Review of Strong, Silent Cowboy (Moving Violations #2) by Lora Leigh, Veronica Chadwick

“I dreamed of you, ached for you.”

Genre: Romance, Western Romance

Length: 292 Pages

POV: Third Person


He Will Do Anything…

Sallie Hamblen had three incredibly hot, sexy nights with Jacob Donovan, an undercover CIA agent, before he disappeared, leaving her broken hearted and forever yearning for the man she lost. Years later, Jacob doesn’t know that the beauty he’s about to seduce in a small town bar is the woman he held in his arms all those years ago… and that she’s on the run from her past.

To Keep Her Safe…

Former CIA agent turned cowboy, Jacob Donovan wants nothing more than a simple life. Just the ranch and occasionally someone warm and sweet in his bed. Until Sallie comes back into his life and all of a sudden he wants to be in her bed every night…all night. When he discovers that her life is in danger, he swears he’ll protect her. Even when secrets are revealed that threaten everything between them, he will lay everything on the line to keep her in his arms.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley.*

Sallie hadn’t had the best life, she was raised in boarding school and didn’t have that sense of familial love. She thought she’d found love in Switzerland, but he left and never came back, leaving her in one predicament after another. She ended up on the run from someone who wanted information that she didn’t know. Everything crashed the moment she moved to a new town and was introduced to the only man she’d ever loved…except he didn’t recognize her.

Jacob worked undercover for the CIA, but after an accident that took a week of his memory he retired back to the small town he was raised in. From the moment he met Sallie he had been drawn to her in a familiar way, but couldn’t place why. Three long years later he finally makes a move and the moments he’s intimate with her bring back flashes of memory that was once lost, until it all comes back.

“He’d marked her, spilled himself inside her. As far as he was concerned, she already belonged to him, whether she liked it or not.”

Jacob was upset that he’d lost so much time with the woman he wanted forever with. And he was downright homicidal about the the men after Sallie because they were trying to find him. Not to mention the once partner who had lied to him then proceeded to blackmail Sallie into marrying him. I was kind of looking forward to what Jacob would do to him, but sadly that part never came up.

Strong, Silent Cowboy is an interesting read filled with action, suspense, unbridled passion, and intense sex scenes. The characters are well developed and their personality traits shine through on the pages. The only part I didn’t fully like was that it felt unfinished. Like I mentioned, Jacob doesn’t get to face his ex-partner, the bad guys went down with little fight, but it never really explained why it was them. Maybe I overlooked something. And the ending felt incomplete, as if there should have been an epilogue or something.

Jenn 4 Heart

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Happy Reading Y’all!

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