PROMO: Reflections in the Dark by Carol Koman

Contemporary Romance – 156 Pages

About the Book:

As heiress to Tredeaux Industries, Aimee Tredeaux is a confident young woman, a trait landing her in trouble more than once. After obtaining an internship with Seattle Adventures in the hopes of impressing her stoic father, especially since he recently acquired stock, she makes the rash decision to try one of the adventures.

Although Aimee is set to inherit the family business, she still wants to prove her worth. The internship with Seattle Adventures is perfect, until she overestimates her abilities, risking her and her brother’s life, and earning the censure of Inteus Locklear, her new boss.

Considering how they meet, Tey finds the young beautiful heiress to be quite reckless, but one look into Aimee’s dark, luminous eyes reflecting the promise of light into his dismal world, he can’t resist pulling her into his arms. However, learning she is the daughter of the formidable Harrison Tredeaux is an unarguable reason to send her packing, yet he ignores his misgivings. And she puts herself in danger once again, forcing him to reconsider, especially since her father will remove him from the Earth if anything should happen to her! The only problem is the adorable maverick swings a campaign for his company that creates a media frenzy, one that would boost his sales back in the black.

Aimee hadn’t planned the way things were going–Heaven forbid! She didn’t plan on being reckless, she didn’t plan on her father being at odds with her new boss, and she sure as heck didn’t plan on falling in love. The man is so resolute at keeping her at arms-length–except, of course, when he stole kisses, but there is no denying her heart. Unfortunately, Tey’s acceptance is hindered by more than her father’s interference. Aimee sees he remains reserved by his own past–one he is troubled by more than he would admit even to himself.


Tey felt a sudden stab of jealousy that it wasn’t him giving her comfort, and the emotion left a horrible taste in his mouth. He turned away, going into his kitchen where he stood looking out the window above his sink, listening to the two of them. He knew Aimee had lost someone she loved dearly as he overheard her muffled sobs and Reese talking in low tones to sooth her. Still not moving, and still not intruding, Tey could hear what had to be sounds of Aimee leaving with her father. He sighed heavily. Never mind he was never going to convince Reese he was good enough for his daughter, would he convince her?


Tey spun around at her quietly spoken use of his given name that sounded purely like her own declaration of love for him. She stood waiting—alone. “Aimee?”

“Will you take me?” she whispered brokenly.

In two big strides, Tey had Aimee wrapped tightly in his arms, offering the love and comfort she sought from him. “I’m sorry, love,” he encouraged softly, but inside he was reeling. She’d not left him to go with her father. She’d stayed and wanted his comfort.

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