Review of The Bonding (Tribe Warrior #1) by Imogen Keeper

The bond makes it too confusing. I don’t know what’s real.”


Genre: Science Fiction, Erotic Romance

Book Length (Est.): 254 pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

He must choose – her life – or his freedom.

Tam is brutal. Hard. Uncompromising. Resigned to a lifetime alone. Until he finds a woman frozen in space, suffering from a deadly disease. There’s only one way to save her – to Bond her to him for life with his mind, his body, and his serum.

She must choose – her people – or his love.

When her planet is invaded by alien slavers, Nissa launches into space in a cryo-pod in a desperate search for help. Tam may be her savior, but their future is not meant to be.

In a universe at war, Nissa and Tam battle their dangerous addiction and their own stubborn hearts. Their strange part-chemical, part-mystical Bonding brought them together – and just might be what tears them apart.

READER ADVISORY: Graphic sexual content and language. No fade to black here! Including one attempted attack on the heroine.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Nissa was set to be queen, but aliens took over her planet killing and enslaving most of her people leaving them no choice but to evacuate in hopes of finding help. She’d expected to be found much sooner than the almost 500 years it took. Her planet was not anything like it was when she’d left and neither were her people, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to help them.

Tam was a warrior from a place where illness took almost all of their females so when he finds one floating in a pod in space he’s mesmerized. When he’s forced to bond with her in order to save her life he’s torn between not being able to give her a choice and being overly enthusiastic at the possibility that he’ll have a mate.

It’s been a long time since I had to force myself to finish a book, but I kept waiting for something to make me change my mind about the story. First, the bonding is a completely odd thing based on Tam’s semen. It basically addicts Nissa to it and therefore they have to “bond” every few hours, which gets very old very fast. Second, the drinks are coffee and vodka spelled backwards (eeffoc and akdov) and truthfully I may not have even noticed if it wasn’t for the fact that every time either is used it’s written in italic. And lastly, there was finally a little bit of suspense toward the end, but when it switches to Tam’s POV it gave it all away and ending any hope of a big ta-da kind of finish.

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Review of Let The Waves Come In by J. L. Leslie

Let The Waves Come In

True love is worth the wait

Genre: Erotica Romance

Book Length (Est.): 160 pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

I’m Aubrey Somers. I’ve landed my dream job. I have a great apartment and I still keep in touch with my best friend…even though he lives hundreds of miles away. I’ve even started dating again. I have a lot going for me.

It doesn’t matter that I have to take an anti-depressant everyday or see a therapist every other week. It doesn’t matter that I refuse to drive anywhere. The wreck that ruined everything I had is almost a distant memory. Almost.

But now I have two men in my life. Two men who want to be with me. Two men I never thought I’d have the chance to be with. And I feel like I’m drowning…

“His hungry mouth consumes everything from me. All of my emotions. When he pulls away, I don’t know what to feel. What to want. Who to want.” – Let The Waves Come In

**This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes. It is meant for adult readers only.**

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Aubrey loves her apartment and job. She does not like the secrets that she carries about her ex fiancé or the fact that she has been in love with her best friend’s brother since she was a teenager. Dealing with the guilt of her ex fiancé being paralyzed when she wrecked her car has been difficult. But when he walks back into her life she finally realizes that she is not to blame.

Declan has been in love with his brothers best fiend forever. Taking her virginity one night and then being a complete jerk about it pretty much sealed his fate with her. Going into the military and then running secret missions has kept his mind very busy. But when he finally runs into Aubrey and is looking for a place to live she just happens to be looking for a roommate.

Aubrey and her best friend Drew are very close. He knows all of her secrets and issues. Although he is in a relationship of his own they all seem to be jealous of the friendship that they have. Declan honestly feels like there is more between Aubrey and Drew but he cannot overcome his feelings for her. When the truth is laid out he finally realizes they can be happy with each other. Now only if he can get her to trust him.

This was a fun but sad read. The emotions that Aubrey is feeling grab ahold of the reader. You want to just jump in the book and yell at her for feeling so guilty. The chemistry between Aubrey and Declan is great. They never really got over each other and seem to be able to pick up where they left off after all of these years.

I cannot wait to read about Drew. He really deserves some happiness and an understanding woman. 

Mindy 4 Star 

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Review of Dirty (Quick and Dirty) by Clare James


Welcome to the world of BDSM!

Book Length (Est.): 92 pages

Genre: Erotic Romance

Book Description/Synopsis: 

Gabe Shannon has just been schooled … in the art of kink, that is.

After a heartbreaking loss, this broken man spins out of control until he begins a whirlwind friendship with a stripper named Tash.

With Tash at his side, he heads out on a crazy tour of the underground world of pleasure. Yes, he’s gone into a deep, dark, and dirty world that he never really knew existed. And surprisingly, he discovers he likes it. Quite a lot.

But the reserved entrepreneur soon realizes that hanging from the chandeliers every night is not all it’s cracked up to be. Well, it is … but it’d sure be a lot more fun if it meant something.

This steamy novella is a stand-alone story. It can also be read as an introduction to the bestselling Quick and Dirty Series, or to learn more about the gorgeous Gabe Shannon anytime during the series. DIRTY is not a mandatory read, but you may enjoy the Quick and Dirty books more after you roam around in Gabe’s, er, head, a bit.

DIRTY tells the story of how Gabe began exploring his dirty side, came to own Club Venus, and met the crazy beautiful Stevie Sinclair.

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from Barclay Publicity in exchange for an honest review* 

Gabe Shannon knows heartache. He has lost the love of his life and spiraled out of control to the point where he is not really even running his businesses anymore.

Tash is a stripper that Gabe has become great friends with. She is also willing to help him with his issue of not being able to perform.

Tash introduces Gabe into the BDSM world. Almost instantly he has been cured of his inabilities. The business side of him also awakens. And he knows he has got to own this club for himself.

This is a very quick and great read. Gabe is introduced into a world that he knew existed but never knew he could identify with any of it. He wants Tash so bad for himself that he lets her try to fix him. And boy does it work! She was able to spark something within him that doctors could not even fix. The only problem is that she thinks Gabe is way too good for her.

I cannot wait to read the next book in the series Dirty Little Lies.

My Favorite Moment: I really loved when Gabe found out what his boundary was. 

Mindy 5 Heart 

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“I’ve been spending a lot of time at the bar,” I finally told her, not taking my eyes off the city scene. “And strip club, if you want me to be honest.” It was the truth, and probably expected in some ways. My reasoning, however, was anything but typical.

“Is it helping?” she asked, while scrawling in her notebook. She was always writing in that damn thing, and I couldn’t stand the sound of it—the dull scratch of pen on paper.  Dr. Fielding, aka the shrink from hell, couldn’t help herself. She dissected every word I said. Of course, she came highly recommended and had an incredible reputation. Yet, frankly, I wasn’t seeing it. I’d been coming here for more than a month and she continued to treat me like I was some kind of depressed teenager or recovering addict, like this stage in my life was just a passing moment. As if I wouldn’t be stuck here forever.


“No, it’s not fucking helping.” I stood up and faced her, feeling the little control I had left begin to slip away. “And neither are these sessions, Doc.”

“What do you think would help?” Dr. Fielding didn’t move an inch as I paced the room, stopping to toy with her knickknacks on the bookshelf.

“Well, Tash –”

“Your stripper friend?” She interrupted.

“Well, that’s not how I’d characterize her,” I said, smiling now thinking about how Tasha would put the good doctor in her place after such a comment. “Plus, I think exotic dancer is more apropos these days.”

“Apologies.” She smirked. “Go on.”

“As I was saying,” I paused and raised a brow, just to be sure she wouldn’t interrupt me again. “Tasha wants to take me some place new tonight. But she said I needed to keep an open mind.”

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Review of Invisible Ink by Elisabeth Joye

ilustration of concert spot lighting over dark background and wood floor

Lust and Obsession


Genre:  Erotic Romance

Book Length (Est.): 36,000 words

Book Description/Synopsis: 

Lex has never felt more exposed. She has just allowed Jake Reed, the lead singer of rock band Inkjet, to undress her and tie her to a chair backstage after a show, only to have him leave to go sign autographs.

It is the start of a dark, obsessive relationship that will lead Lex, a 20-something public relations professional from L.A., to lose herself almost entirely as she struggles to break through her sexual boundaries without falling in love with Jake, an intimidatingly gorgeous Hollywood actor/rock star who closely guards his emotions.

What starts as a series of casual hookups ends up a powerful addiction that will push Lex past all her sexual boundaries as Jake moves repeatedly in and out of her life, making few promises along the way. Lex fights to keep a sense of herself while she succumbs to Jake’s glamorous world and his irresistible allure.

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Jake Reed is the front man for the band of Inkjet. Taking questions from fans one night leads him to meeting Lex. Lex is instantly drawn to his beautiful eyes and handsome looks. But as time goes by and she attends one of his concerts she is asked to stay after. Jake has never forgotten Lex since the first time he met her. And he plans on giving her a choice that she cannot refuse.

This is a very hot read. Jake and Lex cannot get enough of each other. While reading this book I was conflicted about how I felt. Yes the chemistry is very hot and everyone dreams of being in Lex’s shoes at one time in their life. However this is the unhealthiest relationship for them both. I am not saying that in a bad way. It works for them.

This book consists of three parts. A large amount of time between the characters separation. Between break ups Lex tries to move on with her life but one text from Jake stops everything. They are addicted to each other. He is in complete control at all times. With that being said anytime Lex does break up or ask for space Jake really gives her what she needs. Sometimes that is for years at a time.

This was a good and quick read. I felt better about the relationship towards the end of the book. You learn that they really do love each other, it’s just on their terms and what they are willing to live with.

My Favorite Moment: Okay, I actually have two all-time favorite moment.

I really laughed out loud when Lex was on a date with Nick and Jake just happened to be at the club.

My other all-time favorite has to be in Part three when Lex gets her tattoo. 

Mindy 4 Star 



“So you’re in love with him, right?” Sammi asked as soon as I finished telling her the story of my recent activities with Jake. We were at the pool, soaking in the sun and sipping those cocktails that you don’t realize are getting you drunk until it’s too late.  

Drunk Sammi was an expert at putting her old reporter skills to good use. 

“In love with him?” I avoided eye contact, put my blonde locks up in a bun and played with the straps on my bikini. “No. It’s not like that. He’s not even in L.A. right now.” 

“Well, you should see your face when you talk about him these days,” she said, taking a sip from her pink straw. “You’re in so much trouble, Lexi. I hope you don’t get pregnant.” 

I laughed. “We always use a condom, Sammi, You know about his manwhore ways.” 

“Exactly. My point exactly,” she said.

Since our night together that turned into a morning together, Jake had been traveling non-stop preparing for another new project. Other than his random text messages, which kept me entertained on fall afternoons when stuck at my desk, I tried not to think about him. He wasn’t around. I didn’t want to waste time missing him. 

I struggled, however, because as the months passed since our first hookup, he was more and more popular in the press, his face in magazines, in the tabloids and his name on the lips of people that hadn’t even heard of him a year ago.

But we weren’t anything serious. We were just a sex thing.  

I stirred my drink with the straw and thought about Sammi’s “love” comment for a long time, staring up at a the palm tree over my head. “When I’m with him,” I said. “It’s like…the real world doesn’t exist. Thoughts don’t exist.” 

Sammi sighed and flipped from her back to her stomach. 

“Trouble,” she said. 

* * * 

It was 11 p.m. and my phone buzzed next to me in bed. I was half asleep and rolled over to glance at the screen. 

“I must have done something wrong in a past life.” 

Another weird text from Jake. I could never be never sure he meant them for me. 

He was thousands of miles away telling me he had a bad day. Or maybe he had one in a past life? 

“I must have been a crooked lawyer or a dentist or something,” he said. 

I pictured him lying in bed alone with his phone and found myself missing him. I shook the thought away. 

“What’s wrong?” I asked back. 

“It was a long day.” 


He didn’t write back for a few minutes. 

“I just shouldn’t try to debate things with people when I’m exhausted,” he wrote. He wasn’t joking or charming me. Maybe he had actual human emotions? 

“What happened?” I wrote back, trying a third time to get him to tell me. 

“Send me a pic of u,” he said. 

Of course. Of course he asked for a fucking picture. 

“Only if you tell me you know for sure who this is,” I typed back. 

“U doubt I know who this is?” he said. “Your name rhymes with S-E-X.” 

I laughed out loud. 

“And you taste great.” 

“Ok, keep going,” I typed. I could be bolder on the phone than I ever could be in person with him. I didn’t have to look into his eyes on the phone. Or risk him touching me and making me forget what air was. 

“Don’t get greedy,” he wrote back. 

Silence for a long time, then the phone buzzed again. 

“Where’s my pic?” 

I didn’t respond. 

“Ok. I’ll play. You’re a good way to calm myself down,” he wrote. 

An unlikely compliment from him. I felt uneasy. Before he could type back anything else, I stripped off my shirt and snapped a topless selfie on the bed. After I cropped it and colored it the way I wanted, I pressed send. 

“Now I don’t feel so calm,” he said back. “Goodnight.” 

I stared at the phone for a minute and then at the ceiling for another half hour. 

Exhausted from tossing and turning, I clicked the screen back to life. 

“Now I can’t sleep so you owe me,” I wrote.  

* * * 

A few days later, a book arrived at my apartment. It was a collection of outdoor photography, no words, only gorgeous pictures. Tucked inside, a typed note. 

“Next time you can’t sleep, look at this and remember beauty is everywhere. – J” 

I wondered how many other girls his assistant had sent this book to over the years. Still, I smiled to myself there in my kitchen.

Review of Monica’s Secret (Erogenous Zones #1) by Saskia Walker

Monica's Secret

Want none…get two.


Genre: Erotic Romance (M/M, M/F, M/M/F)

Book Length (Est.): 192 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

Willingly bound and seduced by two masters…

Two men have walked in to Monica Evans’ life, and it isn’t ever going to be the same. Owen Clifford and his lover, Alec Stroud, are investigating fraud at Monica’s place of work, a luxurious London hotel. From the moment they meet, the chemistry between the three of them is off the scale.

But Monica has a secret, and it isn’t anything to do with fraud. Like her sisters, Monica is a psychic. In Monica’s case the gift is psychometry—when she touches objects or people she can experience their sexual history. Can she ever truly share that with a lover, let alone two bisexual lovers? Something about Owen and Alec captures her though, literally. Willingly bound and seduced by two masters, Monica opens up to them, physically, emotionally, and psychically.

Owen and Alec have been looking for their third and they believe Monica might be the one to complete their lives. But Monica’s secret isn’t the only barrier these two have to break down in order to win their woman. Fraud, duplicity, and mysterious threats add to their complications. For Owen and Alec, the challenges are stacking up and the race is on.

Reader Advisory: This book contains graphic sex scenes including bondage, domination, MFM, and MM scenes.This book has been previously published with a different cover.

YAY – Double Review!

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from NetGalley on behalf of Fido Publishing in exchange for an honest review* 

I haven’t decided if I liked this or not. Monica has a unique ability that does add a special twist to the story, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. From a romance/erotica standpoint Owen used it to show her how he felt about her and in the end so did Alec. The three even learned to maneuver around her ability to allow them to be together without restraint. From the standpoint of the ‘who did it?’ it got a little weird. Touching things, seeing things, it could be a little disturbing at times.

As for the plot…I enjoyed the relationship between Monica, Owen, and Alec. They basically forced her to open herself up to the possibility of them, but it was all good. Now the mystery/suspense part that was entwined within the romance was too downplayed for my liking.

If you like reading about sex (M/M, M/F/M, M/M/F) then this will hit the spot for you, but don’t expect too much of anything else because if you do you’ll be sadly disappointed.

“I’d like to see more of what I saw earlier. I’d like to watch you two together.”

Alec caught Owen’s glance. Owen simmered with the dark sexuality and his eyes flickered, interest flaring in them. This was a first. They’d never shared a woman who actually asked to see them together before. 

My Favorite Quote: “Damn it, I can’t even touch myself anymore, I’m getting feedback.”

Jenn 3 Heart


Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from NetGalley on behalf of Fido Publishing in exchange for an honest review*

Monica Evans has a very unusual psychic ability that she has hidden from others her entire life. Her job in the hotel proves her ability to be very strong when touching certain objects or people. When two alpha men walk into the hotel to investigate fraud they might just learn Monica’s Secret after all.

Owen and Alec are at the London Hotel to investigate and talk to all the employees. Meeting Monica for the first time sends an electrical charge through the men. They are very forthcoming with Monica from the beginning and she senses that she just might be able to trust these two men.

I don’t typically read books that have M/M in the storyline but decided to give this one a shot. I liked the storyline and it was able to hold my interest. I did feel as if Owen and Alec are not your typical alpha males. I’m not sure they would know what to do if the other was not in the room. The ending was the disappointing part for me, I feel as if it just well….ended. Overall, this was an okay read for me.

My Favorite Moment: I did find it funny when Monica figured out the relationship between Owen and Alec. 

Mindy 2.5 star

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Review of 21 Nights by Cloud Buchholz

21 Nights

Genre: Erotic Romance 

Hotness Factor: Sex, sex, and more sex!

Book Length (Est.): 153 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

The arrangement was simple: meaningless sex, no strings. That’s what she wanted. That’s what she told him she needed. But when their game of desires crosses the line between love and sex, she knows their kinky escapades are more than just a casual fling.

21 Nights is an erotic novella (about 100 pages) containing explicit scenes of sex, light bondage, and erotica. It is intended for adult readers.

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

This story takes you into two people’s lives that each want a no strings attached sexual relationship.

“Words are a waste of time.” 

The writing and detail in this book is great and you just have to keep reading to find out how this is going to play out. With that being said, I am highly confused as you never knew what you were going to get or what part of the relationship was coming next. The chapters are mixed to where sometimes you are reading what I assume is the past and sometimes the future. I’m not even sure I can tell you the characters names or if it’s even a happy ending or not.

I was more disappointed because there is not really a storyline. I like to get to know the characters and although there is a lot of detailed interaction (sex, sex, and more sex) I really enjoy getting lost in a book. I didn’t feel a connection at all between the characters. (This might be the point the author was trying to make). I really, really wanted to like this book and I did like what I read just wish there was a storyline.

“As soon as you name something it becomes real, and some things just aren’t meant to be real.” 

However, if you like to read sex scene after sex scene then this book is for you. 

Mindy 2 Heart

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Review of London Underground (The Trip) by Mark Williams


Genre: Erotic Romance

Book Length (Est.): 34 Pages 

Book Description/Synopsis: 

Author Jonathan Haze lived in a friendly New York city for 14 years. He does not want to go to the London Book Fair but a little voice inside told him there was an exciting world out there, and he had to go out and find it! In its simplest form, London Underground, is an erotica romance, sex/testosterone gone haywire, an established author attempting to greater his career―to disappear into a sex dungeon after being carefully selected by strippers.

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Jonathan Haze is an author who has been invited to the London Book Fair. Living in New York City he leads a very secluded and boring life, but a voice inside his head tells him to go to the book fair and explore life. So he does.

The London Underground is more of a strip club that provides pleasure in any form. When Jonathan visits the club he is selected by strippers to go into the sex dungeon.

This book touches on all of the characters just enough to know who they are. This is a very short book that leaves a lot of unanswered questions. At times I was not sure what was going on or who was talking. This is really a novella that opens the door for a more in detail full length book.

Mindy 2 Heart

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