Review of Airmed (The Eight Book One) by Sharilyn Skye

“I want you to come home to me.”


Genre: Fantasy Romance

Length: 376 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


Her Friends call her Ari. Her mates call her Queen.

Faerie is dying and it’s not my fault. My mother, the Queen, caused the Goddess to turn from us long ago when she cocked up the death of the One the Goddess favored most. Now she thinks to use me in her plans to rebuild the land. I hate that bitch.

My Name is Airmed, my friends call me Ari, but you may call me nothing. I am the youngest of the last children to be born in Talamh na Sithe some thirty years ago. The boys have since been killed and The Eight are all that remain. Each given to four men who will forfeit their lives should they fail to at least try to produce a child with us.

My mother has given them permission to use whatever is necessary to make me malleable, only I have no idea what that word means. I’m not unwilling to do my job, but I have no intention of making life easy for them. Not only that, I got a B Plus in my swordsmanship class so if they think this will be a smooth transition, they’ve got another thing coming.

*Airmed is a medium/fast burn stand alone Reverse Harem novel with light m/m interactions and is intended for those 18 and older*

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Holy hotness this book is like liquid fire that rolls through your body. Saying it’s hot is a drastic understatement.

If you’ve read the Healer series, and I suggest you do, this series goes back to the beginning. The Eight have important roles and to get the inside look into each of them sounds absolutely interesting. Especially if they’re anything like this one.

Ari is a spitfire and she doesn’t make life for her four mates easy, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Where once they thought there home was complete now they knew it never was…not before Ari came to it. She’s the glue that holds them together, the heart that strengths each of them, and the love they all wanted but never knew could be.

Her mates:

Saige – Captain of the Archers. He is unique and his healing gifts definitely come in handy.

Lann – Captain of the Swordsmen. He is a little brutal, but with Ari keeping him on his toes she deserves everything he gives her.

Seal – Master Huntsman. Ari trusts him the most to do what needs to be done. And without him she may have been lost to them forever.

Laith – Master Blacksmith. He has passion that makes you lose all senses. He loves with an intensity unlike no other. It may be the wolf in him. However his obsession with her trying to poison them is hilarious.

Airmed is going to be a hard book to follow. The characters, the relationships, the sex…I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in a day. Way to go Sharilyn you started The Eight off with a bang!

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