Review of Ice Hard (New York Nighthawks #2) by Tracy Goodwin

“Oh my God, I’m on Scorcher!” 


Genre: Sports Romance (Hockey)

Length: 232 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


Hockey’s resident bad boy is hell on skates. But when he falls in love, he falls hard.

Nick: As one of the New York Nighthawks, I’ve got it all: fame, success, wealth, plus I’m handsome as hell.
As for my relationships? They could be better.
I know how to do one-night stands, but I’m starting to crave something more.
Then I meet Camille Benetti.
She’s sexy, smart, sarcastic—totally my kind of girl.
The only problem? Cami doesn’t date hockey players.
But she’s never met me. . . .

Cami: Nick George is impossible to resist. Not only is he scorching hot, he’s kind, he’s funny, and he wants me bad.
But I learned my lesson the hard way: no jocks.
So why do I agree to be Nick’s date to the wedding of the year?
One night . . . that’s our deal.
He is the best man, after all.
But Nick is crystal clear about his intentions. He wants a relationship.
And he’s tempting me to break all my rules. . . .

Tracy Goodwin’s seductive New York Nighthawks novels can be read together or separately:

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept via NetGalley.*

Camille doesn’t date, especially not hockey players. She’s been there, done that, and got the emotional scars to prove it. All she wants is to take over her family’s restaurant, but what she wants means littler to her family.

Nick has seen his best friend find love and now it’s looking more and more appealing. He wants a happily ever after too, but the girl he wants it with keeps blowing him off. And he is persistent, although he won’t wait forever.

He’s fierce in his love for her.

Ice Hard is a great addition to the New York Nighthawks series. I loved the witty banter between Camille and Nick; it made for an emotionally interesting read. There’s humor, a little heartache, surprise encounters that sometimes can be very interesting (mostly funny), and characters who liven up the pages.

The only thing that drove me crazy was that Nick kept referring to her by Cami and Camille, back and forth, in the same paragraphs. It kept me from fully connecting to her because I kept stumbling. Other than that it was a very good book and I enjoyed the storyline immensely.

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The below video is influenced by a song referenced in the book.


Review Cerridwen’s Tears (Healer Series #1) by Sharilyn Skye

“With his mouth?” 


Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Length: 328 Pages

POV: First Person


Cerridwen’s Tears Introduces Lara Hennessey, nurse, coffee lover, and unwitting creature of magic. A vicious attack by a jealous lover breaks the protective spell set by her parents and reveals her true heritage, she is high blood Daoine Sidhe, a true Healer, something that has not been seen in the supernatural community for millennia.

Almost losing her life in the attack, she is saved by her neighbor, Aedan, the Governor of the Eastern Region of vampires, and just like Lara, a creature that should not exist. Together they cover up her attacker’s death and try to deal with the aftermath. The transition from old life to new is quick but events are spiraling out of control faster than she can manage.

Unable to return to her job at the local hospital, she teams up with Aedan and his House, working as a consultant on the case of the Baltimore city vampires killings. During their efforts to find the truth, they develop a relationship complicated by the fact that Lara doesn’t do relationships and Aedan is playing for keeps.

When the truth about her identity comes out to the supernatural community at large, she becomes both coveted and feared. Not everyone is excited about the return of a True Healer and she quickly finds herself surrounded by those who want control over her power and will kill to get it.

What little time she has to discover her abilities and harness her power to save herself is running out. When the militant anti-vampire group responsible for killing the city’s vampires kidnaps Lara as bait to garner their biggest kill of all-Aedan, all bets are off. She’ll need more than wild magic and coffee to survive this time.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Lara is a nurse, or rather was a nurse. She gets put on leave for personal issues that shouldn’t have even been an issue. It’s in her time at home that she discovers she’s not exactly normal, and that the humans in her life are more deadly than the vampires next door.

“I do not want that which is easily given, I want that which you have never given at all.”

Aedan knew what Lara was from the moment he saw her, but he didn’t know the extent of her power until she’d had to use it. It both saved her and made her a target for others. For him, it just made him want to protect her. To be with her forever.

“I feel you, Lara. Did you know? I feel you struggle against yourself. I feel you move about your day. I smell my blood on you and want to take possession of it once again.”

Lara was entering into a new world she new nothing about. Not even Vampires for Dummies helped all that much. What she did know is that she was beginning to feel affection for Aedan and when it came time to put up or shut up she did what was needed to protect him.

“All I am saying is stay on your toes and be careful because not everyone will want to kill you. Many will want to own you.”

Don’t let the cover fool you (like it did me) Cerridwen’s Tears is a fascinating new take on vampires and faeries. I was so completely caught up in the story that I spent my entire day off reading it. There’s a little action, a rape scene (warning: it is pretty graphic), a little suspense, and a lot of genuine intrigue.

Oh, and the Target scene made me laugh! Can’t forget about that.

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Review of The Wolf Pack’s Revenge (Packs of the Pacific Northwest #3) by Meg Ripley


All Kinds of Happily Ever Afters


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Length (Est.): 150 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

The man who made me into a werewolf turned me into a cold-blooded killer, but he went too far the night he tried to force me to murder my own sister.

With his death, the bonds that tied me to him were broken, but I had no idea that my nightmare wasn’t over–or that the man of my dreams might find me when I least expected him. Noah Longtail might be everything I ever needed, but this handsome federal agent can either send me to hell or be the angel that saves my soul.

My only shot at redeeming myself and clearing my name is to turn state’s evidence. Stashed away in a safe house with only Noah for company, it’s all I can do to avoid the temptation of his chiseled body and perfect mouth. My only goal is to get through this with my life intact, but the Wolf Brotherhood won’t stop until all of the loose ends are tied up. That means I’m not safe. And neither is my sister.

They’ll stop at nothing to take us out, but I’m tired of being their victim. Those biker sonsabitches have no idea what’s about to hit them.

They’ve messed with the wrong bitch this time.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Book three merges Aiza, Noah, Seth, and Sera’s stories together.

It picks up right where Werewolf Baby Daddy left off… Aiza wakes up after the fight at the cabin to discover Dwight dead. She’s lost and running when Noah shows up offering a little kindness and hospitality.

Sera and Seth just want their happily ever after, but when a tragedy puts a hitch in their wedding plans and the brotherhood interferes with their family everyone will come furiously together to end them once and for all.

Aiza will take back what was once hers and she’ll finally open her heart to the one who truly owns it, Noah.

The Wolf Pack’s Revenge gives you a little more depth into the characters and is by far the best of the three. It ties up all the loose ends in a neat little box with a happily ever after bow on top.

Jenn 4 Heart

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Review of Bang (B-Squad #2) by Avery Flynn



Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

Book Length (Est.): 192 pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

Freelance investigator Isaac Camacho has a weakness for bitchy blondes, and no one fits the bill quite like former beauty queen and gold digger Tamara Post. She’s sexy, feisty and on the run from a cult leader. Complicated women? Oh he loves them almost as much as he loves watching Tamara act like a total ice queen when he knows she burns white hot.

Calculating opportunist Tamara Post never cared what anyone thought about her–except for her sister. But when her sister dies, it’s up to Tamara to hide her teenage niece so the girl’s dictatorial father can’t marry her off to one of his disciples. The last thing Tamara has time for is Isaac–a man who flirts as well as he fills out a pair of worn jeans and whose stubborn determination to help makes it hard to act as if she’s really as cold as she appear.

When the bad guys find her, there’s only one person Tamara can depend on to help keep her alive until her niece is safe. But once the life and death chase is on, it’s not just their lives Tamara and Isaac are risking…but their hearts.

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from Netgalley on behalf of Barclay Publicity in exchange for an honest review*

Tamara Post does not want anything to do with a man. She is still trying to hide her niece that she kidnapped from her crazy father. She has to watch her back at all times. Being part of the B-Squad should make her feel safe but the truth is she doesn’t want to bother them with her troubles.

Isaac Camacho is a freelance Investigator that does some side work for the B-Squad. His latest job is to get information on Tamara Post and keep her safe. Being known for having a weak spot for beautiful blondes the instant reaction he has to Tamara is nothing short of lust. Right?

Tamara was introduced in the B-Squad series one book as the crazy ex-wife that was trying to get money out of her ex-husband. Even though I was not crazy about her in that book she has won me over in this book. Her intentions are good and all she wants to do is protect her family. Since she is stuck with the one man in the world that drives her crazy this book takes you on an intense read. Being a part of the B-Squad means you have people that watch your back for you. 

Mindy 4.5 Heart 

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Isaac Camacho shouldn’t be noticing how good Tamara smelled.

One, it was weird. He was, after all, hustling through the club’s hectic kitchen with one super-sexy, kinda bitchy blonde—his favorite kind—for parts unknown. He should be noticing her ass under that swishy green skirt, not something lame like the fact that she smelled like peach tea spiked with bourbon.

Two, they were dodging steaming pots and hot plates because ugly-as-roadkill bounty hunter Archie Wolczyk was hot on their heels. Even if his former life as a Recon Marine hadn’t taught him the importance of survival, his stint in the county jail should have been more than enough to get an important lesson through even his thick skull: Being locked up in the pokey wasn’t his style.

So instead of getting distracted by her perfume, he needed to get them both out of here before he ended up separated from the love of his life—women, all of them—for whatever stretch of jail time the judge decided aiding and abetting a fugitive deserved.

“Left.” He pressed his palm against the small of her back, noting that his hand spanned almost the entirety of her waist, and guided her past the walk-in fridge and toward the employee break room.

She followed directions but shot him a quick glare over her shoulder.

Prickly little ice queen, wasn’t she?

As they hurried through the break room, he ignored the surprised faces of the staff members swapping out street shoes for clogs, but gave a quick wink to the sous chef who’d given him the after-hours all-access kitchen tour a few weeks ago. Stephanie? Stacy? Selena? Sarah. That was it. Then almost as fast as he and Tamara had rushed into the break room, they were out the reinforced steel door and into the fenced-in part of the parking lot. It stank of cooking grease and rotting food from the nearby pair of Dumpsters that had been broiling in the Texas heat for the past few days. He peeked over the privacy fence, scanning the lot for the bounty hunter’s backup. He spotted a couple getting out of a sedan, a valet sneaking a smoke, and a stray cat with one ear slinking between the cars.

Nothing of consequence stood between them and his truck, which was combat parked just outside the gate, ready as always for a quick getaway. He unlocked the doors with his key fob and opened the passenger door, then held out his hand to help Tamara up onto the running board. She was tall, but his oversized tires—perfect for off-roading—were no joke.

“No way.” She took a step back, as if she could still escape.

It was cute.

“We don’t have time for me to sweet-talk you, darlin’, so let me put it this way. You either get that fine ass of yours in the truck or I’ll expend the itty bitty amount of energy it would take for me to pick you up and flop you down in there.”

The start of a snarl curled up one side of her mouth and she took another step back. “Look, I appreciate you giving me the heads up about the bounty hunter, but I don’t know you and there’s no way in hell I’m getting in your truck.”

So, plan B it was.

“Okay.” He held up his hands in surrender. “You’ve got an excellent point there.”

The tension yanking her shoulders closer to her ears than they should be ebbed and her shoulders inched down a bit. That’s when he scooped her up in his arms, pivoted, and dumped her into the passenger seat all before she’d even gotten a chance to let out a yelp.

“Why you—”

“Heavy-handed asshole?” He grabbed the seatbelt and dragged it down across her chest. “Giant prick?” He clicked it into place, resisting the urge to let his fingers linger on the sliver of silky skin between the top of her skirt and the bottom of her shirt that had become exposed when she’d twisted in his arms. “Handsome devil?” He flashed his patent-pending, panty-melting grin. “Big, strapping stud who can protect you?”

She didn’t even flutter her long lashes. “Jerk.”

“It’s more succinct, I’ll give you that.” He shut the door and circled the front of the truck, walking a little more bowlegged than normal.

Excerpt Courtesy of:

Barclay Publicity

Review of Rebellious (A True Brother MC Novel #2) by Gillian Archer


Another great read!


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 236 pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

Every rebel needs a cause—and a woman to believe in. Discover why Heidi McLaughlin raves that “the sexy, alluring bad boys of the True Brothers MC will make your mouth water” in this smoldering novel from the author of Ruthless.  

The black-leather-clad biker who just roared up on his Harley doesn’t resemble any single father Emily Clark has ever known. But as she watches “Reb” bonding with his son, Emily realizes there’s a lot more to this bad boy than his alpha-male attitude or his sinful good looks. And when Reb takes an interest in her, there’s no way she can resist his surprisingly tender touch. The one thing Emily won’t give up is her hard-won independence.

As president of the True Brothers MC, Reb owes a sacred debt of loyalty to the club, but his first priority is making sure that his son grows up right. Pursuing an unexpected affair with Emily is a close second. Then a violent stalker threatens her life, and this unconventional guardian angel really turns up the heat. Nobody messes with Reb, or anyone under his protection. Trouble is, how’s he supposed to defend Emily when she insists on going it alone? He’s willing to put his life on the line for her. Now, maybe, he needs to open his heart. 

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from Netgalley on behalf of Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept in exchange for an honest review*

Reb is the President of the True Brothers MC. He has a loyalty like no other to his club. He is going through a divorce from his wife that is just a little on the crazy side. He has a son that he would do anything for.

Emily Clark is coming out of a bad relationship. And the crazy man just doesn’t seem to leave her alone. Living in her apartment she has made a few friends but seems to be drawn to a little boy. When his mom leaves him alone one night she decides to take him to his father instead of calling the police.

This was a fun read. This is the second book in the True Bothers series. Although I read the first one as well this one had me laughing so hard at times. The chemistry between Reb and Emily is breathtaking.  When there is a child involved I can almost automatically feel the pull and unable to put the book down. The bonding between father and son is beautiful in this story.

I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.

Mindy 4.5 Heart 

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Review of See Me (The Donovan Family #8) by Margaret Watson

See Me

Love and Protection


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Suspense

Book Length (Est.): 247 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

When single mother Gabriella Stefano arrives home from work, she’s shocked to find her ex-husband waiting for her in her kitchen. He’s supposed to be in prison.

Gaby manages to call 911 and escape, but she’s afraid her ex-husband’s next stop will be her daughters’ school. Calling Alex Jennings is the logical thing to do – the Chicago homicide detective is a family friend. But no matter how hard she tries to hide it, Gaby’s feelings for Alex are far more than friendly. And when Alex camps out at her house to make sure the Stefano family is safe, it becomes nearly impossible to hide her attraction from Alex.

Alex wants far more from Gaby than friendship. He’s been giving her space to recover from her tumultuous marriage, but being forced to spend nearly all their time together is chipping away at the wall he’s built around his heart. Alex wants Gaby and her girls in his life – permanently.

With Gaby’s abusive ex still on the loose, and the danger escalating, Alex and Gaby have to concentrate on the immediate threat. But when Gaby discovers Alex’s secrets, will they prove to be more dangerous than her ex-husband?

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

This is a spin-off of Trust Me. Remember the cop who always goes to the taekwondo class? That’s Alex. And the abused girl in that class? That’s Gaby’s daughter. Ever since then Alex has been a little overprotective of Gaby and her daughters.

Alex longs to be part of Gaby’s life, even if it’s only to know she’s safe. He knows she’s been through hell with her ex and he doesn’t want to seem like he’s swooping in and preying on the weak. No, he wants to do it right. He wants to be there for them, do anything he can for them, and he’ll go above and beyond without the slightest hesitation.

“Have we been sent to opposite corners of the couch for being naughty?”

Gaby had the perfect husband, the father of her girls, but he died. Then she married and man who turned out to be an abusive monster. Luckily she found the strength to divorce him while he sits in jail. Now she needs to be strong for her girls, but finding the balance between independence and allowing a friend to help when needed is more difficult than expected. Especially when that friend is Alex and she’d love nothing more than to live in a world where she could have more with him.

“This condo is soundproof. And I’m going to make you scream, Gaby. A lot.”

With Gaby’s crazy ex out of jail he’ll stop at nothing to protect them…even if that means sharing every single secret about himself.

The Donovan Family series is completely captivating. See Me is filled with action, suspense, drama, and romance. It has a little bit of everything and it’s rolled into the perfect package. I couldn’t have asked for a better series.

The only thing I didn’t like was sometimes when it would switch from following one character to another it would rewind and replay the scene over from a different prospective.

My Favorite Moment: Gaby and Alex will manage to get some time alone, and damn that car is filled with some intense sexual frustration.

“God, Gaby. No. Talking. I’m begging you.”

Jenn 4.5 Heart

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Review of Minecraft: 50 Unofficial Minecraft Books in 1 by Billy Miner


World of Minecraft


Genre: Entertainment & Games

Book Length (Est.): 627 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Where do I start? I cannot even begin to summarize all these Minecraft stories. You, the lucky reader, get to experience a big number of Minecraft diaries, adventures, mysteries, and action-packed battles by putting yourself in the shoes of the main characters in these 50 humorous, intense, mythical, romantic, adventurous, heroic, and epic Minecraft stories.

Read about Minecraft creepers, endermen, knights, skeleton armies, witches, princesses, enderdragons, silver swords, enderpearls, spiders, ninjas, ghasts, iron golems, and much more!

All of these stories are separately available as audiobooks. Some stories will make you laugh, while others will make you turn the pages as fast as you can. When you’re done reading, you can look in the back, where you’ll find a bonus: 25 Minecraft sketches by the author, designer, and illustrator of these books, Billy Miner. Enjoy!

Cody’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

I enjoyed 50 Unofficial Minecraft Books in 1 very much and I liked that i was 50 Minecraft books in one. The many different stories added a variety to my perspective on Minecraft and the time era. This all in one book gave me a ton of new building ideas to use in my worlds.

I like the characters in these books. They are so much like me in many ways. For example, I like building awesome structures in Minecraft and Steve likes it too. The storyline was a little confusing for me to understand at times, but it was still a great story that makes for good gaming.

I would like to give 50 Unofficial Minecraft Books in 1 4.5 stars!

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**This review was done by my 14-year-old son. When it was sent to us for review I knew he’d want to read it and the fact he had to give me a written review didn’t deter him. ~Jennifer