Review Policy

We believe that a review is based on the opinion of the individual writing it and their literary tastes, not necessarily the book itself. In essence, not everyone enjoys the same books/genres. One person may love it and the next may not. Keeping this in mind, we do our best in writing honest, yet fair reviews.

Acceptance does not guarantee a review.

For our fellow indie authors, if we cannot finish a book based on our own literary tastes we will remove it from our reading list and delete it from our kindles without writing a review. As we say above, not every book is for every person and we’d rather give you a chance to find reviewers who enjoy it instead of writing a DNF review.

What We Like:

Check out the About tab to see which genres each of us likes to read. Please note that like most readers we will prioritize reviews by what interests us the most.

Where We Post:

We post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and of course our blog. If you would like it posted anywhere else please specify the other locations when you send us your request for review and if we can accommodate them we will.

Where To Send Your Requests:

If you are interested in having us review your book please send it to Include genre, synopsis, cover image, and an attached book. You can also send links to the book on Amazon or your author page. If you found us on BRD, Goodreads, The Book Blogger List, or The Indie Book Reviewers List please state so in email.

**Please put the book title on the subject line of your email as it helps us in locating it so we can respond after completing our reviews.

We are all Kindle users so .mobi format would be appreciated. We will except .pdf if .mobi is not an option, but since we cannot highlight or enter notes on a .pdf version our reviews will not be as entailed. On a personal note…we actually both hate .pdf copies so unless it’s something that just has us drooling to read we won’t voluntarily do it.

We do request that if the book we are reviewing is part of a series that you also forward any related books as they come available. Thank you.

As a courtesy don’t forget to follow our blog!


On a side note…anyone who wants to do a review of one of our books is more than welcome to. We’d be happy to send a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Keep in mind that if you are also sending us a book to review that it will not influence our opinion one way or another. After all, honesty is the best policy.

Jenn 5 Heart

Our Rating System

5 Fiery Hearts:

Damn! Now that’s how a book should be written. Whether it’s from the details which completely captivated my attention or the desire to read it immediately again this is one hell of a book and everyone should read it.

4 Fiery Hearts:

Loved it! A great read, but maybe lacking something that I can’t always put my finger on, though I’d still recommend it to all my friends to read.

3 Fiery Hearts:

Good, possibly even very enjoyable, but something I’ll probably never read again for the pure and simple fact that it was something I didn’t mind putting down and coming back to later.

2 Fiery Hearts:

Forced myself to finish in hopes something interesting would happen and when it was finished I still wasn’t entirely sure what the hell I just read.

1 Fiery Heart:

I just can’t find the words…! Whether it be from bad formatting, or horrible writing, or any other reason, I just couldn’t finish this book.


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  1. Hi Jennifer and Mindy,
    My publisher (Relentlessly Creative Books) will be sending you a review request on my behalf. I have asked her to include my offer to review your books as well, but in case she forgets, I’m letting you know here. My email address is: Thank you

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