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Review of Decker by Eden Summers

“I want her. I need her.”   Genre: Thriller & Suspense, Organized Crime, Romance Length: 405 Pages POV:  Alternating First Person Description: He protected me from danger and became my biggest threat. He’s my defender. My savior. A brutally determined man with a cocky smirk and an equally cocky attitude. Broad. […]

Review of Hunter by Eden Summers

“When this is over, you’re mine.”   Genre: Thriller & Suspense, Organized Crime, Romance Length: 268 Pages POV: Alternating First Person Description: A seductively thrilling game of cat and mouse destined to leave you breathless. I’ve been running for ten years – fleeing my past and clawing my way toward an […]

Review of Splintered Courage by J.E. Sawyer

“Does he realize that is my first kiss?”    Genre: Contemporary Romance Length: 118 Pages POV: Alternating First Person Description: Gemma Tate’s life changed forever the day she confronted an unlikely stranger. After relocating across the country, three new housemates prove to be essential friends she never knew she needed. She explores […]