Review of Without Judgment (Without #3) by Aubrey Bondurant

“Not adulting today.” 


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 346 Pages

POV:  Alternating First Person


Do you know what I got for always being the good girl? A cheating ex, fake friends, and now a scandal that has even my own father ashamed of me.

No one believes it isn’t me on the video. My new bodyguard is no exception. Mason is not only my brother’s best friend, but my newly assigned babysitter who wishes he was anywhere but here.

He’s both hot and judgmental. It’s a maddening combination that has me wanting to push all his buttons.

With his bad boy vibe, alpha demeanor and the way he calls me princess, I’m convinced my draw to him is crazy. Until I learn under the tattoos and piercings there may be more than meets the eye. Turns out I may not be the only one fighting the attraction.

I’m determined not to be the helpless girl everyone thinks I am, even if it means taking drastic measures.

The question is whose side will Mason be on in the end?

*** Without Judgment is a standalone romance for mature audiences due to steamy bedroom scenes that are in no way contained to just the bedroom.***

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received an ARC of this book free from the author.*

Everything went downhill after Avery broke up with her ‘perfect’ boyfriend. He leaked a video of him having sex, supposedly with her, although it wasn’t. She knew the truth, but no one would believe her. Her dad acts embarrassed, her friends basically tell her to enjoy the limelight, and her new bodyguard thinks he guarding some kind of party princess. She just wants it all to go away. Well…maybe not her bodyguard.

“He was sex on an angry stick.”

After the military Mason decided to open his own security company, but while starting it up his best friend aka Avery’s brother asked him to watch her until all the publicity died down and he couldn’t exactly tell him no. He would rather be doing anything else than guarding some rich princess that spent all day shopping and hanging with her friends, but he had a debt to repay.

“Are you wet for me, princess?”


Slowly Avery learned that none of her friends were actually friends. Her dad was always gone campaigning and all she had was the sulky bodyguard to keep her company.

“You going to take me over your knee and spank me?”

I love watching how they progressed from not caring to even talk to one another to Avery waking Mason with a water gun, to him taking her out of town (for her safety of course). That cabin was about as rustic as it could get and yet he made it perfect for her.

“I’m not as big of a prima donna as you seem to think I am. Although if there’s a spider, all bets are off. You can call me whatever you wish so long as you kill it for me.”

Without Judgment has the perfect balance of sweet and sexy, with some humor mixed in. Watching their relationship develop and watching the ups and downs of a father/daughter relationship were heartwarming. But don’t think it’s all mush. There’s a lot of chemistry between these two and when they finally give into all that heat the pages explode with their desires.

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Review of Without Regret (Without #2) by Aubrey Bondurant

“It was official: I’d been fucked senseless.” 


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 307 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

Rejection and I have an understanding: I don’t put myself out there and it doesn’t screw with my life any more.
I keep my feelings hidden, and my heart locked away.
It was working well until he came along and threatened my impenetrable armor, one honeyed word at a time.

With his clean cut looks, and southern manners, I’m convinced he’s not my type. Until I learn Trevor isn’t the same gentleman
in the bedroom as he is in the boardroom.

But once he learns my secrets, and my carefully constructed facade starts to crumble, it’s my turn to do the rejecting.

I only hope he doesn’t listen.

*** Without Regret is a standalone romance for mature audiences due to steamy bedroom scenes that are in no way contained to just the bedroom.***

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

If you read Without Apology first then you already know Emma and her like of tattooed and pierced men. In Without Regret you learn the details of why. She has a sad past and I think the way she’s dealt with it, dating wise, is even more sad. She actually isn’t sure how to love and the thought of actually falling for a guy terrifies the crap out of her…but sometimes you just can’t how you feel. Especially when it’s one determined cowboy.

“Despite telling him and myself I wouldn’t get attached, I was already missing his stupid face.”

Trevor isn’t the typical suit. He a tattooed, pierced, motorcycle riding, sweet talking… gentleman. He wants her from the time they met, even if it was a completely awkward situation that involved his hysterical sister, and he refused to take no for an answer or be permanently friend zoned. He’s one determined man who knows exactly what he wants and just how to get it.

“So much for friend-zoning my feelings – they were busy figuring out a way to friend-suck her bottom lip.”

Without Regret was completely captivating and difficult to put down. The characters were very well written and had no problem capturing my full attention. The storyline had just enough twists and turns to keep me interested and the satisfaction of finally getting to witness one well deserved person punched in the face was worth the wait. I look forward to seeing where the Without series goes…but can I just say that Trevor’s sister with Trevor’s best friend…now that is what I want to see…fingers crossed.

One of my favorite snip-its (I just love his gentlemanly determination mixed with her sass.)…

“What are you doing here?”

“That’s my question for you. Your date – what was his name?”

I gritted my teeth. “I don’t know.”

He leaned against my door jamb, amusement in his eyes. “We’ll go with Operation Make Trevor Jealous, then.”

My temper riled. “I did not leave with him to make you jealous.”

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Review of Without Apology (Without #1) by Aubrey Bondurant

“British and Sexy. Brexy.”


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 284 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

He’s neat, always on time, and a professed workaholic. I’m chaotic, always running late, and looking for more from life than just my job. Yet our mutual attraction is undeniable.

The last thing I expected after our first date was to have Simon show up at my office. The warm and funny guy I’d met was now gone, replaced by the cold and calculating man in an impeccable suit. While my professional future is in his hands, I can’t stop thinking about how his hands felt on my body.

Whatever had started between us can’t possibly happen now, but that’s easier said than done. Because the more I try not to think of his sexy smirk or delicious accent, the harder it is to stay away. And if our forbidden office kiss is any indication, his resolve is slipping too.

I’ve sworn I’d never fall for a man who puts his job first.
Too bad my heart isn’t listening.

*** Without Apology is a standalone romance for mature audiences due to steamy bedroom scenes that are in no way contained to just the bedroom.***

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received an ARC of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Peyton is messy but organized, she’s funny, sweet, and completely likeable.

Simon is a suit! He’s always in suits, always super organized (a little OCD, but it’s funny), and definitely not ready for a Peyton in his life.

“I rushed this last time. Now I’m planning to savor you.”

Some people are just meant to meet. Thanks to a little small town familiarity Peyton is embarrassingly introduced to Simon at the grocery store checkout. Their first date is sweet. Then they meet again in a different venue and as two completely different people. Gone are the carefree people from the grocery store. They’re replaced with company red tape and lines that shouldn’t be crossed. But when you already had a little sample it doesn’t take long to go crashing across the imaginary lines and into each other’s arms.

“That was… Wow. I know you enjoy control, but I have to say I’m a big fan of you losing it.”

Without Apology was both fun and entertaining. It had just enough “work issues” to make the plot interesting and with Peyton and Simon’s characters so well written it was hard not to fall in love with them. There’s a little of everything in this book…the asinine people you want to hit with your car, the super embarrassing family, the smart-mouthed but loveable assistant, the romance, the sex, and even the grand gestures. There’s even an epilogue that made for a perfect ending. Looking forward to the next Without book.

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