Review of Hollow Eyes (Book Two of Salt Lake After Dark) by J.K. Walker


Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Book Length: (Est.): 350 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Three months ago, Jasmine learned she’d been born a snow wereleopard. Since then, she’s been hunted by a serial killer, started dating a hot dhampyr—who’s probably far too old for her—and in general had a crash course in living in a paranormal world. Now she works for the local supernatural council solving problems and running errands, in between university classes.

Just as she starts looking forward to winter break with friends and family—not to mention a little alone time with her boyfriend—a cannibal turns the city’s homeless into its all you can eat buffet, and it’s Jazz’s job to stop it. If that wasn’t bad enough, now a berserker is dead set on pounding her into paste. To top it all off, her lover is strangely distant, and she has an itch that seriously needs to be scratched.

Can she determine whose eating people in her city, resolve a conflict that’s almost as old as she is, and figure out what’s happened to her and Logan’s relationship, all before Christmas?

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Jasmine is trying to take her role on the local supernatural council seriously and her body seems to be paying the price. She is a smartass who usually speaks before her brain has a chance to filter and now she’s learning what that can get her. And she has the hospital bill to prove it.

Not only does she have someone eating people to deal with she also has a berserker who wants to beat her into puree just to prove a point to AJ. Not to mention a little hormone thing happening that causes her to act a little more inappropriate at times.

There is never a slow moment in this book. It goes and keeps going until every problem is resolved, but that doesn’t mean new ones don’t begin percolating under the surface leaving you wanting more.

My Favorite Quote: I actually have two. The first one is: “More like Tweedlesleeze and Tweedleslut.” I’ve never heard those names before and I’m pretty sure I won’t be forgetting them any time soon. Second is: “Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!” I love that and I frequently wake my kids up the same way, which is funny since I rarely offer them eggs and bakey when I do.

My Favorite Character: This series has a lot of characters I love. Moving up the ranks is Alpha Werewolf Gordon. He’s starting to grow on me. But for some reason I really liked AJ in this book. Too bad he was interrupted with Jasmine. That could have been interesting.

Overall, I give this 4 stars! 

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