Review of Her Aussie Holiday (Patterson’s Bluff #2) by Stefanie London

“You gave me sexually transmitted glitter…”


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Length: 249 Pages

POV: Third Person


The Holiday meets Property Brothers in this head over heels romantic comedy full of humor and heart, with a charming Aussie setting.

Cora Cabot’s life is falling apart. So when her Australian friend announces she’s secured an internship in the States, Cora has a brilliant idea: house swap! Small-town Australia sounds like the perfect getaway. Only, when she gets there, the house isn’t empty. Turns out her friend’s hot Australian brother is staying there, too—and he doesn’t look happy to see her.

The last thing Trent Walters needs is a roommate for the summer. Especially an American who immediately floods the house and single-handedly destroys the family project his sister created for their parents’ anniversary. Now, not only does Cora insist on helping fix the house, he needs her help re-creating the family scrapbook. And glitter is not his forte.

But between late nights cooking, pints at the local pub, and competitive matches of cricket on the beach, Cora starts to break through Trent’s defenses. Too bad Cora made a promise to return to working with her father at the end of the summer—a promise she can’t break—because this holiday is starting to feel like one she never wants to end.

Each book in the Patterson’s Bluff series is STANDALONE:
* The Aussie Next Door
* Her Aussie Holiday

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley.*

Cora wasn’t raised in a typical loving household. She was raised like a robot. Always doing what she was told, even if she didn’t like it. Always wanting praise and love from her parents, that she rarely received. Even as an adult she put wanting to please her dad over her own wants and happiness. And her trying to write a book that he would represent would be the death of her.

Cora’s self doubt was frustrating at times. The fact that she is a grown woman who depends so much on what her father thinks about her, about him considering her a success before she could even fathom the idea, had me not liking her very much. But there would be moments when you could glimpse the real woman behind the insecurities. Now that woman was a sweetheart.

“There wasn’t a single doubt in her mind that he was good with his hands. Panty-meltingly, brain-numbingly, skin-scorchingly good.”

Trent didn’t expect there to be someone staying in his sister’s house. He was going to use her being away to get it the renovations completed. But then again someone staying there did not keep him from doing exactly what he intended to do. He needed a place to stay and there were two rooms. Didn’t matter if the woman staying there was the spitting image of his ex, who left him. Nope that had nothing to do with it. Or well not after he got to actually know her that was.

Trent wasn’t like the other siblings in his family. They all wanted to settle down, raise families, and live the life. That life scared him. He somehow thought that putting himself first and putting down his own roots would somehow make him feel trapped, instead of the carefree life he enjoyed living.

Trent had been keeping a secret from his siblings for so long that it was part of him. Until Cora had come into his life he just excepted it as a way of life, but she made him see that it was just something he was hiding behind because he was scared of what would happen if he told them the truth. But everyone loves him. He’s sweet, he always lends a helping hand, he funny….he kind of perfect the way he is, and his family reminds him of that.

“I’m overheated because I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like if you kissed me.”

Together Cora and Trent open up a friendly humor that had me laughing out loud. From flooding bathrooms to glitter explosions Her Aussie Holiday is definitely not a boring read. The characters were well developed and the storyline had just enough twists to keep the pages turning. I’d suggest this book to anyone looking for a humor entwined sweet love story.

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PROMO: Storybook, Inc. by Parker Pace

YA Romance (with a backdrop of Mystery & Suspense) – 352 Pages

About the Book:

No sooner is clinically depressed heiress Mica Psmith expelled from the twelfth grade than the principal of her high school offers her a unique proposal. She can graduate on time if she enrolls in a secretive boarding school whose motto—The program will change your life or your money back—seems all too vague.

In spite of reservations (if there’s one thing she doesn’t care for it’s meddling, and Principal Goodman is a meddler), Mica enrolls in the program, setting into motion a bizarre series of events. Though at first the tricks seem harmless, the events grow increasingly more interconnected and dangerous. Alone except for her traveling companion, Roman, Mica begins to fear for her life.

Terrified of the growing possibility that the program is little more than a theatrical con game, or worse, of the very real possibility that it is a death plot, Mica and Roman risk everything to uncover the truth. But is Roman really watching out for Mica or is he tied to the criminals tracking her every step?


He looks at me strangely, and for an instant, I want to believe him. I want to believe everything he says. That Julia is alive. That the whole thing is nothing more than a waking nightmare; the twisted manifestation of an actor’s grief, brought to life by insanity, and dressed up like therapy. Connections branch through my mind like a spider web, drawing me backward in time. I replay every word out of Dr. Bluth’s mouth, searching for answers, and finding only questions.

“You must think I’m crazy,” I say, and stop crying. Roman shakes his head violently.

“You’re not crazy. That’s just the tea,” he says, reaching for my arm. He moves cautiously, like a cat in a rainstorm. “Remember the man who ran into you in the diner? You said it was strange, almost like he did it on purpose. That’s because he did it on purpose. Only he didn’t run into you; he hypnotized you. Aggie’s tea was the trigger. That’s why when you drank it—”

I feel weak, like I need to sit down, and my stomach wants to throw up. Roman’s voice is more animated than before. He smiles a slow smile, and when he talks, he sounds almost like his old self.

“Mica, you need to calm down,” he says. “So far, this has been the bad news. Let me give you the good news. You’re different than when I met you. I hardly know you, and even I think you’re different. Julia sees it, too.”

The words churn around in my gut like a flesh-eating bacteria, slowly tearing their way through my system. I find myself lowering the gun, and forcefully point it at Roman’s face. His shoulders slump down in fear.

“If you’re quiet, you can almost hear them next door,” he says, suddenly worried. The tired look on his face disappears like steam from a kettle. “Dr. Bluth—the woman with the gravelly voice. Principal Goodman. Remember the woman with the locket? Her name is Pippa. All of them, waiting to meet you. Mica, what I’m saying is true. Believe it or not, we’re the good guys.”

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PROMO: A Tracker’s Tale (Trackers #1) by Karen Avizur

Paranormal & Urban Fantasy – 275 Pages

About the Book:

Welcome to the strange and perilous world of Katherine Colebrook: FBI special agent, Los Angeles… Trackers Division.

In Katherine’s world, werewolves, vampires, púcas, and other parasapien species – forced for centuries by human fear and prejudice to live at the fringes of society – have finally come out of hiding to demand their rightful place alongside us. It’s a fragile co-existence, fraught with mutual distrust: a new social contract for which the rules are still evolving. And when those rules break down – usually when a parasapien begins preying on humans – that’s when the Trackers step in. It’s their job to hunt them down and stop them by any means necessary.

Within this elite unit, Katherine Colebrook is one of the best. Her psychic abilities made her a natural for the Trackers Division, allowing her to move between the parasapien and human worlds in ways that no other agent could. But Katherine’s calling hasn’t come without struggle and losses along the way. As a single mother, she must contend with her teenage daughter, Alexandra, who not only shares Katherine’s psychic abilities, but seems determined to follow the same dangerous path as her mother.

And so, when Katherine’s latest assignment threatens to bring that danger too close home, she finds herself faced with the toughest challenge of her career: Can she protect her daughter’s life, while battling a ruthless adversary who’ll stop at nothing to destroy her?


“Are werewolves allowed in the courthouse?”

It took Katherine Colebrook a moment to realize the young woman in the elevator had spoken to her, pulling her from her thoughts. It then took her another moment to find her voice. “Why wouldn’t they be?”

“I’ve just heard indoors they can get…you know…”

Katherine’s light green eyes stared at the woman until it was clear she wasn’t going to continue. “…Bored?”

The woman let out a small laugh. “Right. Bored.” Her tone signified the end of the conversation, or so Katherine thought, as the elevator stopped at the third floor. 

Two middle-aged men entered, wearing tailored suits and full-grain leather shoes that gave them the instant classification of lawyer. One pressed the button for the fourth floor, continuing some small talk about a case they were working on. Katherine pursed her lips. The elevator. For one flight of stairs. No wonder America had health problems.

“Are you going to the sixth floor for that werewolf case?” The young woman spoke up again, her voice a bit hushed, sidling a few inches closer. “I saw your FBI badge. Are you here for that werewolf in the news?”

Katherine glanced briefly to the woman before fixing her gaze on the elevator doors again. “Yeah, actually.”

“Wow, seriously?” she whispered. “I don’t even know any werewolves.”

Really? Katherine wished she could say the word out loud, drenching it in sarcasm. The doors opened, letting the lawyers out, and mercifully skipped the fifth floor, going straight on to their destination. 

“So are you here to make sure the werewolf doesn’t attack anyone or something?” the young woman asked. 

“Off the record,” Katherine spoke as the elevator doors opened, “I’m here to help him put the psychopath that attacked him and his friends in prison.” She looked to the reporter, whose face went slack and then smug. “I don’t talk to reporters like you.”

“Like me?”

Katherine turned and left the elevator without another word. 

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PROMO: Assault on Devil’s Den: Champion of Valor (The Sarcasca Chronicles #1) by Eric Balch

Fantasy – 316 Pages

About the Book:

Pelagius, servant of Ender, god of valor, is haunted by his recent and brutal battles. He is tired, battle-weary, and ready to put down the mantle of hero. Seeking a reprieve from the nightmarish memories of his endeavors, he and his companion, Bojan, rest in a small hamlet. However, it seems as though the once-proud hero can never be free from danger.

During his stay, he and Bojan witness a terrible magical attack. The mysterious Green-Eyed Man uses dark magic that steals the very souls of its victims.

Realizing that the source of the Green-Eyed Man’s power is none other than the soul-devouring Babu, Pelagius knows there is only one thing he can do. He must infiltrate the fortress of Devil’s Den and kill Babu once and for all. But to reach him—let alone stand a chance at defeating him—they must fortify themselves with a company of heroes from all over the kingdom of Waskan and beyond.

Will Pelagius and Bojan be able to unite a band of diverse heroes to try and conquer evil? Or will a series of unforeseen obstacles along their way stop them before they can take a stand in the Devil’s Den?

Trigger Warnings: Graphic Violence and Animal Death


A loud crash and blood-curdling screams startle Pelagius from his fitful sleep.  Still groggy, he hastily stumbles to the window and looks down to the streets below.  Residents of this small hamlet rush out of their homes to combat an invasion.  The citizens defend themselves as best they can, but most are easily cut down.  As the bodies of the fallen drop to the ground, a blue beam appears, striking them in the chest before quickly withdrawing in a hazy blue mist.

Now fully awake, Pelagius takes action; with no time to don his armor, he slips on his leather padding and retrieves his longsword and a shield.  The sigil on the shield depicts a clenched fist wreathed in green flame.  Despite his age and current doubts, Pelagius is a seasoned warrior and still retains the passion of youth.  Entering the hallway, he knocks on the door across from his room.

“Bojan!” shouts Pelagius. “There’s trouble outside!”

Receiving no answer, he opens the door to find the room empty.  Pelagius quickly turns and rushes down the stairs.  If Bojan had already gone out to assist, that was no surprise.  He may have still been in the tavern and is usually quick to action, always wanting to help when there is trouble.

He throws open the front door, bursts out of the inn, and rushes into the battle, swinging his sword at one of the yellow-eyed, armor-clad warriors, who parries his blow with his own sword.  The invader pushes back with incredible strength, knocking Pelagius off balance.  The umbra warrior thrusts his blade forward, but Pelagius regains his footing, sidestepping the blow, and swings lower than usual, slicing the raider’s hand off, with little reaction from the attacker.  He drives the blade of his sword into the raider’s chest.  As he withdraws his sword, the raider slumps lifelessly to the ground and his body disintegrates into a blue haze, which rapidly vanishes.

“As I feared,” says Pelagius. “An umbra warrior.  This must be the work of one of Babu’s soul hunters.”

Suddenly, another raider lunges at Pelagius with an axe, embedding it in the ground as the aging hero nimbly sidesteps the blow.  With one swift stroke, he decapitates the raider, whose body slumps to the ground and dissolves.

Pelagius turns to see six more umbra warriors chasing after an unarmed inhabitant. As Pelagius gives chase, three of the invaders break off the attack, seemingly distracted by something else, and disappear around the corner.  Coming to a quick decision, Pelagius pursues the trio that split off.

The remaining three warriors bear down on their victim, and Bojan emerges from an alley and comes to his aid.  The axe warrior swings his axe sideways and it lodges in the wall of a nearby building as Bojan jumps to the side.  While the first attacker attempts to dislodge his weapon, the other two surround Bojan.  The second raider swings a pair of flails at Bojan as the third attempts to run him through from behind with a large sword.  However, Bojan rapidly ducks, turns to the side, and palms the side of the blade, redirecting it away from himself.  The chains of the flails catch on the blade and wrap around it, entangling the weapons.

As the umbra warriors struggle to free their weapons, Bojan puts nearly thirty feet between himself and them as a ball of fire appears in his hand.  He throws it into the middle of the three raiders and it explodes, engulfing them in flames.  When the smoke clears, they are lying motionless on the ground, their bodies quickly disintegrating.

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Review of Chasing Fae by Cady Hammer

“The Enchantress shall unite the mages…”


Genre: YA Fantasy

Length: 234 Pages

POV: First Person


Grace Richardson is a young mortal woman whose only concerns are providing for her family, playing her violin, and spending as much time as possible with her brother, Leo. When Leo goes into service in the Fae’s world as a mercenary, she expects him to return with the honor that he deserves.

When Leo suddenly dies in an unspecified accident, not a word, medal, or penny comes down from the higher-ups. Suspecting foul play, Grace disguises herself as a Fae and sneaks into the Upper Realm to get some answers. She anticipates being in way over her head, but the Fae soldier who discovers her true identity only a day in? Not so much.

Now Grace is forced to drag Aiden along as she tries to work out exactly how and why her brother died. Along the way, she has no choice but to confront her prejudices against the Fae as she attempts to sort out the difference between the honest and the dishonest. Political conspiracies, demon realm escapades, and family secrets will all lead Grace to the answers she’s looking for… and some that she isn’t.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Grace has intense musical talent, she trained hard to become a skilled warrior, and she has determination unlike any other. It’s that determination that keeps getting her in over her head. She just thought she was prepared for the Upper Realm, but before she’s there even a full twenty-four hours she already being hunted by soldiers. Thankfully there was one soldier who pulled her to safety.

Aiden is a soldier who has a lot higher rank than he leads on, but I won’t ruin it by telling you exactly who he is. I can tell you that he’s genuine. He listens to Grace’s story and wants to join her crusade. He enjoys fighting for something that gives him purpose. It also doesn’t that he’s doing it alongside a beautiful woman.

Chasing Fae is book one of an enchanting tale that delves into the differences between the Middle, Upper, and Lower Realms. It brings you on a journey of discovery, adventure, and love.

Once Grace hops on that train I couldn’t put it down. She was always getting into something she wasn’t prepared for, meeting people who weren’t exactly who they said they were, and trying to follow leads that didn’t seem to lead anywhere. And the one place she finally finds important information about what she is seeking is in the last place she or Aiden would have expected.

**Warning –  it does end on a slight cliffhanger. Not one of those ‘holy cow what happens next’ kind, more like the ‘I cannot wait to find out what happens next’ kind. Which I can’t. I’m looking forward to the next book and  whatever trouble Grace and Aiden get themselves into while discovering the meaning of the prophecy the Enchantress and her mages foretold.

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Review of Crash (Clark Family #3) by Evelyn Sola

“One. More. Word.”


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 395 pages

POV: Alternating First Person


For the first time in my life, I’m with the family I choose.
Living with my cousin, who happens to be a newlywed, is the best thing ever.
There is one pesky downside, and his name is Lucas Clark.
He’s a spoiled rich boy who was put on this Earth to torture me.
He thinks he can intimidate me, keep me in my place, but I have news for him. No way is he man enough.

And it’s annoying. Like, why do his eyes follow me everywhere? Why do I lose all self-control, seeking him out whenever we share the same space?
I should be running in the opposite direction, right?
His words are harsh, hostile. Until one night, the hostility is replaced by a kiss that almost set us on fire.

She’s a tiny ball of energy. Every bitter and combative word out of her mouth is aimed at me.
My family thinks I walk on water, so I could use any excuse to stay away from her.
She’s nothing more than a man-hating shrew wrapped up in a beautiful package.
Those dark eyes of hers? I see them everywhere.
Her red lips? They beg to be kissed.
And one night, I do. I finally get a taste, but it’s not enough. I want more.

She says she hates me.
I’m used to getting what I want, and what I want is to prove to Vivi that hate is the last thing on her mind when it comes to me.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the Forever Write PR.*

Vivi and Luke didn’t have a typical meet cute. They basically crashed into each other, found an instant attraction that neither wanted and therefore created an instant sarcastic hatred. Once they realized that her cousin was marrying his brother and there was no escaping each other they made it a game of torturing each other…something Luke started to curb his attraction and something she started for payback because he made her self-esteem falter.

Everyone in both families could see the attraction they had for each other even though neither one of them would admit it. Each tried to fight the attraction and instead focus on the mutual hate they each assumed the other had. That is until she began working for him and he couldn’t resist her anymore.

“I have the one thing I want. The one thing I didn’t know I needed. I have you.”

I enjoyed the jealousy drama. Luke was hella good at knowing how to make Vivi jealous even before they were together. He wanted under her skin. He wanted her to want him as badly as he wanted her. But oh boy did he go about it the wrong way. And he got stink bombed because of it.

Crash is another Clark Family love story. I love how the Clark brother’s have fallen for cousins and keeps both of their families entwined in the storyline. All the characters have such fantastic personalities and each one comes alive as I read.

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Review of The Russian Savage: Enemy of the Bratva (Krasnov Brothers #2) by Rie Warren

“Always only mine.”


Genre: Mafia Romance, Action, Erotica

Length: 354 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


I am her enemy.
And I’m going to make her mine.
She might never forgive me, but I don’t care.

Saving the daughter of an enemy was not my intention but, now that I have her, I intend to keep her. Nothing is going to stop me from using this mafia heiress as I see fit, not even her personal vendetta that pits her family against the Bratva.

Kidnapping the beautiful Italian princess is in my best interests even if it’s not good for her. Because I have wicked secrets of my own, which I intend to play out on her luscious body.

She will be my prized possession come hell, high water, or a vicious new war.

The Russian Savage is Arkady’s story and is book two in the Krasnov Brothers series. No cliffhangers. No cheating. Includes vivid, steamy scenes. Can be read as a standalone.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Arkady saved Lucia from a brutal attack before he knew who she was. His brother had killed her brother to save the woman he loved. But all she knew was that her brother was dead and she wanted to make those responsible pay. To say her plan was insane and that she was in a little over her head would be putting it mildly.

Arkady kept Lucia “prisoner” to protect his family. Or so that’s what he kept telling himself. Truth was he wanted to protect her…even from herself. He knew what she needed for her pain and he was just the man to give it to her.

“Your are mine.” His voice rasped silkily. “This is my body now and you’re not to hurt it, dragotsennaya printsessa.”

Lucia thought Arkady would take her life, but instead his family was nice to her, and enlightened her to all the deeds of her father and brother. At first she didn’t want to believe them, but then she learned of her father’s plan to wed her off to an old geezer for money. Then the family she once hated became her saving grace, and the man she once loathed and feared became her home.

The Russian Savage is another fantastic Krasnov Brothers book. It mixes the ruthlessness of the the Bratva with the passionate fierceness of enemies turned lovers.

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Review of Rash & Rationality (Happily Ever Austen #2) by Ellen Mint

“Let me be with you.”


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 192 Pages

POV: Third Person


Love is a lot closer and more complicated than Marty ever dreamed.

Marty Dashwood is a true romantic. Hearts, chocolates, kisses on the hand—the whole nine yards. His killjoy brother Eldon doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but one day Marty will have the perfect meet-cute, she’ll fall helplessly in love with him and they’ll live happily ever after.

Brandy’s worked with Marty for almost two years. He’s the best friend she could ever have hoped for after the accident that took her husband. So she should be happy that Marty finally found what he’d always wanted, right?

So why does it feel like every time she sees Marty with the ‘Social-Media Angel’ he rescued from a mugger, a piece breaks off her heart? How can she explain any of this to him before she loses her best friend forever?

Rash and Rationality is a modern gender-swapped friends-to-lovers Sense & Sensibility, set in a cozy bookshop.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Marty had been interested in Brandy from the moment he met her, but he respected her and the space she needed to grieve her deceased husband. He put his focus on making her smile and laugh every day they worked together.

Brandy had only been with one man, and that had been her husband. He was amazing in her eyes and when she lost him she never wanted to be interested in another man. Marty became a close friend, but she didn’t realize how close until he met someone else.

Marty was a hopeless romantic and when he saved a girl from being mugged he immediately pictured this entire romantic story to tell their grandkids one day and did everything within and beyond his power to turn their relationship into one for the record books. However, he was completely abandoning Brandy and his job to do it. When he realizes she’s using him for publicity it breaks his heart, but then he realizes she was never the true one for him anyway.

“Why can’t you just goddamn be with me?”

Sometimes you have to lose something to know what you had in the first place. That was Brandy. She had to lose Marty to realize she was ready to move on and lay her husband’s memory to rest. For Marty, he had to realize she was really ready and that he would no longer have to compete with a memory.

Rash & Rationality is a sweet story that brings two people together who fit perfectly in each other’s lives. From the way he wins her back to the perfect ending this book will end with you smiling. I know I was.

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PROMO: Baby Got Bear (Marked and Mated #4) by Milly Taiden

Paranormal Romance (Shifters) – 208 Pages

About the Book:

Lucy Benton, daughter of the Pack Benton wolf alpha, knows there’s only one man for her. Beau. He’s gentle and strong, and she just can’t seem to stay away from him. Training horses at his ranch was her way to get his attention, but it’s been two years and nothing has happened between them. What is going on?

Beau Sampson can’t live without Lucy. She’s his fated mate and he doesn’t care that she’s a wolf and he’s a bear. All he knows is that he’s not letting her go. But he’s too shy to give her a reason to stay until she throws the saddle on him. And, oh, what a fantastic bucking ride it is.

The problem is her father, the oldest alpha in the region who will do anything for money and power, just made a deal with the devil—a black magic wolf who’s taken Lucy for his bride. He knows he can break the wild filly of her rowdy spirit. Now the race is on. Lucy must fight to stay alive and pray her bear shows up before she’s bonded into a loveless mating with a soulless monster who has no idea what he just signed up for.


Review of One Hundred Reasons (Aspen Cove #1) by Kelly Collins

“I’d do anything for you.”


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 252 Pages

POV: Third Person


Fresh starts, hope, and happily ever afters…

Nurse Sage Nichols life changed when she lost her favorite patient and inherited a bed and breakfast in a town she didn’t know existed. She traveled to Aspen Cove intent to sell so she could hurry back to her life in Denver. Little did she know, she was about to find everything she ever needed in the tiny mountain town with a big heart. Sage found herself in a place where caring for your neighbor was a way of life. In her case, that happened to be surly Cannon Bishop, the man of her dreams.

Cannon Bishop was a man who learned long ago that hope was a dangerous thing. Closed off from the world after a family tragedy, Cannon lived a lonely life as the owner of Aspen Cove’s only bar and son to the town drunk. When Sage Nichols breezed into town, she offered the possibility of more if he’d only open his heart. Cannon’s protective walls tumble and suddenly a brighter future of healing, hope, and peace was possible… if only Sage would stay.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from Show Me Edits.*

Sage’s biggest flaw was that she cared too much. It was a weakness where she worked, but someone was looking out for her and knew exactly what she needed…even if she didn’t. All she had to do was give it a chance.

Cannon has lost too many people, and in order to protect his heart he closed it off. Focused on just getting by and doing what he had to, including taking care of his father, the bar, and the bait shop. He was turning into a cankerous old man.

“I trust everyone until I can’t.”

“I trust no one until I can.”

…maybe opposites do attract. 

He didn’t want to want the new fiery redhead in town. He wanted his status quo. But sometime you get what you need, instead of what you want. And Sage is exactly what he, his father, and the town needed. Of course they are exactly what she’d been needing in her life too.

One Hundred Reasons reminded me of watching a Hallmark mini series. I can only image the rest of the Aspen Cove series would continue the engrossing storyline. The characters are all loveable in their own way and it makes you want to see each and every single one get their own happily ever after like Sage and Cannon.

Of course it’s not all sunshine and roses. There’s a black eye…or two, an emergency delivery, and a few drunken escapades that made my heart tighten. Never a dull moment that’s for sure.

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