Review of The Russian Bodyguard (Krasnov Brothers #3) by Rie Warren

“I’d give anything – kill everything – to have her beside me again.”


Genre: Mafia Romance, Suspense, Erotica

Length: 405 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


I am her bodyguard.
I’m her only hope.
I’m going to break her, teach her, train her.

I cannot stand this prissy brat who practically throws herself at every guy she meets. Yet I’m tasked with babysitting her. The pakhan’s daughter tests my patience, makes me want to break out in uncontrolled violence, or maybe just throw her down to show her what all her teasing does to a real man.

She’s untouchable. Until a Russian rival mafia comes seeking revenge. I’m about to teach the printsessa a lesson she’ll never forget, and I guarantee she’s the one who will be taking my orders from now on.

The Russian Bodyguard is book 3 in the Krasnov Brothers series. No cliffhangers. No cheating. Includes vivid, steamy scenes. Can be read as a standalone.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Sasha is the Yury’s daughter, his only blood descendant. She is the mafia printsessa. If you’ve read the series (and although they can be standalone, I suggest that you do in fact read the series) you know her. She’s the life of the party, a lot spoiled, and she absolutely loves tormenting her bodyguard, Maksim. What you learn is the depth of the mafia blood that runs through her veins. She’s isn’t as delicate as everyone pegs her to be. Sasha is one strong and determined woman who will put her loved ones before herself each and every time.

Maksim is the youngest of the three Krasnov brothers and the last to find love. People have referred to him as a mongrel, a monster, and he may be those things, but not without reason. He’s the one you’d want to have your back, which is why Yury assigned him as Sasha’s personal bodyguard in the first place.

“When you say something important to a woman you respect, you do not shirk or look away.”

What I love is the depth of his protection. Sasha never even realized how many times her life had been in danger over the years because he made sure she was safe at all costs. And marrying her is just another way to keep her safe. Neither expected all that burning hate to explode into fiery passion. Although everyone else did! And damn is it HOT!

“I shouldn’t have thought so little of Maksim. He fucked like a fury, leaving me wet and whimpering.

He kissed like a devil, his tongue a sensual thing.

He filled me to completion and would not move from on top of me.

He anchored me. Angered me. Made me alive.” ~I think this says it all!

The Russian Bodyguard is a mixture of love, life, pain, and pleasure. From Sasha helping to bring a new life into this world, to witnessing the enemy try to break her will, to Maksim failing to do the one thing he was meant to do…it is one emotional extreme to the other.

When Maksim opens up to Sasha sharing things not even his brothers knew, and then explains how most of his tattoos are for her, memories of protecting her, it makes him pretty damn irresistible. When Sasha runs in to save her loved ones it’s not out of haste, it’s out of love. And when they give in to each other it’s sexy as hell…spankings included.

If you like a strong/sassy woman with a man who not only threatens to spank her, but also follows through with it, mixed with guns, blood, and sexy men fighting for their women then you’ll love this and all of the Krasnov Brothers series. Happy reading!

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