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Review of Speared by a Merman: A Merman Erotic Short Story by Shady Fae


“Now that’s how you Zen.”


Genre: Erotica, Short Story

Book Length (Est.): 14 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Fantasy. Desire. Tail-pounding water sex.

Pop star sensation Jacee needs some Zen time, far from the hectic hubub of prying paparazzi and raving fans. So when she takes her private yacht out to sea, she figures the only action she’ll get is inside one of the romance books she brought — or with the captain, though he’s not exactly her type.

Imagine her surprise when a man pops out of the water as she’s lounging on the deck, sipping on wine and considering her options.

Except he’s not a man.

The exotic merman is all muscle, dimples, and cerulean eyes, and she soon finds out he’s more than ready to take her for a ride. All she has to do is say yes and dive into the real-life fantasy swimming in front of her.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Jacee is a pop star who needs some zen time away from the paparazzi. On a yacht with only her captain she realizes how boring it can be without technology to keep her entertained. She even contemplates maybe sleeping with him to pass the time. But then a sexy merman appears and suddenly she mentions that she doesn’t just fall into bed with anyone. That was a little amusing since she just commented on the captain being a potential partner and then immediately starts drooling over Cerulean.

Cerulean is a merman who saw a goddess he wants to spear. And spear her he shall.

Speared by a Merman is exactly what the title says. It’s a quickie read about a bored girl and a horny merman who find passion amongst the waves. If you’re looking for any sort of depth you will not find it here, but if you want to know what it’s like to be with a merman and only have fifteen minutes to spare then this is the book for you. However, I should warn you that it’s kind of written like a cheesy porn with things like… “He filled her, his squirt bathing her insides.” Yeah, that makes me laugh every time I read it.

Jenn 3 Heart

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Review of Somewhere Warm: A New Year’s Eve Short Story (Stuck With You #1) by G. G. Andrew

Somewhere Warm

Crackling Desires


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 54 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

 What if you fell for your best friend’s ex—the one that had made her life a living hell?

All Zoe had to do was pick up a box of her best friend Haley’s things from Haley’s brooding ex-husband, Evan.

She didn’t expect her car to get hit by a snowplow. She didn’t expect for the icy Maine blizzard to start early. She didn’t expect to be stuck inside Evan’s warm cabin—alone with him—on New Year’s Eve.

And, most of all, she didn’t expect to come undone by the heat in Evan’s eyes.

This is the first story in the STUCK WITH YOU novella series. In each story, two people come face-to-face with extreme weather that forces them together…and creates the right atmosphere to fall in love.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Zoe thought she was doing her best friend a favor by picking up some things from an ex, but it turns out nothing is what she thought it was. Evan isn’t the evil man he’d been portrayed as and in fact he’s actually someone Zoe has known for a while, although only through his work and not directly. If there was ever a bonding moment, her discovering who he actually is was it.

Evan is incredibly sweet and hospitable even though Zoe isn’t exactly the essence of niceness. I think she actually enjoys pushing his buttons, but he apparently sees something in her that he can’t quite dispel.

“And how’s hibernation working out for you?” I said, a little out of breath.

Our eyes met as he spoke. “It was a plan that was working. Was.”

This is the kind of book you just curl up with for the evening. Somewhere Warm is filled with a sweet passion that hums through the pages.

My Favorite Moment: When everything clicked in Zoe’s head and she realized the truth and what she needed to do about it.

Jenn 5 Heart

*Clicking on the book cover above will take you to the Amazon purchase page.

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Review of Prey For Day and Other Stories by Joss L. Riley


Book Description/Synopsis: 

Supernatural beings living amongst humans. Vengeful angels. Worlds with no hope. ‘Prey For Day and Other Stories’ is a collection of four spine-tingling and thought-provoking tales. Devour these wicked treats from author Joss L. Riley. In this debut publication, Joss introduces you to four of her bravest characters as they face uncertainty and doom.

Born a vampire in a world where supernaturals no longer have to hide their existence, Eva lives with a secret dangerous enough to threaten the tenuous balance between her kind and humanity in the title story, ‘Prey For Day’.

In ‘The Dreadful Death of Dark Midnight’, be careful what you pray for. The angels of the Black Paternoster may be listening.

Take a glimpse into bleak futures, where nature rebels against itself and humanity is at the mercy of the elements in the flash fiction stories: ‘Black Rains’ and ‘No Dawn Again’.

This dark fiction collection is a must for horror and fantasy fans. 

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Prey For Day – Eva is a unique vampire who is torn away from her life and her human best friend, Danny, by a vampire hunter named Six. I really enjoyed this story, but wished it to continue. I could easily see this being a prequel to an entire full length book. My fingers are crossed!

The Dreadful Dead of Dark Midnight – Julian has committed an atrocity. He is a lost soul. But there are plans that will right his path. Even in death our purpose awaits.

Black Rains – Cala tells her daughter, Lily, a bedtime story about red moons and appeasing gods. It was a simple act of putting her child’s fears to rest before tending to her other duties and council.

No Dawn Again A quick overview of what would happen if time stopped from the point of view of Paul Samson, a man who was set on his sticking to his routine of sitting in his squeaky lawn chair, drinking Red Creek, and gazing up at the everlasting morning as he awaited the world to end.

Sometimes when I read super short stories I feel as if I’m grasping at an idea; one that is kept just out of reach.

My Favorite Story: Prey For Day. It captivated my attention and I dreaded finding the last page. Maybe one day there will be more to the story of Eva and Danny.

Overall, I give this 3 stars! 

You can find Prey For Day and Other Stories by Joss L. Riley on Amazon.

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