searching. I blocked him out of my mind, yet he still found me in the surf as his arm pulled me out of the water and I flew out of his grasp. He breathed.

“So you flew,” he sighed in relief. “I thought you fell.” His face looked pained.

“Why did you push me?” I asked through clenched teeth.

“How else was I going to get you off of the cliff?” He was suddenly smug, and my irritation grew.

“Any way but toss me off!” I could barely look at him.

“Well, had I found a way to do it gently, you wouldn’t hate me as you do now, and I need your hatred so you can finally see what we’re facing.” His eyes darkened but were loving. “I regret pushing you, though. I probably should have found a better way to scare you.” He flew to the shore and I followed behind him. When we landed, he turned to me. “Talk to me, Rayelynn. Speak your rage!”

“I don’t want you to be evil!” I wailed as I moved away from him. “I hate your darkness. I hate what it might do to us!! I’m scared of losing you, Farrow…really losing you, forever. But I’m frightened you might destroy me too. What if they send you to Martu Mara? What will we do? I can’t live without you again! And I…I love Drayden too. I don’t know why. I wish I didn’t.” I buried my head in my hands, feeling the heat of shame as I sunk into the soft, wet sand.

After a moment, he knelt beside me. “I hate that you love Drayden. I detest it with my very soul. But until we test the bounds of our feelings, your love and my darkness, our relationship will never be real. We will always dance around what is not being said. I will stand trial tonight, and you will visit Drayden, and whatever comes of it we’ll get through together. Should I be damned, then you’ll have our children to hold my memory. Should we lose Drayden, we will work together to bring him back.”

I rested my head on his shoulder. “Why is this so hard?”

“Because you’re a goddess of light and I am a king of darkness…we aren’t meant to be, but what is worth saving is also worth fighting for.”


Review of The Rise of a King (Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance #2) by Azriel Hope

“We will prove love never fails” 


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Horror

Length279 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


The second book in the Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance Series takes us from the Arcades and the kingdom of dark angels to The Cirque, a fairy realm where Farrow’s brother Prince Drayden rules. Born half fairy and half-fallen angel, Drayden possesses both goodness and evil.

After being told by the Gods of Estancia that Farrow can’t keep Rayelynn in the Arcades, he risks losing the only being he has ever loved to keep her safe. By leaving Rayelynn in the Cirque with Drayden, Farrow fears she will be enticed by the fairy life she deserves and the brother who has already professed his desire to claim her for himself.

Drayden is a gracious host to the sweet and powerful fairy-mortal halfling who is carrying his brother’s children…but will risk his very soul to have her.

As Farrow becomes king of the Arcades, he works to prove to the gods he’s worthy of Rayelynn’s goodness and love, while Drayden falls deeper into a darkness that will destroy them all.

The Rise of a King is the second book in a trilogy. It has some dark themes and sexual situations that involve many polyamorous characters…who are immortal, slightly wicked, loving and oh so much fun. I recommend reading The Fall of Arcades before this book.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

This book picks up right where The Fall of Arcades ended. Farrow leaves Rayelynn where he thinks she will be the most safe, with his half brother Drayden. It’s a definite mistake, but his options are not exactly vast.

Drayden has his own skeletons and they do not stay in the closet. He has two lovers he does not want to choose between and then there is the beautiful Rayelynn who is carrying his half brother’s children, and he wants her for himself. He thinks he can eventually gain her trust by giving her what she wants and needs, but his treacherous mother forces his hand. In the end, he cares greatly for her, but is forced to betray her and himself.

“I know. I hate me too.”

Anastasia is trying to adapt her brother’s new take on life. She may even be enjoying it. With the Arcades adapting to Fallon as their new king her mercy for the slaves is what is saving them. Her heart is growing fond of those around her and it’s turning her into a much better leader.

Farrow has been doing everything he can to turn the Arcades into something it has never been. He wants his people to know love, to know rules instead of chaos, and he will rule with an iron fist even if it kills most of his people. And he will do it all so that his love can rule beside him one day.

“I have, within the bounds of my ability, the capacity to love.”

Rayelynn knows that being in the castle with Drayden is the equivalent of being in a gilded cage, but she will still do whatever she can to care for those around her. It’s who she is. And it’s why everyone wants her. Even if all she wants to do is go home to Fallon with her children. Never did she think Drayden would betray her in the ways he did and never did she think Fallon could break her heart. Thank goodness that that voice of hers.

“Perhaps you can do nothing for her body… but I expect you might help her soul.”

The Rise of a King is a whirlwind of mischief. The fairies, the elves, they’re all selfish beings who cannot see a bigger picture outside of their own bubble encased worlds. You think things are going well and then bam someone throws everything for a loop. No one can be trusted and yet as I was reading and knew this I still felt myself liking characters I knew I shouldn’t. That in itself protests to the writing.

I cannot wait to read The Reign of a Queen to find out exactly how this story plays out.

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Excerpt – when you go to a wishing tree you never know what will happen…:

I gathered Rayelynn into my arms. “It was all an illusion. Trust me, I watched you. You and I are the only ones in the forest. Your hand satisfied your love-starved body.” I caressed the side of her dress. “I could pacify that ache for you. Farrow would never have to know.” She abruptly pushed me off.

“How dare you!” Her anger was cute.

“How dare I not? I’m certainly more satisfactory than this,” I laughed as I gently took her hand and tangled her fingers in my own.

“Please don’t embarrass me.” She dropped her head.

“I’m sorry she didn’t give you what you wanted.” I pulled her into an embrace. “You deserve love, Rayelynn.” My hand stroked down her back, comforting. “I was only teasing. It’s better than outright anger or seduction … I’m trying.”

“I have no one,” she quietly said.

“You have me,” I whispered as I drew her in close.

“I wish I trusted you,” she said softly to herself.

“No,” I caressed my finger over her sweet lips. “You wish you trusted you.”

Before she was able to stop me, my mouth claimed those delicious lips as my tongue gently begged entrance. Beyond her better judgment, she let me in, if only for a second. It was enough. My heart swelled with my sex, and I held her to me until she gently pulled away.

“I … I … I,” she stammered, and my head spun.

“I’m the devil.” I kissed her flushed cheek and adjusted the painful erection tightening against my pants.

I smoothed her hair from her face and marveled at her beauty.

“You need a friend someone who understands you.” I took her hand to my mouth and planted another soft kiss there. “So do I.”

I stared at her for a long time, just drinking in her gorgeous eyes.

“Do you understand me?” Her voice was tiny and distant.

My finger trailed the softness of her skin as it coursed down her cheek. “I’m the one with two lovers, I can’t choose between,” I laughed.

“That’s not what I mean.” Panic struck her features.

“It’s exactly what you mean.” My voice was kind and caring as I leaned in to kiss her again.

This time she let me in and succumbed to me. My body trembled with desire as she so innocently gave herself over. Before the tree of life, we kissed each other with true love. Was it everlasting love? No. It was only momentary, but enough for us, by Cirquadian law, to be wed.

With that, I lifted her into my arms and we flew back to the Cirque.



Review of The Fall of Arcades (Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance #1) by Azriel Hope

“You’re a treasure I don’t deserve.” 


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Horror

Length: 248 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


Farrow Latimer, Prince of the Arcades:

I am the prince of darkness, the executioner and fallen angel royalty who is forbidden, love. No matter how many men or women I take to my bed none capture my heart.

As the Arcades teem with lust, debauchery, and destruction, I neither relish nor abhor my role as the most brutal of all and then I catch her….the small fairy halfling who seizes my world.

Rayelynn Astraides, first daughter of the Commander of Landharn’s West Shore:

The fallen angels litter the skies coming to claim us as I run from the monstrous man my father is to make me marry for failing battle school. Fallen angels are all about us and in my fear I tuck myself away.

There, beside the tree where I hide, he stands, tall, majestic, handsome… and deadly. He lets me run. I return to the battlefield to heal our wounded as I am a gifted healer. The dark angel comes again but this time to take me as his prisoner.

My world changes and I see such horror and sadness, but none greater than that which lies within the fallen prince who is disallowed love yet risks all for it.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Farrow is the executioner in the Arcades. He is also the prince and lives under his father’s domineering and archaic rule. His half fallen angel side does what he is expected to do, whether it be torturing someone or cutting off their head. His half mortal side hates every second and he prays his father never notices the disgust he chokes down.

“I can’t change who I am, love. But I can try and alter the world for you.”

Rayelynn was raised by a father who despised her and brothers who tormented her, but she was strong and did not define herself by their hateful torment. She instead, took what little enjoyment she could in healing the people around her who needed it.

Everything changed they day she ran away and he captured her. Farrow’s heart is drawn to her, no matter how much he wished it wasn’t. An Rayelynn is scared of everything in the Arcades, even Farrow, but the more time they spend together the more she realizes you cannot control who you love.

“Being in the Arcades was hell to most, but I would make it a haven for her.”

The Fall of Arcades is filled with detailed horrors, overloads of sexual tension, and a very imaginative storyline. The characters are written so well you can almost feel their emotion, and in a place that is basically a hell for the Fallen there is definitely many warring emotions.

This book does end on a happy note, but by no means did it feel like an ending. More like a beginning with much more to come. I look forward to seeing what the next book has in store for Rayelynn and Fallon. Will their love conquer all? Guess I’ll have to keep reading to find out.

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“Can I not wash myself?” I squealed, softly.

“No,” he smiled, “you cannot. Now sit.” He directed me to sit on a shelf carved into the rocks. “You like this more than you’re willing to admit, Rayelynn.” There was almost a reverence to the way he said my name.

I obeyed him because I was being suffocated by the intense unfamiliar feelings in my body’s most sacred places. My sex throbbed. If only he was as kind and gentle as he pretended, I would have submitted to him … and would have willing loved him, I think. I laughed inwardly, I was no better than the wanton girls at home. I knew nothing of him but that he was a vicious killer as were all of his kind. I had to admit, despite my prejudice, there was a greatness in the Prince of Arcades and a deep understanding nature that belied a tender heart. If only he was who he pretended to be.

He slowly spread my legs and began to soap my knees.

“Please,” I begged, nearly frantic.

He lathered soap along the knobs of my joints with an excruciating deliberateness, moving slowly to my shins, then feet, giving extra attention to the hard, calloused skin around my heels. I thrust my hand forward to stop him, but he easily caught it.

“I’ve already told you, your virtue is safe. Let me do this; I wouldn’t do it for most.” His eyes were bright and loving as they met mine and he released my hand to give greater attention to my feet. “Enjoy the fact that I hold you dear.”


Review of The Russian Thug: Abducted by the Bratva (Krasnov Brothers #1) by Rie Warren

“I want you. I want your mouth. I want your body.”


Genre: Mafia Romance, Action, Erotica

Length: 320 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


I am her captor.
Her keeper.
And I don’t have a single intention of protecting her.

This mouthy tomboy is the only daughter of the O’Sullivan mafia, and they’ve been screwing us over for months. All of that changes today. I don’t like surprises but I do enjoy a challenge and, by the time I’m done with the Irish brat, the uneasy truce between our Bratva and their family will be no more than bloodstains on the streets of Boston.

I’m going to abduct her. I’m going to toy with her. I’ll control her and teach her family a lesson they’ll never forget. I can’t wait.

The Russian Thug is book 1 in the Krasnov Brothers series. No cliffhangers. No cheating. Includes sizzling hot scenes. Can be read as a standalone!

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Russian Bratva meets Irish Mafia, Krasnov’s vs. O’Sullivan’s, and you can guess who comes out on top.

Kirill is the enforcer for the Russian Bratva. He doesn’t hesitate in getting things done. He’ll take your head for betraying him or kidnap someone whose family is cheating them. It’s all the same to him. Just another’s day work. That is until the him he kidnaps turns out to be a her.

“When you’re in trouble, I will always come for you, malyshka.”

People referred to her as the speculative Irish princess, but she was no princess. She was a slave to her da. Just some piece of chattel. Not to her brothers though. They wanted to protect her. And leaving her with the Russian who kidnapped her was they best way they could do that.

Kirill and Jo had a chemistry that you could feel throughout the pages. Yes, she probably wanted to stab him a time or two, but honestly couldn’t blame her. However, he may have been the enforcer, but even he had boundaries. He was tough, but not once did he mistreat her.

“No man has ever given me the pleasure you just did.”

The Russian Thug: Abducted by the Bratva is an action packed, steamy-hot, and violently graphic book. From the beheadings to the shootings, from the sexual tension (between multiple characters) to the fiery sex scenes, from the mouthy lead female character to the fierce lead male character…what more could I want in a book? Absolutely nothing!

This started the Krasnov Brothers Series off with one hell of a bang and I cannot wait to see what’s next.

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BLOG TOUR: Review of Crave (Clark Family #1) by Evelyn Sola

“You here for cake?” 


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: About 250 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


Before THAT night, the over the top party and the cake incident, I spent Saturday nights with girlfriends, lamenting my life over margaritas.
I wasn’t ready for Jacob Clark. He was sin and dark edges, wrapped in regret. He was my kryptonite. His words oozed over me like warm honey. His dark eyes pricked my soul, and his touch….those fingers set my skin on fire.
Of course, he was too good to be true. And before I could wipe the icing off my greedy lips, I was walking away.
So, why was he invading her dreams?

She was the remedy to everything. Until my family, my past provoked me.
I made one little scene, and Sandra walked away without a word, despite our mind-blowing connection.
When I finally barged in on her life again, she told me she didn’t want me. I told her in her pretty face she did. She more than wanted me.
Remember the ache? When I’m with her, it goes away.
If she wants a chase, I’ll give her one.
Who knows? When I catch her, I might never let go.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received and ARC of this book free Forever Write PR.*

Jacob has held onto a betrayal for entirely too long and it’s caused quite the cold war within the Clark family. Did he start it? No. But only he can fix it. And only after he finds someone who can fix the gaping hole in his heart.

Sandra wasn’t looking for a man and even if she had been that man would not have been Jacob Clark. He comes from old money, she comes from a completely different background. He’s white, she’s not.

“You’re the most beautiful liar I’ve ever met.”

He’s determined to win her, and she eventually can’t stop fighting his charm. Together Sandra and Jacob complete each other. That is when he’s not messing things up by doing stupid stuff.

“Believe me, sometimes you won’t want me to be a gentleman.”

Crave is titled perfectly as the two lead characters, Jacob and Sandra, crave each other. They crave each other’s touch and the unique connection they share. It makes for pages of passion. However, the family drama keeps it more real.

“Oh my God! I just said my boyfriend took a paternity test to show that his brother’s son is not his. I’m on the Jerry Springer Show!”

I enjoyed the storyline and the characters. There was one small continuity issue that had me re-reading a few paragraphs, however, hopefully that got corrected prior to publishing. If it didn’t, there’s an awkward sex scene in there. The ending jumps a lot, and it felt a little rushed, but the outcomes makes up for it. All in all it’s a good read and I’m looking forward to where the series will go.

Excerpt (on behalf of Forever Write PR and the author):

Unable to believe what I’m seeing, I cover my mouth with both hands, silencing my gasp.

Jake doesn’t stumble for long. Both brothers are the same height, and even though Troy is bulkier, it’s obvious that Jake spends more time in the gym. Like in a slow-motion movie, I watch as Jake punches his brother in the stomach, causing him to double over. He takes a step forward, grabs him by the collar and shoves him into my mother’s cake. Troy doesn’t stay down for long. He tackles Jake, twists him around until they both land on the cake, smashing it completely and breaking the small table that held it.

Mrs. Clark is screaming at Luke and Josh to stop them as the two brothers continue to wrestle on the floor. I almost want to offer Tracy some comfort as the tears start to roll down her cheeks, but Luke puts a protective arm around her and escorts her away from the room and the disaster that’s continuing to unfold.

Mrs. Clark’s screams and the resounding sound of the table crashing finally pulls me out of my trance. Unable to look anymore, I turn around and walk out of the dining room. I find my coat and purse and walk out of the house, grateful that I’ll never have to return or see Jacob Clark again.

As I walk to the van, I’m reminded that the universe always has to balance itself. Jacob Clark was too good to be true.

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Review of Beaus and Arrows by Rashida T. Williams

“Subtlety. Was. Not. Working.” 


Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance

Length: 350 Pages

POV: Third Person


Emory hates his job—almost as much as he hates being called “Cupid.” Tasked with spreading love throughout the Earth realm, Emory wields his arrows with reckless abandon and matches couples based solely on their entertainment value. On the same day his impulsive behavior triggers an audit, he accidentally breaks the heart of his most dependable client, Blair.

Blair completely loses her ability to feel love and desire, and as her matchmaker, Emory expects her to be furious. Instead, she agrees to help him salvage his floundering career on one condition. He must find her the perfect man. Emory sets out on a frantic search for her soulmate, and Blair seems to find amusement in the diversion. But as the barrier surrounding Blair’s broken heart grows stronger, she is unable to connect with suitor after suitor, leaving Emory to console her after each failed match.

Emory and Blair’s unexpected bond turns into friendship, and soon Emory finds himself falling in love with the one woman who can’t love him back. In a race against time, Emory must mend Blair’s broken heart before her condition becomes irreversible…and before the audit committee banishes him for this grave error.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Emory was a Cupid, but he didn’t believe in true love. He created matches that entertained him. Maybe he’d match them because they were both beautiful and he thought they’d make perfect babies. Or maybe just because they were both in the same place at the same time.

Blair was his only solo client. He’d matched her a few times, but never anything lasted. However, the last match he chose for her broke her heart. And with it broken Emory could no longer penetrate her heart with his arrows. Therefore, he was in trouble with his superiors.

“You’re the sexiest love god on the planet!”

Emory told Blair who he truly was. She even went to work with him, helping his other clients. They became close friends, with hilarious horseplay included. He’d hoped he could eventually cure her…instead, he fell in love with her. But her heart was still broken and she was unable to love him back. Or so he thought.

“Je t’aime.”

Beaus and Arrows is a heartwarming story about knowing when to let love go and when to give it everything you have. I enjoyed the imagination and detail. It took a subject everyone knows, Cupid, and turned it into something completely original. From the way Blair had to move between realms to how the Cupids did their jobs. It was half heartbreaking and half heartwarming. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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