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Review of Teach Me Something (Something #4) by Aubrey Bondurant

“…life is too short to fake an orgasm.”


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Book Length (Est.): 298 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Life is short, and sometimes you have to take chances…

Catherine Davenport is successful in her career, but doesn’t have the same skill when it comes to her love life. After a painful divorce, she’s finding the new world of dating both intimidating and frustrating.

Tired of striking out, she takes the extreme measure of enlisting the help of an instructor in a private club who offers sessions on how to improve her dating strategy as well as her overall sexual confidence.

‘Calvin’, the masked man with the piercing blue eyes and husky voice not only challenges her to step out of her comfort zone, but encourages her to unlock her repressed adventurous side with various lessons.

She feels like she’s making progress until her worlds collide and the identity of the man privy to her most intimate details is shockingly revealed as someone she knows.

Can Catherine put her insecurities aside to take a chance on love where she least expected it? Or will her past interfere with her ability to plan a future with the one man who truly knows the real her.

Full Length Standalone book with no cliffhanger. Fourth book of the “Something Series”
Recommended for mature readers due to situations of language, and sexual content.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

I loved this book! Hell I’ve loved this entire series! If you want laugh out loud comedy combined with damn I need my man here right now hotness then The Something Series is for you.

I truly enjoyed Catherine’s character in the previous books and I was so happy to finally read her story. She’s divorced, mid thirties, and has no kids and all she wants is to settle down and have babies with someone, but she can’t seem to get over the dating hurdle. With a little assistance ‘Calvin’ helps her work through her issues. However, ‘Calvin’ isn’t his real name and a mask can only hide so much when all the other details are so memorable.

“I would have put on my clothes, but the ball told me not to bother.” ~another Magic 8 ball decision. Some of these are quite hilarious.

‘Calvin’ realized who his masked client was when they were hanging out together as friends. Talk about awkward; realizing his client is a friend that he seems to hang around a lot because of their mutual friends. And what oh what to do about it when it’s obvious they both realize that their identities are no longer secret, especially when he has his own secrets to hide.

“We’re just rolling with this and not overthinking it. I mean it, Cath. You’re going to turn your brain off and listen to your body, which I plan on being inside of in about five minutes.”

These two ignite the pages with their steamy romance in Teach Me Something. Let me just say…oh yes, he’ll definitely teach her something. Between their stubbornness, his easygoingness, her mother’s over the top remarks, and the oh-my-goodness sex I couldn’t put this book down. And yes I have the red puffy eyes to prove that I was literally up all night reading.

My Favorite Laughable Moments have to be Catherine’s mother’s comments.

“My God, would you look at those abs? Cathy, please tell me the word ‘friend’ is only a cover so your parents won’t know you’re in reality sleeping with this man.”

*Clicking on the book cover above will take you to the Amazon purchase page.



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Review of Bet Me Something (Something Series #3) by Aubrey Bondurant

Bet Me Something

Love Watching A Bet Being Collected


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 426 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

Being able to stand on your own two feet, sometimes requires getting knocked off them completely…

McKenzie “Kenzie” Lane is newly graduated from college and looking forward to a dream internship she has lined up for the summer in LA. Unfortunately, her controlling mother has other plans.

Colby Singer, with his hot-as-sin looks and wicked charm, is never without attention from the ladies. Despite suspecting how Kenzie feels about him, he’s always kept her comfortably off-limits since she’s the baby sister of one of his best friends. But when he’s determined to distract her temporarily from the stress of her mother’s ultimatum, deciding to show her some fun, he quickly finds that keeping her in the friend zone is not as easy as he’d hoped.

Once Kenzie realizes this may be her last opportunity to gauge her long-time crush’s true feelings, she puts it all out there in the form of a bet. It’s the perfect idea for her perfect man.

Until he isn’t.

Will a dose of reality lead to true love? Or will it crash and burn before it can even get started?

Full Length Standalone book with no cliffhanger. Third book of the “Something Series”
Recommended for mature readers due to situations of language, and sexual content. 

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received an ARC of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

The Something Series is addicting and the latest release Bet Me Something only goes to prove that once again.

Kenzie has been lucky, she’s always had her older brother, his best friend, and his best friend’s brothers looking out for her. Only downside, they all considered her their little sister, and yet she’d been in love with Colby since she was a little kid. He was off-limits so she settled for the next best thing, being his friend. She kept all her other feeling for him locked away. That is until she has the opportunity to get what she’s always wanted…all she has to do is win a bet.

Colby has always thought of Kenzie as a little sister and best friend, but somewhere along the way those feelings became a lot less little sister and a little more scary. She was off-limits, her brother would kill him, hell his brothers would kill him too, but when she wins a bet that will make the lines between them a lot more gray he’ll have to decide if she’s worth facing their murderous brothers.

They each have reasons to be scared, but sometimes love is worth risking it all.

The chemistry between Kenzie and Colby was refreshing and fun with a side of hot. The pages are filled with humor, friendships, and family. The friendships and family ties will be pushed and tested, but they’re no contest for stubborn hearts. The part I enjoyed most is that no matter how serious the situation when a little humor is added in it not only lightens the mood, but it warms the heart.

“Nothing happened between us last night, Kenz. I held your hair when you puked and put you to bed. Your brother Brian would’ve done the same.”

“Really? Because I don’t thing he would’ve climbed into bed with me, stripped down to his boxers, to spend the night.”

A vein on the side of Colby’s face throbbed. “Nothing happened,” he reiterated.

I grinned. “Well, I’d be greatly disappointed if something had, and I woke up without being the least bit sore.”

My Favorite Laughable Moment: When Kenzie finally gets to collect on the bet she’d won only to realize her imagination was way better than the real thing. What’s even funnier is Colby’s reaction to her response.

I can honestly say I’ve never read a moment like that. Props to Aubrey Bondurant for veering left when I bet everyone assumed she’d go right.

Jenn 5 Heart

*Clicking on the book cover above will take you to the Amazon purchase page.


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Review of Ask My Something (The Something Series #2) by Aubrey Bondurant

Ask Me Something

Hooked and Breathless


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 418 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

How do you ask the question, when you know the answer may change everything?

Sasha Brooks has been focused on one thing her entire life: her career. Newly promoted as the vice president in a New York advertising company, she has beauty, brains, and one hell of a fierce reputation. But she also has a secret that she keeps carefully guarded.

Brian Carpenter is finding out that managing his newest VP isn’t without its challenges, but when it comes to Sasha, he’d expect nothing less.
His easygoing personality and Southern charm are the yang to her yin and the calm to her storm.

Over the last eight years of their friendship, the flirtations, innuendos, and chemistry have almost led to more, but Sasha has convinced herself they’re better off just friends.
Until the moment she thinks he’s with someone else.

Is she too late to admit her feelings?
Gathering the courage to ask the question, Sasha discovers she isn’t the only one keeping secrets.

You think you know someone….

Full Length Standalone book with no cliffhanger. Second book of the “Something Series”
Recommended for mature readers due to situations of language, and sexual content.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Holy Cow and Hot Damn!

Yes, that’s exactly how I would describe this book. Ask Me Something is intensely filled with such sexual desires and needs that it’ll leave you wanting to snuggle up with someone and show them all the things you just read and dreamed about doing. However, it isn’t only filled with sex. The characters are very well developed, you can’t help but love them. The storyline has just enough curves and loops to keep you interested in seeing what happens next. And overall, it’s just a fantastic read. I love The Something Series!

“You view needing someone, even for a moment, as a weakness, whereas I see it as a privilege to be that person for you. Would it help to hear that I needed to  come home to you tonight? Needed to see your face and hear your voice?”

Sasha is a woman in a man’s world, but she’s earned her place there. It doesn’t matter that there’s a pool at the office wondering who she’ll sleep with first, or the fact that she can be very intimidating and fierce, what matters is that all the things people see and think she is….she isn’t.

Brian wants Sasha, but he has a little issue with unwanted attention that he’ll have to deal with before he can move forward into a world he’d only dreamed about. And it’s definitely his own private dream world, one filled with rules, games, and lots and lots of apologies.

“I’m hoping I would’ve been brave enough to ask you if you ever think about more.”

His fingers stroked my cheek. “Every fucking day.”

Brian may be Sasha’s boss, but anyone can keep their business and personal lives separate…right?!?!

Love, pain, desires, secrets, humor, sentimentality, insecurities, and sex – this book has a little bit of everything all rolled into one. It is a wonderfully entertaining read that had me unable to put it down. Not to mention that one of the reasons I absolutely loved it was that the interactions between Brian and Sasha reminded me so much of someone in my life that I could have sworn Brian was based on him.

“Because I want to eat your pussy for days, kiss every inch of your body, and then fuck you until you can barely walk.”

My Favorite Rule: Rule number one! Angry sex!

“I foresee a lot of rule number one being evoked.”

Jenn 5 Heart

*Clicking on the book cover above will take you to the Amazon purchase page.

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Review of Tell Me Something (Something Series #1) by Aubrey Bondurant

Tell Me Something

Sassy & Sexy 


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 368 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

The sexual tension is palpable; the erotic path they’re on is inevitable.

Haylee Holloway has experienced more grief than a twenty-two year old should have to endure. When she moves to LA for a fresh start and takes a job as an assistant for an advertising company the last thing she expects is to have to step in last minute during a photo shoot as the model. Her bikini line and weight are suddenly open topics of discussion, and a client’s million dollar campaign is hanging in the balance. To cap it off, the multi-millionaire, gorgeous owner of the company shows up and takes charge.

Josh Singer, the owner of Gamble Advertising is private, intense, and hard to read. His voice is sexy, his eyes are smoldering and when he learns of Haylee’s goal to save money for law school, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse:
To move to New York City and work for him directly as his assistant.

Haylee’s dilemma: how does she travel the world with a hot boss whose voice alone conjures up an erotic fantasy and not completely make a fool of herself? Frustrated with Josh’s mixed signals, Haylee finally puts it all on the line. Blurring both their professional and personal lives can they keep things temporary as planned or will they both realize some things weren’t meant to end?

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

I loved this book!

Haylee wants to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer and to do so she’s willing to work hard to get there. When she’s basically thrown into a modeling job she reluctantly does it to make her boss happy, but when his boss takes an interest and offers her an opportunity that no one in their right mind would turn down she only has one reason not to take it.

“No, but tell me, what is holding you back from taking this opportunity?”

Before I could filter my response through the tiny sober part of my brain, I responded, “That I’m way too attracted to you for you to be my boss.”

Only problem with Josh offering Haylee a job is that he’s attracted to her too. He doesn’t trust easily and doesn’t want to admit it, which opens up a lot of interesting developments between them. He’s hot one moment and cold the next. He even says things sometimes that just contradict his overall actions and words.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Velas.”

“Oh, no, the pleasure is all mine, and you must call me Roberto. And you are?”

Josh answered for me, clearly done with the fawning. “This is Haylee, and she has a boyfriend.”

Meeting his eyes, I had to bite lip to keep from laughing out loud. He was using my sexual harassment lie.

Their relationship is incredible and sweet and turbulent and sad, just like any relationship. Nothing’s perfect, but in the end they sure are close.

The game they play, Tell Me Something, is pretty incredible. I think I may adopt it into my love life.

Tell Me Something is sassy and sexy. It’s filled with uncertainty and internal struggles, but laced with humor, love, and a few kinky sex scenes. The characters are easily related to and quite lovable. Parts of the storyline I’ve read before, but when put together they form something completely unique.

My Favorite Laughable Moment: Never let looks deceive you. Haylee is a lot smarter than people give her credit for. She’s also very verse in other languages.

“Is that your fuck-you-I-knew-Chinese-all-along dress?”

Jenn 5 Heart

*Clicking on the book cover above will take you to the Amazon purchase page.

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