Review of The Reconstruction Descending by Newton

Book Description/Synopsis:  Ghosts? Check. Killer robots? Check. Spontaneous combustion? Yup. A swirling tornado filled with industrial inspired monsters? You betcha. You’ll find all that and more in this genre-bending short story showcase that blends together elements of science fiction, horror, and fantasy.  Brandi’s Review:  *I received this book free from […]

Review of Set in Stone by Newton

Book Description/Synopsis:  His parents deceased, young Michael O’Donahue inherits the sole responsibility of maintaining the local cemetery known by most as The Yard. Torn between a lustful affair with the town harlot and a blossoming romance with the youngest daughter of one the most prominent families in town, his life […]

Interview with Julie Farrell

Julie Farrell author of Driving Me to You and Ruby in the Dust About the Author  Life is for living, and I’m loving it! I spent my twenties losing myself in light-hearted romantic fiction novels, which sparked my imagination with a desire to write my own stories. I’m happiest when […]