BLOG TOUR – Review of Recipe for Disaster by Allie York

“You know I’m in love with you, right?”


Genre: Young Adult, Romance

Length: 255 Pages

POV: First Person


World’s best muffins:

Step 1: Preheat oven to 375
Step 2: cream the butter and sugar until light
Step 3: Add eggs one at a time
Step 4: Forget you have a new phone in a new area code and call a random guy
Step 5: Continue to text random guy until you develop not-so-random feelings

Aimee’s life was stable, normal, and loving; until it wasn’t anymore. In the blink of an eye, she lost her childhood home, her best friend, and her sanity in one swoop.
But a misdialed number brings her an unexpected friend and a lot of new feelings.
Life is finally looking up and Aimee sets out to live life to the fullest with her newfound friend. That is until…Aimee’s text life and real life collide to ruin everything.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from Forever Write PR.*

Aimee reminds me of Alicia Silvertone in Clueless or someone along those same lines. She’s seventeen and going to parties and hanging with guys she doesn’t really like. She’s not really my cup of tea.

Muffin Guy (can’t ruin it by saying his name) is too sweet in the text world and even more so in real life and that’s the problem. When they discover their true identities he’ll do what’s right by everyone but him. The ultimate sacrifice of a gentleman…his own heart.

“Every time I see you, not kissing you gets more and more difficult. I know if I start, I’ll never want to stop and obviously, my self-control is lacking.”

Recipe for Disaster is a cute-ish story, but it is definitely for the younger crowd. I’m entirely too old to have anything in common with the main character and it made it difficult to stay emotionally involved with the book enough to finish it. If you are in the 16-25 age range then I’d say definitely read it, but if you’re not then don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

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Review of The First to Fall (Fallen #1) by Tanisha D. Jones

“Be good or be good at it.” 


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Suspense

Length: 309 Pages

POV: Third Person


Romance set in New Orleans. The First to Fall is the first novel in the Fallen series.
When the body of rock star Nicky Sky turns up missing, detective Elijah Cain is on the case, until the case is ripped out from under him by some powerful higher ups. But Elijah knows Nicky’s body wasn’t stolen – Eli’s telepathic vision showed him that the dead man exited his coffin and walked out all on his own. And so Eli enters the world of New Orleans paranormals with the help of Nicky’s childhood friend Dr. C. Keegan Kent, an intriguing woman with secrets of her own. She draws Eli like no other woman, but their connection runs deeper than Eli imagines and one that could put them both in jeopardy.

With the Collective on the hunt for Nicky and his maker, an unknown entity who turned Nicky against his will, Eli and the Doc team up to protect Nicky and find the malevolent creature who sired him. But this chase puts them on a collision course with their destiny, or their destruction.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

The First to Fall is about the first angel to fall from Heaven when it split from the Earth. It puts a new spin on creatures of the dark, each with the abilities to match their amplified personalities.

Visions, extra senses, a little mind reading, Elijah only thinks he knows what he’s capable of, that is until he’s thrown into a world he didn’t know exists. And Celeste is entirely too smart for her own good. She needs to follow her intuition a little more. But together…they are electricity incarnate. They have a chemistry that sizzles right off the pages.

The storyline is unique and interesting, because of that I wanted to love this book. The editing kept me from doing so. I forced my way through to the end because it was such a good story, but it was frustrating at times. The dialogue wasn’t written as dialogue. Things like: “Hi, I’m Det. Quinn and my mute friend is Det. Elijah Cain.” or “C. Keegan Kent…” It’s speech, you can’t abbreviate Detective as Det. or introduce someone by saying their first initial because then that’s how it gets read and when you read it like that it doesn’t sound right in your head. At least not mine. Every time I read Det. I stopped and had to re-read the sentence with Detective instead. So frustrating! If it wasn’t for that this book would five stars all the way around.

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Review of Orb and Arrow (Book 1: Exploration) by V.L. Stuart

Orb and Arrow 


Genre: Fantasy Adventure

Length: 244 Pages

POV: Third Person


“A dimlock cannot be removed,” Rodenis had taught them, “except by the holder of its key.”

A dimlock collar, made in mocking imitation of a great chain of office, is used to keep a mage from casting a spell or reaching out for mana. Its medallions are raised disks each separated by short links and each with the sign of a black spell. With its dark power it makes the wearer separate from mana and the world around him. A dimlock is used to bind, to punish, to transport a mage whose deeds are so unspeakable that only execution is waiting.

But supposed if a dimlock could be removed? What if the lock could be picked, the medallions pried from flesh? Could the wearer live through the ordeal? Should he even be allowed to live?

Brillar finds such a bound mage but sees Light where there should be only Darkness. Her removal of the dimlock throws her world out of balance. Accepting an apprenticeship from a Mage of the Four Powers restores the balance but puts both their lives in danger.

Follow them to Lands-end, the Wilds and beyond with Orb and Arrow.

Brandi’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Brillar is a very headstrong character with a calling to the wild. She is young but her gifts seem to come naturally. One can be taught only so much, other things in life must be learned. She heads out to the open road to test her abilities and encounters many rough characters and wild adventures.

Garnelden is met on the road by Brillar, he was in a precarious circumstance. She freed him and he became an integral part of her adventures. “Elden” as he is referred to in the book, has a long history and is highly skilled in many forms of magic. He has much to teach, and Brillar makes the perfect apprentice.

The book “Orb and Arrow” is very thrilling, taking you quickly from page to page. There are three parts in this book, each with its separate tale to tell, each just as enthralling than the next. You will travel with Brillar and Elden through the wild and back again. Some scenes are well written, well explained and captivating while others leave you wanting more. There are many battles, all are very exiting! I wish they lasted a little longer and had more suspense leading up to them. That being said, I did not ever find it hard to turn the page! If there was a second book, I would read it to see where the story will turn next!

I give Orb and Arrow 3 stars.

One star removed for grammatical errors and one removed for non-realistic battle scenes.

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Review of Dirty Talk: Speak Your Dirty Mind! Why Your Words Will Turn Your Partner On by Brian Hughes

“Don’t put any limitations on what you can be in the bedroom…”


Genre: Erotica, Self-Help

Length: 86 Pages



Dirty talk is an art form and the secret weapon to seduction.

Harder. Keep going, don’t stop.

Yeah, you like that, baby?

As forced as it sounds when you read it, many of us love hearing dirty talk in the bedroom. We lose ourselves in the heat of passion and take on a persona that turns us on in the most naughty, unconventional ways. Dirty talk gives us permission to surrender to our deepest, darkest, wildest fantasies. It is supposed to be naughty, erotic, and most of all fun.

This book is packed with over 550 samples on how to talk dirty to guide you through an incredible journey of lust and desire.

It will help you to understand the role dirty talk can play in your relationship and how shared fantasies become the glue of any relationship. Dirty talk is more than talking like a porn star. It’s about understanding what makes you tick. It’s about understanding what get’s your partner riled up and creating intimacy.

The brain is considered a more powerful sexual organ than even male and female genitalia because it’s where sex drive stems from. The right amount of dirty talk will excite the mind. There is no getting around. With over 550 dirty talk examples for every kind of kink, this guide is dedicated to helping you reach new levels of orgasmic bliss. So let yourself be inspired!

In detail, this book allows you to…

  • Introduce you and your partner to dirty talk
  • Identify the best sources for your sexy vocabulary
  • Explore your partner‘s interests and boundaries
  • Get inspired by 550 dirty talk examples – from subtle to hardcore dirty talk
  • Integrate dirty talk into different roleplay scenarios
  • Be intimate with your partner at any distance through the art of sexting

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Let me start this review by saying this is more directed toward single people or people not in a serious relationship, at least that was the impression we received as my partner and I read through the pages together.

It talks about how to initiate discussions with your partner and let me just say that reading it with them is one hell of a way. I’d suggest it for anyone who could get away with it.

As for the book itself…for me personally there were a few scenarios and quotes that I could see fitting my life, but for the most part it covered more things I would never want to say or do. Like I said previously it would be better suited for single people or non-serious relationships. This is kind of like a guidebook for people coming into their sexuality and how to discover what they like and how to share those likes with their partners.

My favorite quotes are:

“The eyes and face are not always good indicators, because someone who is interested but shy may look at the ground or look away, and someone who is repelled may look at you in surprise or shock. The body and feet are easier to interpret; someone who is pulled to you will point toward you, and someone who is repelled will point away.” – Can’t say I knew this, but I’ll never forget it.

And the one that made me laugh…

“And perhaps the best and fasted way to communicate those desires to your partner is to say something. So spit out the ball gag — don’t worry, you can put it back in later — and use your tongue for something other than massaging those nerve endings.”

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Review of Adoring You (Troublesome Affections, #0) by Vic Tyler

“I wanted all of her, the whole package.”


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 109 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


Fame. Glamour. Stardom.
There’s nothing Michele could want that she can’t have.
Except for the attention of the man acting like she doesn’t exist.
It was by pure accident that she fell on him – and maybe, for him – upon a chance encounter. After sharing one night of musical passion, she can’t help but hope for more, only to leave broken-hearted.
Because when another person is involved, he has to want her just as much as she wants him.

Music. Passion. Innovation.
Peter’s life was simple before her.
The only thing on his mind was his travels and his work.
Until her voice and her smile started to consume his thoughts.
What started as curiosity turned to intrigue and then to something more.
When his job calls him back to reality, he must choose between his head and his heart.

Adoring You is a sweet, steamy, standalone romance novella.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Michelle, opera singer turned to theatre, top of her game, and yet nervous to meet the one man who caught her attention. Peter.

Peter, a uniquely talented conductor, and yet shy. He has a way of changing music so that you feel what he wants you to feel. To Michelle his technique is genius.

They each are intrigued by one another, however to hesitant to actually make a move without the assistance of a mutual friend. All it takes is one sentence and then they can’t stay away from each other.

Adoring You is a fast paced love story. It goes by so quickly with the exception of the beginning, which is very slow. Once they meet though, it’s them planning ways to spend time together, then next thing he’s asking an important question, and then it jumps ahead 5 years. 5 years!

The storyline is interesting it all just sped by too quickly for me.

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Author inspired video:


Review of Malsum Pass (Malsum Pass #1) by Kimberly Forrest

“I can’t believe she shot someone.”


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance

Book Length (Est.): 282 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

After locating some letters her mother had kept hidden from her all her life, Tara Mason journeys to the small town of Malsum Pass, Vermont to find the family she never knew she had and to discover just why her mother had kept this place such a secret.

The town seems idyllic despite the townspeople’s odd habit of staring and… sniffing? And her new neighbor Riley Cooper looks like he could have been conjured from one of Tara’s fantasies, but there is definitely more going on here than meets the eye. Tara is determined to uncover all of the secrets, even if it reveals things she never knew about herself.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Tara grew up with her mother and step-father, but after her mother passes away she finally learns the secrets of where her family comes from and everything that goes with it. Wanting to connect to her roots she travels to find her long lost grandfather and ends up finding a lot more.

Riley is drawn to Tara the moment he sees her and goodness gracious he doesn’t seem happy to have to wait. HE’s a downright pain in the rear that needs his mouth taped closed half the time, but whereas his mouth gets him in trouble his actions make him seems quite wonderful.

Malsum Pass is what I imagine a Disney shifter book would be like. Yes there’s a little violence, nudity, and sex, but the townspeople are one song away from being a Disney cast. Everyone is too nice and accepting that I kept waiting for something sinister, but even the ‘evil’ stepmother was disappointing in that aspect.

The writing itself was in serious need of an editor. Sentence structure and punctuation can be quite annoying to read when it’s incorrect.

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Review of Ticket to Love (A Cedar Falls Love Story #1) by R.C. Matthews

“Before today, I never wanted to be a crumb of cake so badly.”


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Suspense

Book Length (Est.): 292 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

After only one year on the police force, I’m already eyeing my first promotion. Chasing my dreams is hard when my family is disappointed that I chose not to run our B&B. Not to mention writing tickets, keeping the peace, and arresting criminals is hard on your love life.

That’s why I went for Don: he’s smoking hot and just passing through town. Our evening between the sheets was perfect … until it wasn’t. Turns out my one-night stand is actually my best friend’s wedding planner. He’s hanging out in our small town for the next three months, meeting with my friends, negotiating deals, looking at houses, and oh—he’s also the main suspect in my first police investigation. The case I must solve to become a detective. And the crux of it all? I’m falling head over heels for the guy.

I’ve dreamed my whole life of this promotion. I thought I’d never find love. Now I’m afraid I might lose both.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from NK Author Services in exchange for an honest review.*

Kristy just celebrated her first year of being a police officer and she’s working hard to get detective, but her first case has her newfound love interest as a possible suspect. He’s also present at several other crimes making it difficult for her to do her job when her heart keeps second guessing everything and vice versa.

Don is a wedding planner. It isn’t a job most men do, but he has his reasons, and he’s damn good at it. He has a way of making everyone feel included, averting possible problems, and doing it all with a genuine smile. He’s a sweetheart and he knows what he wants in life. He just wish Kristy was as sure of herself as he was of her.

Ticket to Love has more small town drama than romance or suspense. Everything seems to revolve around the small town life and small town politics and it drowns out the romance. And yes there’s a little suspense, but it’s not really suspenseful if that makes any sense whatsoever. Most of the time it’s finding out about Don’s past and why he should be a suspect, everything outside of that just sort of happens and then bam the culprit is identified.

It didn’t draw me into the story like I would have wanted. Even though it’s written in first person I felt like an outsider looking in. Don’s character felt more developed than Kristy’s, which seeing as how it’s from her POV may be the reason for the disconnect.

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