Review of The Witch of the Prophecy by Victoria Jayne

“A vampire whose heart beats for a witch… The witch who belongs to a wolf…”


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Length: 255 Pages

POV: Third Person


Divina’s had it with the prophecy.

The vampire whose heart beats for a witch that belongs to a wolf shall save us all. He shall take his throne and rule over all kinds. If not, the vampire who belongs to the witch will end all kinds.

Divina’s not convinced the prophecy is about her. Her manipulative vampire ex-boyfriend, Rori, is reluctant to give up his love for her to pursue the throne. Meanwhile, the wolf shifter meant to claim Divina doesn’t believe in the prophecy. However, he does believe Divina is his mate.

With the pressures of the prophecy and the most powerful coven in the present-day United States, Divina is left to choose between complying with the prophecy and mating with Aric—or leaving it all behind to allow the catastrophic possibility of supernatural beings getting exposed to humans.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from Barclay Publicity.*

Divina (a witch) fell in love with Rori (a vampire). He left and broke her heart. Then out of nowhere he shows back up in her life telling her she’s some sort of prophecy and he only left her because he was told to.

“A vampire whose heart beats for a witch… The witch who belongs to a wolf… He will save all kinds. He gets the throne.”

Divina doesn’t want to be part of a prophecy. She doesn’t want the Ember Witches to be messing around in her life, attempting to control her fate. And she doesn’t want to be manipulated by the vampire she once loved.

Desperate to do what she wants for a change she enjoys a day with Aric who she quickly falls in lust with. What she doesn’t know is he’s a werewolf. Apparently the third part in the prophecy and she feels betrayed.

“He wanted her. His wolf needed her.”

She wants to control her own fate. And she doesn’t want anyone in her life who thinks she can’t.

Rori has to decide between his mate and the power of the throne. It’s a choice that no matter how badly he may want to change later, he won’t be able to.

Aric likes his life outside the pack. He doesn’t want to be part of some prophecy. He doesn’t however want his mate.

The Witch of the Prophecy is the first book in the series. It lays the plot down well and left me wanting more. Not sure how I feel about Rori at this moment, but I am kind of Team Aric. I want him to woo his mate.

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Review of Pierced (Vampires of Scarlet Harbor, #1) by Keira Blackwood

“I caught you”


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Length (Est.): 164 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

Late-night hunts for a crazed serial killer, a vampire-obsessed best friend, and a mountain of classwork is enough for any woman to juggle. But Hannah Lewis isn’t just any coed. She happens to make the best microwaved brownies in Scarlet Harbor. Plus, she’s a wolf shifter.

On a mission to investigate reports of zombie-like monsters terrorizing the masses, vampire Bennet Pierce is prepared for anything—except for the blue-eyed vixen that changes everything. How can he protect her from harm if he himself is a threat?

This story contains steamy vampire/shifter romance, action-packed and suspenseful circumstances, scorching love scenes, and a happily ever after ending. To see more of the Vampires of Scarlet Harbor, and Walter’s chance at love, watch out for Vampires of Scarlet Harbor book two–Hunted.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Hannah is a wolf shifter who moved to Scarlet Harbor not only to go to college, but to get away from her pack and find herself. Who she found was not what she’d expected. She had a roommate obsessed with vampires and hunting down some rogue vampire who was killing people, a mysterious man whom her mind nor body could ignore, and creatures who wanted to eat her, not to mention the ones who only wanted to drink her blood. Nope, not what she’d expected at all.

Bennett is a vampire assigned to investigate and kill Hannah, but he can’t. From the first time he saw her he’d been unexplainably drawn to her and his need to protect her outweighed any and every thing else…even going against his own.

Pierced is a fast paced read that alternates between Hannah and Bennett’s POVs. It gives you glimpses into each of their worlds, their feelings, and leads you to their HAE. To me it seemed to lack a little oomph. There was not really any build up to the ending, definitely lacked the suspense needed, and then everything happened quickly and I was like “What the hell just happened?”

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Review of Reclaimed (Morta Fox #2) by D.N. Hoxa


Finding Hammer


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Length (Est.): 325 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Being a vampire for hundreds of years, Hammer knew all about promises when he made one to Morta Fox. The problem was, he never counted on her being the most stubborn, big-mouthed, unbelievably amazing vampire he’d ever met. He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her, but he did.

Stuck in the Red Dimension for seven years, it’s hard to hold onto hope, until Hammer runs into his Doyen. Ray Bardos has been trapped in there for more than a century, and now he claims to know a way out.

Hammer would do anything at all if it means seeing Morta again, so he doesn’t ask questions. To get out, he must give away a part of himself. He’s willing and ready, but he has no idea what exactly this means until it’s too late.

And when Hammer finally makes it out of the Red Dimension, Morta Fox isn’t the only vampire he needs to find.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

At the end of book one, Heartbeat, Hammer promised he’d come back to Morta. Every single day he was in the Red Dimension he thought of her, of getting back to her, and when he had the opportunity to do so he grasped at it with both frozen and burning hands. Only thing he didn’t realize is what he’d be giving up to return.

Finding himself waking up in a strange place and in a strange time he didn’t understand Hammer was lost. He got lucky finding someone who actually cared about his well-being, but who also had his own agendas. There’s also people who knew him before he died, who were once his friends, decide they know what’s best for him instead of listening to what he wants. Sometimes you don’t see betrayal even when you’re staring it in the face.

I liked how the tracker led the story to a place I didn’t expect. It was a nice turn of events and I cannot wait to see how it all plays out in the next book.

What I didn’t like was that Morta was barely in this book. Reclaimed is all about Hammer coming back and discovering himself again. It was only a let down to me because I wanted so badly to see them reunited and it almost seemed as if it was written as an afterthought.

Oh and a small warning to those wrapped up in the Morta Fox world…this also has a cliffhanger ending. It’s not near as drastic as in Heartbeat, but it’s still pretty harsh.

Jenn 4 Heart

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Review of Heartbeat (Morta Fox #1) by D.N. Hoxa


Holy Cliffhanger Hell


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Length (Est.): 317 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Almost twenty years ago, earth shook from explosions that killed billions, and wiped away civilization. Only a small part of the city of Boston remained intact.

To Morta Fox, a twenty-year-old girl living all alone outside the Wall of Protection, waking up with a craving for blood is something she never imagined could happen. To make matters even worse, a vampire who calls himself Hammer takes away her last attempt at self-destruction.

Hammer has been chasing Everard – the vampire last seen with his missing mate – for a year. Right before he finds him, he witnesses a girl jump off the tenth floor of a building. Though her bones break, she heals just as fast. When she stands up, she runs as fast as only vampires can. But she can’t possibly be one, because…she has a beating heart.

When Hammer saves Morta against her will, she’s furious. Until he proposes a deal. If Morta agrees to help him find her Lord Everard, Hammer will, in return, kill her. It’s a simple deal. They even make a promise, and in the vampire world, promises cannot be broken.

Nothing goes as planned. Morta soon discovers that her beating heart is not the only thing that makes her unusual, and Hammer is the only one who is willing to protect her. Being equally stubborn, it takes a long time for them to admit that constantly saving each other from harm has nothing to do with their deal, and everything to do with how they feel.

By the time that happens, Morta’s part of the deal is completed, and Hammer has only seven days left to fulfill his. What happens to a vampire when he doesn’t keep his promise?

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Morta lives in a self-imposed exile outside the Wall of Protection. She’s alone, but she’s a survivor…that is until she sees something her eyes don’t understand and runs to tell. She loves humanity, but it won’t take long for her to realize humans can be just as evil as she thinks the vampires are. She thinks they’re monsters and she doesn’t want to be one. Not even the monster to the monsters that she is. All she wants is for her life to end, which is impossible for a vampire to do themselves, so she makes a deal with someone who needs her help.

“When you kissed me, I…I felt like…”

“Like standing in sunlight again,” he whispered.

Hammer is good at taking care of himself, he’d spent many years gaining the respect, or fear, that he has, and all it takes is one newbie vampire with a heartbeat and a smart mouth to change him. His characters isn’t the open book like Morta’s. I’m sure he has a long and weary past that will slowly come out in the series. At least I hope so…because after that cliffhanger ending I’m not at all sure of where this series will lead, but I know one thing for sure, I cannot wait to find out.

It was interesting watching the characters evolve as the plot unfolded. I enjoyed every crazy moment of Heartbeat. It’s an interesting twist on vampires, humans, and the world that left me hooked.

My Favorite Moment was a gesture Hammer made, one giving Morta a glance into a city she so badly wanted to see. She was more appreciative than either could have imagined.

Jenn 5 Heart

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Blog Tour – Review of Eternal Fires (Guardian Witch #7) by Ally Shields

Eternal Fires

A Fiery Finale


Genre: Paranormal Suspense, Romance (Witches, Werewolves, Vampires)

Book Length (Est.): 280 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Guardian Witch Book Seven

It started with the murder of a stranger. Then the crows appeared…

Ari and Andreas know the O-Seven will never leave them alone. Ari is carrying Andreas’s mortal child, but the vampire elders are convinced the child will be the first vampire baby and are out to posses it. Or kill it. Either way, Ari and Andreas will do anything to keep their unborn child safe, even if it means Ari has to go into hiding and leave Andreas exposed to the O-Seven alone.

But then the O-Seven call on the Mahmo magic that can turn an elder into a winged killer, and each time Ari runs, they find her again. The only way to protect their child’s future is to defeat the O-Seven, once and for all.

And to do that, Ari will have to face the elders head-on in their castle stronghold deep in Germany’s Black Forest…

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from Red Moon Book Tours in exchange for an honest review*

The line between friends and enemies still remains a little blurry. Everyone has secrets, but it’s the ones that effect Andreas and Ari that are the most problematic. Sometimes you simply don’t know who to trust.

With a baby on the way, (YAY Ari and Andreas!), he’s even more stubborn about her safety. It’s sweet and she knows it, but Ari is Ari and some things aren’t as easy to change, but she’ll do what she must to protect their baby. And Andreas will become even more of a badass in order to protect his family. A sexy vampire with witch powers…damn he is one hot alpha male.

“Make love to me, Andreas. If we don’t make it through tonight, I want loving you to be one of the last things I do.”

A dead body, crazy baby rumors, freaky crows, and hellhounds only add to unease the O-Seven are causing. Andreas and Ari are willing to risk everything for their family…but so are their friends. It will become a battle of battles and everything will be on the line.

Eternal Fires is a suspenseful, action packed ending to the Guardian Witch series. Enemies will become allies, friends will become enemies, and everything will become a hectic swirl of chaos until it all plays out. This is how you end a series with a bang!

My Favorite Moment: I have several favorites in this one, but nothing like a little sass mixed with suspense and one determined vampire.

His jolt of alarm sizzled across their telepathic link. “Where are you?”

“I’m with Steffan and Jena, on the way to his house. I’m safe.”

“Like hell you are. Not from hellhounds.” he shut the connection.

Ari’s heart pounded with rising panic. He would try to get to her. The hounds would tear him pieces.

Jenn 5 Heart

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The Guardian Witch Series

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Blog Tour – Review of Wild Fire (Guardian Witch #6) by Ally Shields

Wild Fire

Never Doubt Destiny


Genre: Paranormal Suspense, Romance (Witches, Werewolves, Vampires)

Book Length (Est.): 294 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Guardian Witch Book 6

A vision. A lost talisman. A dangerous journey through time…

A month after their bonding, Ari and Andreas are still adjusting to married life when they learn the hard way that the O-Seven, the terrifying and brutal vampire elders, still have them in their sights. A three million dollar bounty hangs over each of their heads, and there’s no lack of assassins eager to collect.

When the local seer has a terrifying vision of the destruction of Riverdale, it’s up to Ari—as usual—to keep everyone safe. Only this time, an enemy from the past has bound her fire powers, and the city’s string of arsons seems connected.

Daron, the vampire prince in Toronto, has information that two of the vampire elders are on their way to Riverdale. Which can’t be good. Only a risky and unprecedented journey through time can provide the help they need. But that will leave Andreas to face the O-Seven alone…

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from Red Moon Book Tours in exchange for an honest review*

Andreas and Ari got married at the end of  Fire Storm and all they want is a little time to enjoy it, but with the O-Seven persistently after them things won’t slow down any time soon. Andreas has to stand beside Daron while Ari is sent on a little journey through time to recover something once lost.

“Signorina, have you not made a mistake that you regret? I have come to beg your forgiveness.”

I really enjoyed the back and forth…following Andreas and Ari as they were both in different places and time periods. Her interactions were very interesting while she was gone, no matter what time she’s in Ari is still the same sassy smart mouthed Ari, and I loved how it all played out.

“Which side of me do you prefer?” he whispered, running lips along her throat. “The man or the vampire.”

“I am so not going there.”

Their connection continues to grow and the possibilities of what they can do is endless. They may only wish to be left alone, but when they’re pushed into a corner they have no problem pushing back.

Wild Fire is a dividing journey that will bring power and love together. The line between enemies and friends will become a little blurry and risks will be taken. And when you get to the end you’ll be ready to start Eternal Fires, the final installment of the Guardian Witch series. I know I can’t wait to see how it all comes together, especially with the surprise addition at the end.

My Favorite Laughable Moment: Their first attempt at trying new technology was hilarious. The lights! The sarcastic comments! And definitely the laughing! It was priceless.

Jenn 4 Heart

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The Guardian Witch Series

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Blog Tour – Review of Fire Storm (Guardian Witch #5) by Ally Shields

Fire Storm

Never Lose Faith In Your Love


Genre: Paranormal Suspense, Romance (Witches, Werewolves, Vampires)

Book Length (Est.): 300 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Guardian Witch Book 5

Sometimes you just need to stay alive to fight another day.

Six months ago Ari moved in with the vampire prince Andreas. They defied the vampire elders in Europe, killed their enforcer, and have waited for retaliation that never came.

Until now.

On a trip to Italy, Andreas is captured by the vampire rulers, the notorious O-Seven, and taken in chains to their stronghold in Germany. Ari goes after him, even though it’s against the orders of her Magic Council. She is fired for her actions, losing her special Guardian powers at a time she needs them most.

But the vampire rulers are not through with her or with those who attempt to help her. They launch attacks in Europe and at home in Riverdale. Ari is forced to fight them on several fronts, and victory grows increasingly uncertain.

Her last chance to rescue Andreas is a daring plan that places her in the hands of the O-Seven and relies on untested witch magic, the final hope for their survival.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from Red Moon Book Tours in exchange for an honest review*

Unlikely bonds are formed, traitors step forward to revel in their treachery, and life for Andreas and Ari will change forever.

Ari and Andreas are officially living together, but with the threat of the O-Seven still pushing in around them things are more tense than happy. When Andreas is taken captive Ari will stop at nothing to get him back…not even his resistance or stories of betrayal will keep her from following her heart.

“Are you all right? My God, Arianna. I wanted to tear out their evil hearts.”

There’s a lot that happens in Fire Storm, and yet at the same time it seemed to drag on as if nothing was happening. For the overall series storyline I know there were important things that light was shed on, but at the same time this was definitely not my favorite book. Many of the characters I have grown to love only had minor parts and many new characters were introduced that I didn’t feel connected to. However, I loved the ending!

My Favorite Moment: I always enjoy when Ari has gotten fed up and goes barging in somewhere. Warlock or not she’ll set Riverdale free with her fiery vengeance and when push comes to shove she’ll take back what’s hers.

Jenn 3.5 Heart

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The Guardian Witch Series

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