2 Stars

Review of Bull Rider’s Baby by Naomi Niles

“He’s mine, isn’t he?”   Genre: Romance, Western, New Adult Book Length (Est.): 207 Book Description/Synopsis:   Fiercely independent and determined, Meli left New York City and a broken life behind only to discover the playboy, Blake Temple, champion bull rider. Jill, her drinking, drugging, sleep-around sister offered temporary shelter, while […]

Review of Face the Music by Kerri Malloy

Emotionally Draining  Genre: Contemporary Romance Book Length (Est.):  329 Pages Book Description/Synopsis:   When Lana is approached to brush-up on her nursing skills to help rock star legend, Trevor Collins, with a four year old he has guardianship of and who may suffer the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome, she reluctantly agrees. The decision […]