Review of Good Girl’s Guide to Talking Dirty (Girl’s Guide to Love #1) by Alice Faris

“Precision matters in a lot of things.”


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 360 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

Talking dirty as a phone sex operator isn’t what straight laced school psychologist East Winters had in mind as a portable counseling job. But after being budget-cut out of employment, she needs the cash to get out of town fast and hitchhike to Maine for her dream job working at a school with a bigger pocketbook and no knowledge of her family’s nasty history.

Ex history teacher, Ansel Andersson, resents his boss tacking on a team driver at the last minute for his first cross-country delivery. Sure, she’s a sexy redhead that gets him hot and bothered, but he had other plans. Historical sites. Greasy food. Avoiding his PTSD issues from surviving a shooting. Oh that—he’d rather not think about it.

You know what? Maybe this clean, proper psychologist is exactly the perfect distraction. If he could only get her to stop running off blushing into her phone, he’d teach her all kinds of filthy things.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

East is trying to start over new somewhere far away from where rumors can run her life. And to get there she took on a job that she isn’t too thrilled about. But it’s the journey there that will ultimately rewrite her future.

Ansel is running from his life and what everyone thinks he should be doing. He’s attempting the fake it to you make it routine, which doesn’t exactly work with an intriguing redhead is always around. He’s stuck in a place where terror still has a grip on him and it keeps him from moving forward and until he has the strength to face it he’ll never move forward.

“Her. The dick whisperer – and wouldn’t the moment be complete when, yep, his body reacted positively to the news. Shit.”

Stuck in a truck together. Neither too happy about their circumstances. Each wishing they were making the journey alone. Good Girl’s Guide to Talking Dirty takes you on a road trip that will force two people into situations that will bring them closer than either wishes for. They’ll each have to overcome their own hurdles before either can open up to the other, but they each do so in their own time.

“You’re hot,” she blurted. He stopped, twisted around to look at her. “I mean I’m hot. You must be hot. We’re all hot. It’s just…hot.”

East is entirely too awkward and bumbling in the beginning, but her character does eventually develop into more. It’s the getting to it part that kept me not as interested as I wanted to be. It is an okay book and the storyline is good, but I just didn’t care all that much for the characters.

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