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Review of A Bond to Bear by Harmony Raines


“…if there’s any pain, it will be of the most exquisite kind.”


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance

Book Length (Est.): <100 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Billionaire Jared Sinclair has found his mate, but she doesn’t know it yet. He isn’t even convinced he wants a mate and all that goes with it. Yes, he wants to claim her, but children, and marriage, he’s not sure that’s the kind of man he is.

Although his bear disagrees.

Kelly is juggling two jobs to support her mom and brothers. With debts to pay, she can only fantasize about what it would be like to be with a man like Jared. Until he offers her half a million dollars for one weekend.

One weekend … easy, right?

But they soon discover neither of them wants to walk away … and this is a bond they will both have to bear. Forever!

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from instaFreebie in exchange for an honest review*

Jared is a self-made billionaire who isn’t exactly thrilled of his bear’s call to mate. Yes, he’s found his mate, but he’s a workaholic and a wife and cubs has no room in his life. Of course his way of thinking changes once he gets Kelly away for the weekend and realize his bear was right.

Jared had his moments where I wished I could reach into the pages and slap him upside the head. Some of the things he does are downright rude and uncaring, but he does his best to make up for all his initial actions and reactions.

Kelly is working two jobs to provide for her mother and two younger brothers so the attraction she’s felt for her boss from day one is mostly just a nuisance and his proposition an insult…or it would be if she didn’t find his dimples adorable.

A Bond to Bear is a fast paced quickie read with a sexy but stubborn bear shifter and a sweet girl who cares more than he would have expected. They have more in common than either would have expected, but with the shortness of the story it’s hard to get fully drawn into the characters. And just a warning…the last chapter is more of an epilogue as it jumps pretty far into the future. It kind of threw me for a loop and had me rereading to see if I had missed something.

Jenn 3 Heart

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Review of Seneca’s Faith (Shadowcat Nation #4) by Abigail Owen


A Little Manipulation Can Be Good


Genre: Paranormal Romance (Shifters)

Book Length (Est.): 209 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

The Delaney Dare needs a new leader—one from outside, after their own Alpha’s actions led to the shifter war. Gage McAvoy has agreed to marry one of the previous Alpha’s daughters and try to keep the dare from falling apart. Unfortunately, the daughter he’s agreed to marry is not the one he wants.

Seneca Delaney is a known latent, unable to shift. She’s remained in her dare, enduring rejection and isolation all her life, even from her own father, because she had no other place to go. Standing on the sidelines yet again while Gage marries her older sister is the last thing she wants to do. Then circumstance throws her together with the one man she can’t have, trying to save a nation of shifters who don’t want her, and risking the exposure of lifelong secrets that could result not only in her death, but in Gage’s.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

With the fate of the Shadowcat Nation on the line this book brings all the characters from the series together to fight for the future they all want. And damn what a fight it is!

Gage went from being engaged to one Alpha’s daughter to being engaged to another. The way he handled losing his first fiance in Tieryn’s Fury made him very likeable, but there are moments in this one where I couldn’t tell if he was being honorable or a complete and utter ass. Turns out it’s the former, but I did enjoy yelling at him until I discovered that fact.

Seneca had been in love with Gage for a long time, but he was engaged to marry her older sister so her desires had to remain hidden. When she’s basically forced to marry Gage in order to help negotiations she’s reluctant, but the alternative is much worse. She loves him, but she’d never force him to be with her. And he accepts the marriage willingly because he has a secret he is unable to share. As for secrets, Seneca has a few of her own.

“That look had been pure Alpha, but then she’d run, as a submissive would do, and the predator in him wanted to chase. Either way, he was about as turned on as he could be.”

I love how sweet and caring Seneca is. How she refuses to let anything be awkward and just jumps right in making everything look easy. She’s like a happiness tornado ninja.

The relationship between Gage and Seneca may have been forced, but it’s explosive. They each have their secrets, but together nothing compares to them.

Seneca’s Faith is one hell of an epic conclusion for the Shadowcat Nation series. It’s filled with secrets, assassins, battles, shifters of multiple varieties, and crazy hot sex…can’t beat that combination!

My Favorite Moment was when Gage needed to show the big, bad tiger who’s in charge. That’s one way to tame a kitty.

Jenn 5 Heart

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Review of Tieryn’s Fury (Shadowcat Nation #3) by Abigail Owen


Revenge Meets Its Match


Genre: Paranormal Romance (Shifters)

Book Length (Est.): 210 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

The day Shane Callahan lost his wife and was forced to run from the only home they’d ever known was the day he’d vowed he’d kill every last man responsible. He’s waited years in hiding, but is finally on the verge of taking his revenge. Until he is assigned to protect a Healer and is forced to halt in his quest.

As the Alpha’s daughter and the Healer in her Dare of mountain lion shifters, Tieryn McGraw has enjoyed a privileged life. As the fiancé of the next Alpha in line, she expects that to continue. But then she ends up on the run with a man determined not to like her…and who makes her question everything about her decisions and her future.

Shane needs her to heal more than his body. But can Tieryn heal his soul and prove to him that love is a higher purpose than revenge?

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Tieryn didn’t want to know anything about her Fated Mate when the seer had called; she didn’t need to know because she was engaged. But when he comes into her life she’ll be drawn to him like no other and questioning her decision to marry without love.

Shane lost his wife and was determined to find the ones responsible and make them all pay. It was all he lived for. Then he was sent to protect Tieryn and began feeling things his heart couldn’t process. Unable to let himself fall for her he’ll do the next best thing, he’ll protect her. As her assigned bodyguard he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

“I won’t pretend I don’t want you, because I do.”

Tieryn was raised like a sheltered princess. Shane didn’t have that luxury. Now that they’re at the mercy of her Survivor ability and constantly on the run for their lives she’ll have to step up and he’ll have to let her. It’s a constant push and pull between the two.

As the tension rises in the Shadowcat Nation we’ll learn who is behind all the terror and why…or at least part of it. I have a feeling there are more than one set of bad guys and cannot wait to see what happens in book 4, Seneca’s Faith.

Tieryn’s Fury is another great book in the Shadowcat Nation series. The constant moving adds a slight humor to the suspense, especially when they make it to Louisiana. Their stubbornness frustrated me at times, but it couldn’t have successfully played out any other way.

My Favorite Heartbreaking Moment was when Tieryn admitted aloud the truth as she knew it .

“Did Sarai tell you?”

“She tried, but I wouldn’t let her. I’ve known for a while, but I also know that his soul has been scarred by what happened to his wife. He can’t love me back.”

Jenn 4 Heart

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Review of Sarai’s Fortune (Shadowcat Nation #2) by Abigail Owen


Sometimes Fate Cannot Be Changed


Genre: Paranormal Romance (Shifters)

Book Length (Est.): 202 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Zac Montclair’s first priority is to protect his people. With the escalating war between factions of shifters over land and resources, he has agreed to an alliance between his polar bears and the Shadowcat Nation of cougar shifters. But the treaty comes with a condition…he must accept one of their Seers into his Timik and put her under his personal protection.

Sarai Bouchard doesn’t need her supernatural gift to know that Kyle Carstairs’s obsession with controlling her ability will eventually result in her misery and demise. Her power is essential to her people’s survival, so when Kyle goes rogue, she’s sent to Zac Montclair to keep her safe. However, her visions reveal that while staying will lead to their becoming lovers, it also leads to his death. Leaving Zac will result in her own.

If Sarai can’t find a way to change the future, she will be forced to choose…save her lover or save herself.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

I loved Zac in Andromeda’s Fall. His strength of will and sheer determination to protect are both endearing and at times a little humorous. The way he is with Sarai, like an immoveable mountain hell bent on keeping her safe even from herself, made me wish for an alpha bear shifter of my own.

“If you’re mine, I sure as hell am yours.”

Sarai may be able to see the future at times, as well as the past and present, but anything that affects her directly gets a little fuzzy. All she knows is she cannot let Zac die and if that means she has to risk herself then she’ll do it; she’d already seen his death too many times in her head.

“Holy moly, that man should be deemed illegal.”

With Zac and Sarai both targets they’ll have to learn to trust in each other, which is a little difficult since they are both stubborn to a fault. And instead of trying to change her visions, embracing them and the man may be the way to go. After all you can only fight fate for so long.

Sarai’s Fortune is a suspenseful journey of how far one would go to protect the ones they love. With Zac and Sarai being hunted you never know what will happen next. It’s an on the edge of your seat, please don’t let the visions come true, kind of read and I absolutely loved it!

My Favorite Laughable Moment  is when Zac presents Sarai with her new bodyguards. She’s a little feisty when she wants to be.

“What if I need tampons?”

Zac narrowed his eyes. “Ask them to get you some.”

She tipped her head to the side. “I don’t know. Tampons can be tricky. I’m partial to a certain brand. What if they don’t know the difference between regular and super?”

Jenn 5 Heart

*Clicking on the book cover above will take you to the Amazon purchase page.



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Review of Andromeda’s Fall (Shadowcat Nation #1) by Abigail Owen


“Mate me. Marry me.”


Genre: Paranormal Romance (shifters)

Book Length (Est.): 260 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Andromeda Reynolds is being hunted. After witnessing her mother’s violent death at the hands of a pack of wolf shifters, Andie has devoted her life to protecting her community of cougar shifters from a similar fate. But now, a greater threat lies within her own pack, and she must run. If she stays, Kyle Carstairs will force their mating, seeking the added political power their union would provide.

Andie would rather chew off her own foot than end up with Kyle. Though, knowing him, she won’t live long either way. Andie’s only hope of survival is to mate Jaxon Keller, the Alpha of the Keller Dare with which she is seeking asylum. But before she can get to him, Andie must first go through A.J., one of the Alpha’s Protectors. What Andie doesn’t realize is that A.J. has secrets of his own. All Andie knows is that the incredibly frustrating shifter insists on challenging her story, her skills, her trust… and her heart.   

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Andie is one determined werecat.  She knows what needs to be done for the good of her people and she’ll go to the ends of the earth, or at least the Keller Dare, to get it. She’ll go through every obstacle, every test, and share almost everything A.J. asks for, and she’ll do it all for a chance to talk to the Keller Dare Alpha, Jaxon.

A.J. is stubborn and overprotective, but he has his reasons. He’ll test Andie’s abilities and she’ll test his heart.

“I dreamed of you last night.” Andie bit her lip. “I dreamt that you were fire in my arms. And that with barely a touch, we both reached heaven.”

By taking in Andie the Keller Dare risks war, but once they get to know her no one is willing to let her go. She’ll prove herself and will continue to do so long after the tests have finished.

Andromeda’s Fall has secrets, chaos, and an incredibly heartwarming sense of family.

A little about the series… Werecats are not know for their togetherness, they’re more of the loner type, which is why the Shadowcat Nation was formed. Developing dares and staying together is the only thing keeping them safe from other weres. So far the werewolves don’t seem all that friendly, however, there is one certain werebear that I’d like to read more about.

The concept of the Shadowcat Nation is intriguing and the characters bring to life a reality that easily drew me in. I look forward to reading more and seeing where this series leads.

My Favorite Moment: I absolutely loved when Zac suggested his alternate plan to Andie, I thought A.J. was going to flip.

“I gathered you were ready to rip into me, leave me for dead, and whisk Andie off to safety.”

“Got it in one.”

Jenn 5 Heart

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Review of Predator’s Heart by Marian Yates

Predator's Heart

Purrs, Howls, and Moans 


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance

Book Length (Est.): 298 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Paranormal romance and action meet in this gripping fictional suspense by Marian Yates.

Unknowingly tied to a secret underworld of shapeshifters, loner Regan Reynolds discovers she is trapped in a web of lies, betrayal, and mistrust as she desperately seeks the truth and… vengeance.

Regan’s abusive father is the ringleader in a twisted hunting game and this time, he has provided the prey – Regan. Now she must fight for her life.

It’s Rafe McIntyre’s job to protect his people as head of the Sentinels but with Regan, it is more than a job they share a bond and a past. Is it possible in the heat of the moment for Regan to believe in Rafe’s love or will her father continue to haunt her as shifters die one by one?

This is a unique fantasy thriller with a mix of witty humor, nonstop action and steamy romance.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Regan’s father is a complete nut job, but thankfully it didn’t get passed down to her. She’s nice, and helpful, but because of her past she leans toward being a loner. Trust is a hard thing to earn from a girl who lost everything and watched it happen. Watching her change and adapt to her new situation was interesting.

“I’m not playing strip poker or having any sort of sexual stakes,” she stated in a flat voice.

He held his hands up, “The thought never crossed my mind,” he assured her, his big brown eyes open wide, his face a beacon of innocence.

Regan snorted at the act, “Yeah right. I know the difference between a wolf and a pup. It doesn’t matter how innocent you act, that wolf is still staring out at me from your eyes.”

It’s Rafe’s job to watch over and protect, but he’s the kind of man who’d probably do it anyway. And watching over Regan is definitely not a hardship at all…then again, she can make it be one sometimes. As Regan and Rafe attempt to fight their desire for each other they also have to worry about finding Regan’s father before he does anything else that could damage their community.

“She was become aware that her cat was a hussy, a hussy fixated on Rafe. Boy she now knew how a cat felt when it was in heat.”

I enjoyed Marian’s outtake on weres and how certain aspects of how they find and bond with their mates is done. The storyline was intriguing and I found myself very interested in how things would turn out.

Predator’s Heart is told in third person and follows not only Regan and Rafe, but a few others who are attached to the story. It was nice seeing all the angles of the story. The only downside was (and I noticed this in the first half of the book way more than the second half) that it goes too in-depth into the characters. So many times they just thought to themselves without actually interacting with anyone else, either about their feelings on a subject or about their pasts, and on my kindle it would last for several pages making me wish I could fast-forward.

My Favorite Moment: I liked it when Regan forced Rafe into letting her prove herself. Chris was such a good sport about the entire thing.

Jenn 4 Heart

*Clicking on the book cover above will take you to the Amazon purchase page.


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Review of Dragon Fate (Elise Ddraig, Dragon Chosen #3) by James D Horton

Dragon Fate

Never Take The Accepted Path


Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance

Book Length (Est.): 200+ Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

So as it turns out being the Chosen One of the Dragons isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be. Oh who am I kidding? It sucks. It sucks big time. Suck on a level of… I don’t even have an analogy for the level of suck.

My folks are the King and Queen of the Gold Dragon Clan. Oh and the First Knight is my other dad. Yeah, I know, two dads. Sue me, I’m a freak. Or maybe not so much in this day and age. Magically aged from three to nineteen, now a year later I’m finally starting to get my life together. You know, the one I was thrust into overnight. Toddler to adult in the blink of an eye with no learning curve in between. Now, here I am. I’ve got two great friends in Rose and Rory. Rose newly promoted Queen of the Werewolves, mostly, but that’s a story in it’s own.

I’ve got a hot boyfriend. Seriously, he’s really hot. He’s also… annoying as hell? Ugh, I shouldn’t even say that to myself. See the other part of being ‘Chosen’ is that I was reborn. In my last life Lou and I were married. We were together for years and for him all those memories, all that time, is still right now. The downside is for me, it’s the past.

My mentor, Remy, is an Ancient Black dragon and as it turns out he was the Chosen One of his age. And have I mentioned that he failed? Yeah the price of failure is that magic dies. One step at a time until it’s gone from the world completely. So, you know, no pressure or anything. I fail and every shifter, every witch, every creature that has a magical nature will just fade away.

I’m not ready to save the world…

Dragon Fate is the conclusion to the Elise Ddraig, Dragon Chosen Series.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Elise still isn’t happy about being the Chosen One, but when life as she knows it is put in the balance she’ll have no choice but step up and be the person/dragon she was meant to be.

Lou is caught between a love lost and love that simply isn’t the same. He’s a protector and he needs to be loved by someone he can protect.

Chaos may be the Chosen One to destroy her and magic, but he has a few agendas of his own. If only he could get Elise on board with his radical movements then things would be right, but she isn’t one to follow and neither is he.

“Don’t stand against me. Let me do what has to be done.”

So much happens in Dragon Fate that it kept me glued to the pages. Surprise alliances, hidden agendas, true identities, and I love so deep it can overcome just about anything.

I love how the stories all entwine within one another bringing back characters from other short stories I’ve enjoyed. On that note, there are some more loose ends to tie up, but Luke seems to be on that. This one, however, does bring Elise’s story to an end…or is it a beginning?

My Favorite Moment: I’m not entirely sure why, but I absolutely loved the moment when Elise met Matthew. It  fully captured my attention and drew me into the moment.

Jenn 4.5 Heart

*Clicking on the book cover above will take you to the Amazon purchase page.

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