Review of Irons (Norfolk Series #1) by MJ Fields


Genre: Romantic Suspense, Military Romance 

Hotness Factor: Positively Combustible!

Book Length (Est.): 201 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  


I was born and bred to be the man I am today. My father and his father were both graduates from The United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. Both went on to become helicopter pilots. Both had seen plenty of action. Both had met and caused devastation. Both men, who I respect more above all, had served and protected the United States and her people honorably for decades.

My best friend, William Cruz, who attended the academy with me, had flown beside me, had lived the same life as I had and shared the same ambitions in life, was gone now. This was not part of the plan. Will and I were supposed to have each other’s backs, support each other and never let anything supersede our bond.


I sat on Norfolk Beach needing to feel close to him on the anniversary of his death. It was a beautiful day in May and I was cutting class. I had done the same every year since he passed.

Jaxson Irons was only supposed to be in Pensacola for a year. But now three years later I still hadn’t heard from him. I saw a man running down the beach and I knew immediately who it was.

Jaxson didn’t respond the way I had dreamed he would. He told me we would catch up someday soon. I stood and watched until he was gone.

Thump, thump. I placed my hand on my chest as I felt my heart beat again for what felt like the first time in three years. Thump, thump. I felt the blood moving quickly through my body. It’s heat once again present. Thump, thump. I looked up at the sky and let out a breath. A breath that I had been holding forever. Thump, thump. I felt tears fall down my face as I raised my hands in the air and laughed out loud. Just then the clouds parted for the first time in forever. I saw the sun smiling down on me.

Jennifer’s Review: 

Jax may have lost his best friend by accident, but he lost Will’s family because of his own issues. After Will’s funeral and a little confession from Frankie he moved forward and tried everything he could not to look back. What he didn’t want to admit to himself was that little confession affected him more than it should have. All the more reason to keep the distance.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Frankie. I’m not good at this shit, never tried it before, and never wanted to.” 

Frankie was Will’s little sister and she loved him and his best friend Jax. Of course, she’d been in love with Jax since she was twelve. After her brother’s funeral she decided to take a leap and not care about the fallout because at least she’d taken the risk. Too bad it seemed to create even more space and not only did she lose her brother, but she also lost Jax, creating a downward spiral into darkness.

When Jax and Frankie reunite by coincidence the tension between them explodes.

“I turned and she was two feet away. Completely naked and absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk. Fuck, I could hardly breathe.” 

I loved the connection between Jax, Shadows, Titan, and Frankie. Shadows seemed to be the glue in their relationship and thankfully he wouldn’t take shit from Jax or Frankie. I like the way they all look out for her.

Now for the crazy… What in the hell happened between Jax and his ‘date’? I never expected that in a million years! It’s like the storyline took a turn off the deep end. Add in the stuff happening with Frankie and Jax’s ideas for keeping her safe and I was in shock. On top of that there is a cliffhanger ending!

Irons is filled with an undeniable connection, unwanted responsibilities that cannot be denied without consequences, and a whole lot of WTF.

My Favorite Laughable Moments: I have two. Well…I’m sure there’s more, but these two stand out the most.

Frankie’s scrapbook.

“Flat Jax got it whenever he wanted. Ergo the ten flat kids.”

“I see. Apparently flat Frankie didn’t know the joy of swallowing.” 

And when Shadows answers the door at Frankie’s apartment to Mary’s boyfriend. I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens between Shadows and Mary; the sexual tension is already busting at the seams.

“Mary, when did you and your friends start inviting soldiers over on Monday mornings?”

“Joe, allow me to introduce myself. I am Lieutenant Shadows and let me assure you, I wasn’t invited over this morning, I stayed the night.”


“She has to complain about sex with that dick. I mean, really, they were in there ten minutes and she came out dressed with her hair done. I certainly wouldn’t walk out of there peacocking if I were him.” 

Jenn 4 Heart

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