Review of If It’s Not You by Zarah Bentley

“Always have been, always will be.” 


Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Coming of Age

Length: 234 Pages

POV:  Third Person


The easiest way to get someone’s attention is to stop wanting it.

Rahel was five when she met eight-year-old Janosh, and fourteen when she realized she loved him as more than a stepbrother—talk about a poisoned apple.

After three bittersweet years of secrets and aching closeness, Rahel decides she’s had enough. Aided by her two best friends, liquid courage, and a set of lovingly drawn penises, she makes a plan: stop revolving around him. Finish school with the kind of kick-ass grades that will get her into medicine, find a job that keeps her out of the house when he’s visiting, and hopefully, eventually, fall for someone real.

There’s only one problem: Janosh’s utter reluctance to allow for any kind of distance between them.

This slow-burn romance with a new-adult feel is an emotional rollercoaster that swoops high and dips low—a fun ride featuring snappy dialogue, mutual pining, and true love with a touch of the forbidden.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Rahel realized at a young age that her feelings for her step brother were more than that of a sister, but she knew better than to ever act upon them. Instead she stood by idolizing him as he dated and then went off to college, but when he talked about moving abroad with this girlfriend Rahel realized that she needed to let go of the love she had for him so that she could move on. And her friends were all to eager to help!

Janosh cared for Rahel more than anyone cared for their sister, but he never saw it for what it was until one drunken night when he kissed her. He played it off as something he barely remembered and that shouldn’t have happened instead of manning up and admitting what he wanted.

After many friend interventions Janosh realizes what he should have known all along. He loved her. Always would. All he needed was to see if she still loved him after he broke her heart.

If It’s Not You is about navigating the awkwardness of falling for a step sibling, finally coming out to their parents, and the closeness of having best friends that truly know you better than you know yourself sometimes.

I have to say that I really wanted to like this book. The story line was there, but the first half is incredibly slow. And for me (this might sound extremely awful but…) the character’s names kept interfering with the flow of my reading. I actually started giving the nicknames to make it an easier read. But if stuff like that doesn’t bother you it is really a good book.

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Happy Reading Y’all! 


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