Review of Sex Positions, Transitions and Intuitions by Brian Hughes

Sex Positions


Genre: Self-help

Length: 107 Pages


Discover the Different Sex Positions You’ve Most Likely Never Tried Before.

Are you searching for the best sex position guide? Wondering what are the most fulfilling and satisfying sexual positions you can try on? You are not alone! In fact, everyone knows that having great sex is one of the major factors in having a successful and romantic relationship. You’re about to discover the top Sex Positions that will make your partner think that you are a Sex God.

What makes this book different from other Sex books?
A fully illustrated sex book. This book doesn’t include sex positions that are impossible to do. Suitable for both young and married couples. Includes sex positions that you’ve most likely never tried before.

This book is written for average couples who want to have above-average sex. This book covers the topic of sex and how to increase the passion you feel for each other both inside and outside of the bedroom. It’s designed to help and teach you how you can have a mind-blowing sex life that provides maximum pleasure for both partners involved.

All you need to rekindle your sex life is your partner, your desire for fire, and this handy little guide that will walk you through the whole thing! With a little passion and desire, you can transform the face of your sex life for good. These tips, tricks, and positions will bring the passion back time and time again!

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

I’m going to start with the first line of the synopsis, “Discover the Different Sex Positions You’ve Most Likely Never Tried Before.” Because of this one sentence I had high hopes for this book. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

Most of the positions are what I’d call ‘normal’ positions. Everyone knows what a reverse cowboy is and other positions similar or at least most do. The more advanced positions were for people…let me say…not like me. In other words I learned nothing new that was physically doable.

Another thing is that it was written by a man and seemed intended for men. I assumed that it would be intended for both parties, but with things like…

“If you’re a man and you’re worried about enjoying yourself…don’t be. Getting a woman off is extremely enjoyable, especially if your cock is the instrument of stimulation. The trick is to know what you’re doing and keep control of yourself, and this book will help with both of those things. You will also find that most women are extremely…grateful and reciprocal…when it comes to pleasing a man who has effectively gotten her off. This is by no means a guarantee, but you won’t have to ask for oral sex if you fuck a woman until she comes three times. Just look deep into her eyes and tell her you want her to lick her juices off your cock.”

…it’s hard to say that this is beneficial for both parties. I mean I may be a little sexist on this, but if a woman tells a man she wants to like her juices off of him, he’d be like hell yes, but having him ask it of her might make her feel obligated. Then again that is strictly my opinion and I’m not asking anyone to agree with me.

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Review of The Fence: which side are you on by Lusty Soul

“Take it easy boy, I’m coming.”


Genre: Erotica

Book Length (Est.): 56 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

A young man drops his date off at her home and hopes for something more than a kiss. But what he gets is more than he hoped for, and more than he can handle…

The Fence is all that stands between us and our animal nature. It serves as a boundary, keeps us safe and civilized, until darkness falls and the enclosure fails…unleashing something into the night that is not quite human…

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received an ARC of this book free from the author.*

For a quickie erotic read there is a lot of teenage dramatics. It is two eighteen year old virgins. He wants to get some, but she’s playing hard to get even though she kind of wants to too. However, she leaves him all worked up and he has to go relieve himself…but in the dark of the night he gets a little assistance from a stranger. It’s a little twisted on who that stranger turns out to be. It may be hot for some, but it was a little disturbing to me. In the end he gets some and then dumps his girlfriend to move on to bigger and better opportunities.

Hot – could have been. Sexy – in a sense. Overall quickie erotic read – not worth the time.

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Review of The Bonding (Tribe Warrior #1) by Imogen Keeper

The bond makes it too confusing. I don’t know what’s real.”


Genre: Science Fiction, Erotic Romance

Book Length (Est.): 254 pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

He must choose – her life – or his freedom.

Tam is brutal. Hard. Uncompromising. Resigned to a lifetime alone. Until he finds a woman frozen in space, suffering from a deadly disease. There’s only one way to save her – to Bond her to him for life with his mind, his body, and his serum.

She must choose – her people – or his love.

When her planet is invaded by alien slavers, Nissa launches into space in a cryo-pod in a desperate search for help. Tam may be her savior, but their future is not meant to be.

In a universe at war, Nissa and Tam battle their dangerous addiction and their own stubborn hearts. Their strange part-chemical, part-mystical Bonding brought them together – and just might be what tears them apart.

READER ADVISORY: Graphic sexual content and language. No fade to black here! Including one attempted attack on the heroine.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Nissa was set to be queen, but aliens took over her planet killing and enslaving most of her people leaving them no choice but to evacuate in hopes of finding help. She’d expected to be found much sooner than the almost 500 years it took. Her planet was not anything like it was when she’d left and neither were her people, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to help them.

Tam was a warrior from a place where illness took almost all of their females so when he finds one floating in a pod in space he’s mesmerized. When he’s forced to bond with her in order to save her life he’s torn between not being able to give her a choice and being overly enthusiastic at the possibility that he’ll have a mate.

It’s been a long time since I had to force myself to finish a book, but I kept waiting for something to make me change my mind about the story. First, the bonding is a completely odd thing based on Tam’s semen. It basically addicts Nissa to it and therefore they have to “bond” every few hours, which gets very old very fast. Second, the drinks are coffee and vodka spelled backwards (eeffoc and akdov) and truthfully I may not have even noticed if it wasn’t for the fact that every time either is used it’s written in italic. And lastly, there was finally a little bit of suspense toward the end, but when it switches to Tam’s POV it gave it all away and ending any hope of a big ta-da kind of finish.

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Review of Bull Rider’s Baby by Naomi Niles

“He’s mine, isn’t he?”


Genre: Romance, Western, New Adult

Book Length (Est.): 207

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Fiercely independent and determined, Meli left New York City and a broken life behind only to discover the playboy, Blake Temple, champion bull rider. Jill, her drinking, drugging, sleep-around sister offered temporary shelter, while Blake renamed her “Silver” for her graceful form and silvery blonde hair, and offered her an entire life. Could she surrender and allow herself to be loved? Only Maudie’s Café in the backwoods of southern Louisiana could offer her the anonymity she sought. So, she left them all behind and found a future of her own. But will love be a part of it?

Bull Rider’s Baby is a standalone, full-length romance with an HEA.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free BookFunnel in exchange for an honest review*

Meli has worked hard to get to where she was, but a man ruined everything and she had to start from scratch again. Her sister’s couch was about as rock bottom as she could get and she took every opportunity to build her career back up, even working for an arrogant bull rider.

Meli had caught Blake’s attention from the moment she yelled at him. He couldn’t stop thinking about her, and then their paths collided again creating a mini explosion turned perfect solution.

Once Blake falls for Meli he’s a pretty sweet and outstanding man. The lengths he goes through to not only better himself, but to find her are astounding. Meli, on the other hand, likes to run away from her problems and in doing so only manages to create more.

Most of this story has the main characters apart. They live their lives and each long for one another. It’s sad and depressing and on more than one occasion I found myself yelling at Meli for her stupidity.

“As his mouth advanced, he pushed my legs further apart until his face was buried against me, his hands opening my feminine petals as though searching for the sweet pollen of its stamen.” ~This is basically how every sex scene was described. Can anyone say WTH?! Who talks like that? Better yet, who really wants to read that? The wording is cheesy and therefore any passion ignited in me as a reader was immediately extinguished.

Based on the synopsis I was truly looking forward to reading this, but after getting about halfway through I just kept praying something interesting would happen or the book would quickly end.

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Review of Dirty Boy by Kathryn Kelly


Doormat Meet Feet


Genre: New Adult, Romance, Erotica

Book Length (Est.): 392 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Recipe: 1 Porn Star, 1 Step Sister, 1 Wealthy Father, 1 Flighty Stepmother

Take one trust fund baby porn star, a stepsister in need of money, and a wealthy father the flighty stepmother stole from. Add in a lot of sex, a huge dose of tragedy, a load of betrayal, a pinch of revenge and a heap of arrogance. Mix them together and shake shit up for a few weeks.

The result?

One VERY Dirty Boy.

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Max is a trust fund baby that enjoys sex so much he decided to live his life as a porn star. Having a wife and kids makes it difficult to have a happy home when you are having sex all day with other women.

Story is the daughter of a gold digging mother that uses men for the finer things in life. When her mother marries into her recent marriage everything seems to be going great. Except the fact that she is lusting on her older step brother.

This starts when Story is just a teenager then skips to her being an adult. Her mother’s marriage falls apart and Story is barely getting by. Her mother wants her to become a porn star to make her living if she wants to go back to school. When she discovers which company she is calling all hell breaks loose. Max and his brothers cannot stand Story or her mother for stealing money from their father. But when they realize she needs a job and money they will make her earn her way.

I am not sure how I feel about this book. Max is completely rude through out the entire book, using Story as a door mat. And the crazy thing for me is she lets him. And I am talking about the entire book I wanted to reach in and smack them both multiple times. I am still frustrated with them and I have finished reading. Overall this is a good read, but I just don’t think this one was for me.

Mindy 2 Heart

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Review of Her Steamy Viking (Her Elemental Viking #2) by A.J. Tipton

Her Steamy Viking

Witchy in Water 

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Length (Est.): 44 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

Bram is an ancient Viking with too strong a conscience to be the blood-stained conqueror his warrior family wants him to be. When his family takes on the wrong witch, he is cursed to be an invisible water wrath. Over one thousand years later he finds himself drifting, lost and alone at the bottom a Scotland loch, waiting for someone or something to end his suffering.

Audrey is a modern-day American witch with a broken heart visiting her family’s Scottish cabin for the first time. She came to Scotland to heal her heart, but will her magic touch be her final undoing? 

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

After  reading Her Fiery Viking I wanted to read more of the Her Elemental Viking series, but now I’m not so sure. Her Steamy Viking felt incomplete. In the first book I had a short, but complete and action filled story. In this one I got what felt like a single event. There isn’t much dialogue because well he’s made of water. Can’t have a conversation with water that isn’t one sided.

The beginning started off so well. Audrey had me laughing and then it turned into basically sex with water. Not even sure my mind can wrap around that one and trust me I tried.

Bram actually sounded remorseful for the previous actions that landed him in the loch, but for all his years left alone all he could seem to do was focus on getting his hands all over the naked beauty in the water.

My Favorite Laughable Moment: Audrey and her crazy witchy mouth.

“Audrey had to thank her ex, the no good, lying-as-fuck Chad for being such an asshole. If he hadn’t cheated on her, she wouldn’t have hopped on a plane to remove herself from the temptation of turning him into a bright pink dung beetle.”

Jenn 2 Heart

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Review of Face the Music by Kerri Malloy

Face the Music

Emotionally Draining 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.):  329 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

When Lana is approached to brush-up on her nursing skills to help rock star legend, Trevor Collins, with a four year old he has guardianship of and who may suffer the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome, she reluctantly agrees. The decision to return to the field which she’d abandoned after her husband and daughter were killed in a car accident is a very difficult one, but wanting to give back to Trevor’s aunt who helped her learn to live again after the tragedy, made saying no impossible. 

Trevor works hard to keep his personal life private, so when Lana arrives to help with the child who has mysteriously come into his life, he has a lot of reservations. In time, he learns to trust Lana, and together, they embark on a journey where they uncover startling truths about Lily’s parents, while struggling to overcome their own personal tragedies and to open themselves to love. 

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

When I saw this book I really wanted to read it. I thought oh a rock star…hot…and awww a kid involved…sweet. It turned out to be more like ugh why am I still reading this.

Lana lost her husband and child and after that she was never the same. Trevor lost his best friend and then got thrown into a web of lies he didn’t know how to navigate. Together they learn how to overcome their pasts, but although meeting each other may have been the catalyst they didn’t overcome anything together, they each did it on their own.

Face the Music has a very predictable storyline. The first half of the book consists of getting to know the three main characters Lana, Trevor, and Judy. And by getting to know I mean how they feel about every single thing in their lives and flashbacks to why they are the way the are. There is also very little dialogue in the first half and not really that much in the second half. By the time I finished the book I could tell you how any particular character felt about pretty much anything in their lives, but I didn’t feel connected to any of them. There was just no chemistry throughout the pages.

Jenn 2 Heart

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