Paranormal Romance

Review of Shifter Variance (The Outlier Prophecies #5) by Tina Gower

“You’re like werewolf crack…”   Genre: Paranormal  Romance, Suspense Book Length (Est.): 235 Pages Book Description/Synopsis:   After Kate Hale dodges her predicted death, she learns the anti-fate group Wyrd wasn’t her only enemy. Complicating matters, it seems a highly respected colleague tampered with a forecast. Nobody believes Kate’s discovery, so […]

Review of Claimed By The Wolf Brotherhood (Packs Of The Pacific Northwest #1) by Meg Ripley

Werewolf Rules…   Genre: Paranormal Romance Book Length (Est.): 39 Pages Book Description/Synopsis:   Determined to make a name for herself, Aiza Simpson decides to purchase the neighborhood tavern that she’s been working at for years. When Portland’s nefarious werewolf biker pack, The Wolf Brotherhood, threatens to stake their claim on […]

Review of Honeymoon by Samantha MacLeod

A Honeymoon With An Agenda   Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Mythology Book Length (Est.): 47 Pages Book Description/Synopsis:   Mythology expert Caroline Capello agreed to marry Loki, the Norse god of fire and lies. She didn’t realize the most dangerous part of their marriage might be the honeymoon. **This is a […]