Review of The Omega Rule (The Omega Force #1) by Sharilyn Skye

“I want to live with you, not die with you.” 


Genre: Omegaverse (with a twist), Dystopian

Length: 259 Pages

POV: Third Person


Some family feuds don’t die; they bleed so deep into the soil they grow roots.

This one is ripping the country apart, but only those embroiled in it know it’s being fought.

Half dead from her last estrus and desperate to save her homeland, Eve makes the difficult journey to the Capital of the New South in an attempt to court the only Alpha she thinks might be honorable. She offers him herself, her nest, and her submission if he allows her to get to know him first, gives her a semblance of choice, and at least listens to the plight of her people.

Only The Alpha isn’t much of a listener, and he neglects to read the document he signs out of frustration to get his hands on the exotic beauty in front of him. After taking Eve as his, he finds that holding an Omega who moves like smoke isn’t as easy as he thought.

Contract broken, Eve lies, steals, and takes what she needs to gain the strength needed to fight a war none of them can afford to lose. The Alpha may not know it, but the fate of the New South lies in her hands.

***The Omega Rule is a dystopian, m/f, HEA, Omegaverse novel and contains elements of dubious consent. If such material offends you, please do not purchase. 18 and Over. ***

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Eve is an Omega, but not a typical one. Her parent’s were Alphas and raised her with sophistication and education. However, there were some who only saw her as an Omega, and treated her as such. That was their mistake. She’s a fighter and more than that…she’s a leader.

Luke is an Alpha leader who had no clue what just landed in his home. He saw her as a feisty Omega. He didn’t realize his mistake until it was too late.

Eve needed a partner, not a master, for she too is a leader, and she will not let her people down. She’d die first.

I enjoyed watching Luke’s transition as he learned more about Eve. Especially once his mother makes an appearance and sets him straight.

“I know that you’re right. She’s perfect for you. Now go be perfect for her.”

The Omega Rule brought an entire new world to me. Everything from their society, to their biology, to the way they mate. It was all interesting and easily held my attention. I’m not sure it was something I would have chosen for myself to read, but Sharilyn has a creative mind, and I’m never disappointed. This one is no exception and I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for The Omega Force.

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Review of Ravena (The Eight #2) by Sharilyn Skye

“I can’t help but love her.” 


Genre: Fantasy Romance

Length: 320 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


She is Unbreakable Glass.
She is Stronger than they know.
She has a plan.
She is Ravena.

In the land of lost magic and scarred souls, a land ruled by a cruel Queen with love for no one, Ravena was born. Her life did not start, in truth, until the day her best friend helped her kill the vicious mate forced upon her.

Surrounded by three tattered mates, she must find a way to bring them together and form some semblance of a family or face the Queen’s wrath and removal from the devil she knows. There are horrors in Talamh na Sithe that would kill for one of The Eight and she cannot allow that to happen.

She’s paid her dues.

Ravena knows there is a way through the storm of loss, betrayal, and pain for all of them, she just needs to find it because storms can’t last forever and if flowers can bloom in this blood-soaked land, so can love.

***Ravena is a stand-alone, Dark Romance/ Reverse Harem with various elements that some readers may find triggering. Although there is a HEA, there is no end that does not bring with it some amount of darkness. 18 and over.***

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Book one in the Eight series was Airmed and I would suggest reading it first. In it you learn a little about each of the eight girls and it brings a side to them you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Ravena wasn’t one of the lucky girls. She got sent to live with four brothers. The eldest wasn’t nice at all and that’s putting it mildly. He dominated the house with an iron fist and no one who lived within those walls escaped his wrath, not even his brothers, so when he dies of a ‘heart condition’ no one shed a tear.

Finn, Lochlann, and Rory had many years more than Ravena did of the pain that house held, but if she could put it behind her then so could they. One by one they realize the true meaning of love and family.

“I know she hates me. She is the first woman I ever slept with and she hates my guts. I can’t help but love her.”

Ravena is another intriguing book from Sharilyn Skye. It’s does have some intense sexual scenes, the ones from their memories regarding Rowan are not always consensual. But the ones that are….are a mixture of hot and sweet. There’s also betrayal, murder, and conspiracy. I cannot wait to see whose book is next.

Honestly, I’m torn between wanting to know about the eight and reading each of their books and seeing how they tie together with the Healer series. All I do know is that it’s going to be one hell of journey.

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Review of Airmed (The Eight Book One) by Sharilyn Skye

“I want you to come home to me.”


Genre: Fantasy Romance

Length: 376 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


Her Friends call her Ari. Her mates call her Queen.

Faerie is dying and it’s not my fault. My mother, the Queen, caused the Goddess to turn from us long ago when she cocked up the death of the One the Goddess favored most. Now she thinks to use me in her plans to rebuild the land. I hate that bitch.

My Name is Airmed, my friends call me Ari, but you may call me nothing. I am the youngest of the last children to be born in Talamh na Sithe some thirty years ago. The boys have since been killed and The Eight are all that remain. Each given to four men who will forfeit their lives should they fail to at least try to produce a child with us.

My mother has given them permission to use whatever is necessary to make me malleable, only I have no idea what that word means. I’m not unwilling to do my job, but I have no intention of making life easy for them. Not only that, I got a B Plus in my swordsmanship class so if they think this will be a smooth transition, they’ve got another thing coming.

*Airmed is a medium/fast burn stand alone Reverse Harem novel with light m/m interactions and is intended for those 18 and older*

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Holy hotness this book is like liquid fire that rolls through your body. Saying it’s hot is a drastic understatement.

If you’ve read the Healer series, and I suggest you do, this series goes back to the beginning. The Eight have important roles and to get the inside look into each of them sounds absolutely interesting. Especially if they’re anything like this one.

Ari is a spitfire and she doesn’t make life for her four mates easy, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Where once they thought there home was complete now they knew it never was…not before Ari came to it. She’s the glue that holds them together, the heart that strengths each of them, and the love they all wanted but never knew could be.

Her mates:

Saige – Captain of the Archers. He is unique and his healing gifts definitely come in handy.

Lann – Captain of the Swordsmen. He is a little brutal, but with Ari keeping him on his toes she deserves everything he gives her.

Seal – Master Huntsman. Ari trusts him the most to do what needs to be done. And without him she may have been lost to them forever.

Laith – Master Blacksmith. He has passion that makes you lose all senses. He loves with an intensity unlike no other. It may be the wolf in him. However his obsession with her trying to poison them is hilarious.

Airmed is going to be a hard book to follow. The characters, the relationships, the sex…I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in a day. Way to go Sharilyn you started The Eight off with a bang!

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Review of The Flame Keeper (Healer Series #5) by Sharilyn Skye

“Oh. My. God. You are a Swifty.”


Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Length: 244 Pages

POV: First Person


Aedan is back and there’s going to be trouble.

Nothing is left of Aedan’s House and now he knows it. Baltimore’s supernatural community is in reeling after his abduction, torture, and return. He may be rescued, but he is a long way from home. Lara must find a way to help Aedan regain control before he slips into darkness and loses everything he worked so hard to gain.

As Aedan cleans House one Master vampire at a time, Lara lays a trap only she can, using the tool she knows best, herself, to lure him into a dangerous seduction that will pull every trigger he has and can lead to only one outcome, control or death.

But it’s not just Aedan she has to deal with, her best friend is changing in ways no one understands, her parent’s deaths are looking more and more unlikely, and The Mad Queen is on a rampage, causing blood to run through the streets of Talamh na Sithe and forcing her People to seek out the one person that might protect them all, Lara.

With a Fae War on the horizon, she must choose between safety or freedom, family or home.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Aedan is back, but he’s not back to normal. He’s wiping out houses that don’t want to leave the past ways. He’s wiping out his enemies and making way for something bigger and better. But he’s losing himself. Thank goodness for a creative Lara who knows just how to fix him.

Lara feels lost. She risked everything to save Aedan and now he won’t even talk to her. That is until she gives him the one thing he cannot say no to…her.

“Don’t worry about it, Galahad. I’ve got a plan.”

And now the fae war is beginning. Lara’s grandmother is going insane so everyone is fleeing to Lara. She opened her home (so to speak) to all who want to come. Even her dads. Yes! Dads! As in four! It’s crazy and yet it somehow works.

“You have Laith’s hair and eyes, Lann’s lips and cheekbones, Saige’s cute nose and face shape, and Seal, well, Seal I do not see so much, but I sense him in you.”

On the cusp of war and Aedan and Lara find their relationship is finally moving forward. They finally realized they’re better together than apart.

The Flame Keeper is one of the best in the Healer Series. I’m looking forward to what happens next and for the spinoff series The Eight.

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The below song is referenced in the book:



Review of The Scarlet Heron (Healer Series #4) by Sharilyn Skye

“Pride Goeth before Destruction…” 


Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Length: 123 Pages

POV:  First Person


Pride Goeth before Destruction and a Haughty Spirit Before the Fall. Aedan has fallen into the hands of his once most trusted ally and is slowly being drained of life while Cold Iron chains suppress his magic and steal his strength once more. As he struggles to stay sane, he relives memories of his long life and clings to thoughts of the only woman he has ever really loved. Someone from his House will come, he believes this, but will they come in time and can he resist the urge to drain them dry when they do? Think you know The Flame Keeper? Think again.

*The Scarlet Heron is a 43,000 word Novella in the Healer Series and should be read after the 3rd book, House of Fire.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

The Scarlet Heron is all from Aedan’s point of view. It’s basically everything in the series from his the very beginning all from his memory. He’s trying to keep his sanity as he’s been tortured and drained. The only way he knows to do that is to think of Lara. His love.

You learn a few things you didn’t know like all the details from the night she was attacked. That put an entirely new spin on my perception of Lara.

“I regret that she will not know what I felt for her.”

It also goes into more details of Aedan’s past. You learn a lot from him in this novella as it’s basically the thoughts in a dying man’s head who’s trying to hold on.

It does finally catch up to where House of Fire left off, but not until the end. Bring on book five of the Healer Series. Time for a little revenge!

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Review of House of Fire (Healer Series #3) by Sharilyn Skye

“…Wicked Faerie.” 


Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Length: 407 Pages

POV: First Person


Betrayal has ripped apart Aedan’s House and its enemies smell blood in the water.

Aedan is missing and the strongest vampire House in America is in shambles. What was supposed to be the perfect ending to an amazing night has ended in chaos, fear, and death; setting events in motion that will challenge even the strongest of bonds. Lara must do the impossible: find Aedan, keep the sharks at bay, help her best friend stay sane, and gain enough power to stop a supernatural war from starting, because it if does, humanity will certainly be dragged into it. With her allies reeling, help comes from unlikely sources, but is it too late to stop what has already begun?

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

I think this is my favorite book in the series so far. Lara steps up her game and is starting to become the faerie she was meant to be. I think she’s more than even she knows. Her powers grow every day and after her trip with her grandmother they seem to be almost endless.

Aedan seems to always be one step behind. Every time it appears that he makes a decision to move things forward with Lara something bad happens that interferes with his plan. He needs to learn to live in the moment and cherish each and every second he has with her.

As for everything else…her Guardian is kind of hilarious at times. The members of Aedan’s house are half scheming and half sincere, it’s troubling to see who is who. Her grandmother is a tad bit insane. And the doctor, he’s kind of incredible. If Aedan wasn’t in the picture I’d be voting for him to win the girl.

“I’m sorry, Goddess, I mean, Dani, I’m a bit slow. Can you please tell me what you’re talking about and use very small words and possibly pictures? Can I sit? Yes, I need to sit.”

In House of Fire you see much change in Lara and every new little bit pulls you in deeper. It’s a combination of her power and her innocence that makes her so likeable. You want to cheer when she succeeds. You want to scream when she’s hurt. And you want to strangle Aedan for his ability to keep stopping after teasing.

I’m loving the Healer Series and I cannot wait to see what comes next. Of course that may have something to do with the fact that it ends on one hell of a cliffhanger. You learn a little about everyone in this book and are left wondering if you think you have it right or if someone else is hiding in the shadows you’d never have expected. Either way, I’m looking forward to finding out.

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Review of Healer (Healer Series #2) by Sharilyn Skye

“He makes my tummy itchy.” 


Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Length: 246 Pages

POV: First Person


Surviving the transition from human to supernatural life is looking like a walk in the park compared to what happens when your Faerie Grandmother finally catches up to you.

Wild magic and displays of raw power have brought the Tuatha de Dannan to Lara Hennessey’s door. They want to explore the extent of her power and aren’t taking no for an answer. So she runs to the only place she has ever felt safe; Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. Only safe is relative. With an angry neighbor, a maybe best friend, a rogue vampire, and your Faerie Grandmother hunting you, peace on the island is fleeting. Throw in the fact that you are the only thing standing in the way of death for a set of twin boys and the stakes get higher. When the dust settles she is left with one truth….families are complicated.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

The beginning of this book starts with a little taste of Lara’s newfound healing powers. Nothing like starting with a slightly startling moment to draw you in.

And draw me in it did.

I have to say that nothing major happens, with the exception of Daniel. Otherwise it’s filled with small victories. Whether it’s Lara deciding her own future, or her standing up to someone for something that is right, or finally realizing that family isn’t always blood and that the family who is might just be a little terrifying.

“I can hear your heartbeat, I can smell your feelings.”

I found that Healer is about Lara discovering a little more about herself and about the world around her. There’s still plenty she doesn’t know and at times I felt just as lost as she did with what was going on around her. I’m sure her and I both will soon understand as the series continues. Until then, I’m left wondering what else out there may be seeking her powers. And what exactly is going on between her and Aedan.

“I thought I had lost you. It…frightened me. I am quite unaccustomed to being frightened.”

Even after learning a little more about the mysterious Aedan I still don’t know what to make of him. I want to be all Team Aedan, and yet there’s still something I’m not quite sure about. I keep waiting for him to either betray her or rock her world…not sure which I want to see more though.

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